Anti-Flag - The Smartest Bomb Lyrics

No they won't miss you when you're gone
When your heart stops beating and pumping blood
Pull the pin, light the fuse, this song's the smartest bomb..

You make your own choices and decisions,
You are invulnerable to influences
An electrifying organized crime,
With planes and boats and suicide

You're so in control
You're so disposable

30 second spot, real life video game
Memory erased, magnet over tape
Get psyched up listen to Godsmack
Dip you toes in the sands of Iraq

You're so in control
You're so disposable

They won't miss you when you're gone
When your heart stops beating and pumping blood
Pull the pin, light the fuse, this song's the smartest bomb

You're so in control
You're so disposable

They won't miss you when you're gone
When your heart stops beating and pumping blood
Pull the pin, light the fuse, this song's the smartest bomb

Every day we've been taught to follow
Every day lettered to live one way
There is no one left to acknowledge
There is nothing left to say
Every day we've been taught to follow
Every day lettered to live one way
There is nothing left to mention
There is nothing left to say

Will you follow?

No they won't miss you when you're gone
When your heart stops beating and pumping blood
Pull the pin, light the fuse, this song's the smartest bomb

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Anti-Flag The Smartest Bomb Comments
  1. Dominic Friscia

    I don't work I can no longer exert much energy, I don't build rockets...when I was listening to this song in my car the military shorted my car's fuse using Directed Energy weapons. And then tried to kill me after I went to Iraq and Libya war protests speaking about the Congo. I've since been trotured and imprisoned in a gangstalking/ human trafficking operation. I've found that most people have been eroded mentally, morallly and find there participation as a form of entertainment or intellectuall fodder.

  2. tcarlson7242

    broono mars is much better

  3. ClassWarrior87

    Moron! I work 40 hours a week plus some overtime it takes like 5 minutes to 'troll the internet', which in reality equates to writing a sharply witty quip like this one to strike you down. As for education, I have a university degree, and I work in healthcare. Man, you are a joke. The vulnerable in society would die in your free market retardation. Fuck you, hypocritical, contradictory SCUM. You are an amoral piece of trash, I bet you've never helped anybody in your life, or worked hard!

  4. quickcooper61

    You know what makes you such a sad sacks? The fact that you are debating this with me. You replied to that comment 1 day after I commented back. You must suck as a musician because clearly you have too much time to troll the internet. I have been working on a partial differential equation for the past 3 days relating the acceleration of a particular rocket to its changing weight and thrust coefficients. What the fuck have you been doing, aside from waiting for me to reply? Education, get some.

  5. quickcooper61

    You may not conform but I can create and manipulate beyond your wildest dreams. I pity the simple minded that slave their affairs to this small and insignificant region of space. Perhaps you are intelligent but lack creativity. If you can think out side the box, why are you not a physicist? If you wish to not conform, why don't you apply your intelligence to something constructive like science and dare to be different while your at it? No you are a drone of a pathetic sub culture.

  6. Riku7538

    Rise Against has one of the best bassists as well, and they say that Anti Flag is terrific.

  7. scarecrowman175

    He isn't bragging at all. I am willing to bet well over 50% of our current troops would rather not have to kill or die for a false cause. Alot of the people fighting in wars have no other choice, either feed their family or starve in an alleyway. This is how America works. Rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  8. MisiekBezJawki

    Have you ever been in Poland? What do you know about socialism ....

  9. sbcistheboss

    Favorite song of this album

  10. Collin Hanes

    @Madnis64 It's funny that you correct me on that, because i actually meant to type that, it's a typo XD thanks man

  11. Madnis64

    @Metaldudehere "one of"

  12. Collin Hanes

    @TheDoorsRule Have you ever heard of Matt Freeman from Rancid? he's the best bassist

  13. Carrot Of Doom

    this song + movie Full metal jacket make every thinking man pacifist.

  14. Groove Crusader

    @XxExplosiveSushixX what service have you really done? I'm not critisizing you in any way, I'm a marine, but what were we fighting for? killing inncoent civies isn't protecting our rights and homeland, and for every civie we kill, 10 more pick up arms against us, what would we be doing if china had bases in our land? what if they killed civies or got bad info and accidentally kill them? I'm not agianst the soldiers, I'm one, I'm against the people in washington, we need a Republic once again.

