Anti-Flag - The Panama Deception Lyrics

their 2 + 2 does not equal 4 their 2 + 2 equals whatver, they want us to die for about face! - snap to attention form your own conclusions to the things you see about face! - sometimes the explanations don't add - up to the facts time and again they manufacture a cause and rally the public around it, check out the movie "wag the dog" killing - to further the interest of private corporations killing - to control global economic situations killing - for fuckin' truth you won't be so quick to sign on! our lives reflect tv sitcoms and tragedies like a bad joke, i ask, "how many of you don't see...? and just how many... how many of you swallow the lies...? how many of you do not realize...?" Gung ho and true - to the stars and stripes they fuckin' brainwashed you, to do their bidding... and like a flock of sheep - with wool over your eyes you never stop to question - you just fall into line the media's a business, that provides entertainment heir bottom line: money, and stories that will make it... so they run with stories, that promotes the lies to keep the ratings coming, wealth from promoting world strife life must be so easy, when you don't have to think black and white like printing, from the newspaper's ink i wish i had the chance, to reveal the lies but you're so fucking brainwashed, would it even help to try... to get through... to you! to get through, through, through, through, through, through... to get through to you!

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Anti-Flag The Panama Deception Comments
  1. FrankCastiglione

    "life must be so easy, when you don't have to think".

  2. Domen Gašperin II

    They sucked so much back in these days! Fuckin' cummunists! At least they're liberal now and are finally awaken enough to realise that government MUST EXIST.

  3. Luna Reflection

    Truth written in lyrical lines. The media has always been business. They only broadcast or journalist what sell's which is entertainment and Not the Truth. Majority of the truth is hidden in classified source and only those who have high security clearance can access it!!

  4. Evan Koketko

    The bass in the chorus

  5. Mymartianromance97

    Should I acknowledge the fact that I got a US Army ad on this video? O.O WTF GOOGLE?

    Jacob Guldbrandsen

    You need Ad Block Plus!

  6. Roman Soiko

    Nick I think it's teh US invasion of panama the drugs of course 

    Jamie Forrest

    Not about drugs in Panama. About how the US neutralized political unrest in Panama. The deal was to put in place a political leader the Panamanian people would support, whilst avoiding a peoples revolution. All good and well, as long as America received all the contracts to back up the promises the puppet government had made to it's people, infrastructure, etc. The American government gladly came to the rescue of this impoverished country, all the while the juice was running on the loan that had been given.

  7. toughwimp

    This band sucks now.

    Justin Bennett

    @toughwimp They didn't you really change much in their sound. You are just being nostalgic and boring.

  8. afif n'k adham

    I wish I had a change to reveal all the lies , but your so fuckin brainwashed would it even help to try "

  9. jshadow44195

    we have one who's brainwashed

  10. Perunchernko

    My stupid friend think anti flag is completely unimportant because they dont have 10000000+ views and says im losing it when i try to explain to him that american goverment is bad. While he listens some grandpa music about being dumped and love and shit

  11. deathmonger420

    one of my favorite riffs ever!!

  12. wendi28pl

    So much good citations to quote.

  13. elkaosenpanama

    panama diciembre 1989

  14. FTLenjoythelife

    I can't just do anything but agree with that.
    I fucking love this band, it's the very proof we're not the only ones with open eyes.



  16. Nick Orluk

    what happend in panama?

    Patty Mnt

    We had a us militar invasion that kill thousand of civil people just to remove a dictator that was a drug lord and weapons trafficant. A lot of broken homes and injured people. The operation was called Just Cause. And today, we remember. Prohibido Olvidar.

    Patty Mnt

    American soldiers died too.
    We didn't have an army. There were military check points and everything. That year, 1989, we didn't finish school schedule. It's sad to remember. I was 7 years old and I clearly remember.

    Mkmk Mkmk

    @Patty Mnt tienen el dolar o balboa como moneda?

  17. Subjecttoarrest

    Signed by SME? fuuck walk the walk anti-flag....

  18. DizziNY1

    While I like their stance on things like Monsanto and the lame stream media, , I do not agree with their Anrti_american sentiments in some of their songs.

  19. Margin Walker

    @ferfy6 My first grade teacher, Ms.Brown... :D 2+2 = 4!!

  20. effy

    "Life must be so easy , when you don't have to think , black and white like printing , from the newspapers ink , I wish I had a change to reveal all the lies , but your so fuckin brainwashed would it even help to try "
    Best lyric ever

  21. Constantin Felix Franz

    the guitars are so bloody awesome

  22. Nick Orluk

    my balls itch

  23. holysab7

    lol @ guitar part

  24. lgee44

    thxx very good :)
    5 stars