Anti-Flag - The Ink And The Quill (Be Afraid) Lyrics

The water turned black and it's just getting darker.
So be afraid, be afraid, be very afraid of the coming nightmare.
The neo-christian theocrats pray on a Sunday afternoon
Then welcome in Pinochet's men to intimidate and kill.
All that we know, all that we know is
Be afraid, be very afraid of the coming nightmare.
So filled with exhilaration and feels like intoxication.
There's nothing like a firefight to get your blood pumping.
We get off to the rhythm of the trigger and destruction.
Fallujah to New Orleans with impunity to kill.
We are the hidden fist of the free market.
We are the ink, we are the quill.
What have you learned through the years?
What have you learned from your fears?
Water tastes like arsenic - feel it pumpking coursing in your blood.
Your throat gets tight, you can't quite breathe. room spinning - kiss your ass goodbye.
Now you're off, you've been taken on a ride.
We've been sold, been sold a bill of lies.
There's a storm cloud gathering overhead.
Ominous, black, reigning hell. when it drops jackboot down on your streets.
You're gonna pray like hell that you're armed to the teeth.
Built on a corporate welfare scam.
Rumsfield doctrine stealing wealth.
Profits to saccharine sweet, the wall street bankers weep.
As the storm gains strength the aging levees break.
The ancient ground does quake.
And your lungs will fill your spineless apathy.

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Anti-Flag The Ink And The Quill (Be Afraid) Comments
  1. SuperbowlJoel

    Been listening to these guys from the beginning. Despite what the haters may say, AF is just as good now as they were back then. Their sound is definitely different, it has evolved to something which is much more mainstream, yet they continue to honour their roots - activism, protest through music, standing up for their political and moral values and beliefs, in an aggressively artistic manner. Punk rock is more than sound.

    René Tröger


  2. VeroniqueVex911

    2015 and I still listen to this!

  3. sbcistheboss

    They had two albums after this one. Both better than this one. "The People or the Gun" and then "The General Strike"

  4. GentleGeisha

    Everyone said that Anti Flag didn't give in to the corporations, and yet this was they're last album. Sounds like they got to them. It's sad.

  5. Lexa Sae de Moph

    this song is describing what's happening in mexico right now!!!
    The country is going to the hell and the worst nightmare is coming...

  6. Justin Perkins

    lol, u sir are hilarious

  7. Anguis Mors

    Favorite song by them

  8. DiCkRiChArDz

    @veskokanchev It's not copulating, It's in the butt with a random lady. I can only fornicate while playing music. Not that talented.

  9. Mitch Reemers

    The guitar solo in this song is GREAT!!!!!!! the best Anti- Flag has.

  10. LegendaryLink123


  11. ChrisVinegar

    this song is one of the best from their new album. Really good!

  12. Marc0nly

    i totally agree... but its fun they have a sentence in french in shadow of the dead

  13. Adam Lonsdale

    shame they left rca tho

  14. mullsork

    Yeah I guess drink drank punk inspires a lot of kids to do anything about what's wrong! oh wait..

  15. mullsork

    Good post u2revengeful, I wish more "punkers" would understand that. They thin punk's about wearing certain clothes and not signing with major labels ("giving into corporations"). It's about a vision and pursuing their vision, which is exactly what Anti-Flag is doing.

  16. sammiLvestraviS

    this is dissappointing

  17. geddylee26

    i don't know why nobody likes the new anti flag, remember this new stuff is more fuck the corporate pocketed neo-conservative you know the ones that saw the matrix and thought it was real, i love lewis black, and by the way up with blackwater there fuckin awsome!!!!


    who has yahoo an can give me this album please :) i'll give him my ID please

  19. jOrgE rAzO

    anti-flag es el #1

  20. scott folse

    just go to a cd store and do it the old fashioned way to support anti flag ive always liked having the hard copy of the cd more and i just got this one...IT ROX

  21. Moosey

    Awesome song, I look forward to getting this album.