  15. lostfinder333

    @quickcooper61 Then you came home and started beating your kids, while stealing their meager allowances.
    But that wasn't enough, so you went down to a poor neighborhood in the other side of the city and start killing them. You are the shadow hiding behind the corrupted facade that is America.

  16. Austen's Edits


  17. labrat420

    @XxExplosiveSushixX you're an idiot

  18. BlackMagic8520

    @quickcooper61 lol its funny because america is the oposite of what he said

  19. quickcooper61

    @XxExplosiveSushixX Poor poor army guys I feel for you. They really need to toughen you guys up more. They keep turning out a bunch of softies. Anyways who is to say I haven't served? you don't know me and neither does anyone else on youtube. On what basis have you placed your ignorant opinion of me? You never even gave a reason as to why you believe I haven't served. Either way what ever MOS you were they certainly forgot to give you a thinking brain because that was meant to be poetic

  20. Revan343

    You are quoting Karl Marx, yes? Then your quote only applies to *Marxist* Communism, not communism as a whole.
    Marxist communism has the state setting everything up, and then abolishing itself, and it has never worked in practice because when it comes time for the state to fuck off, they generally don't.

  21. Alexander Strummer

    @TheDoorsRule can you suggest any signature bass song from should check matt freeman from rancid if you want some crazy bass skills(maxuell murder bass solo)!!

  22. Paige DeHaven

    @notyou23 yea but you know we cant do shit about it

  23. Rosehawka

    @maraudingchimpanzee i never said that either communism or Anarchy would work in a society, just that this is more anarchy than communism, but really on reflection label it left wing, inclusive of any socialism, finally I state that niether communism, or anarchy are plausible outcomes for society, and while i do not comply fully with capitilism, i recongnise that at the moment, for civilisation, that it is the most practical way foward, till some other brain comes up with something better

  24. Rosehawka

    @maraudingchimpanzee maybe not in theory, but there has NEVER been a proper society where communism worked completely and perfectly for any length of time, people were either too lazy, or the leaders were too power hungry to put in place any real resemblence to the ideal communism regime. Anyway, communism, in reality is a flawed idealogy put foward by a philosopher before there was any real understanding of phsycology, who tried to fit the whole world into a box to suit his ideals,

  25. Rosehawka

    Anarchists, not Communist
    Communist means everything belongs to the state, Anarchy means there is no state

  26. Van NSyd

    nice this is my favorite . . .

  27. Pedro Manzano

    i agree

  28. AllAroundNewsTv

    i love this fucking band there fucking awesome

  29. Carlos Zeib

    I love this song!!!

  30. last chance blueprint

    disappointing album

  31. jacob sheldon

    Megaphones rule

  32. jacob sheldon

    they are all good bassists but i like the creativity behind 2s bass playin

  33. kingredferd

    jan 19 i see em

  34. Robin Toorn

    on 14. november i will see them!! :D

  35. anywherebutthismonkey

    awesome live band!

  36. frackktozz

    cacchio ma questi qua gli antflg sono proprio stimo un kasino,,poi sta canzo è trpp bella

  37. Adam Lonsdale

    Well its the Drum Line thats similar not the riff
    Silly Boy
    And that was bound to happen eventually
    Lots of punk bands out there
    Who cares if its similar

  38. Adam Lonsdale

    Musically they are inspiring
    They arent as lazy as other punk bands
    CHris 2 is one of the best bassists out there at the moment
    Trust me
    Plenty of people who claim anti flag as direct influences

  39. Kris Ryan

    sick song

  40. paintball164

    this song sucks compared to their earlier albums

  41. Perlina sul tubo Mairabijoux

    Thanks Anti-flag

  42. PhilMan138

    It's like saying get to work!

  43. PhilMan138

    The chorus is great! This song is so good. I really have taken a liking to this CD.
    This line is so powerful!

  44. ChrisVinegar

    yes...they are brilliant! i love them so much!

  45. BobOfTheSickness

    Justin and Pat are 35-ish, and the Chris's are still late 20's

  46. Zac

    their in their 20's!!
    fo sho

  47. FlyingToasterInc

    late 30's early 40's i believe

  48. FlyingToasterInc

    late 30's early 40's i believe

  49. FlyingToasterInc

    Favorite song on the album, this and spit in the face.