Anti-Flag - The Economy Is Suffering, Let It Die Lyrics

I've seen a lot of rip-offs in my life.
Seen a lot of scams.
A lot of crooks and crooked schemes, crooked sharks.
Part one of the story reads...
The liquor store thief.
The stick up man.
Thrown into the clink,
never coming back until the day he's grey and old.
I seen a lot of rip-offs in my life.

The rip-offs of the old and the young, the weak, the sick,
the never known.
Stabbed repeatedly in the back by the Wall Street suit.
The Washington hack.
Lining up their pockets with the people's cash and...

Laughing all the way to the bank.
Do you want to live your life as a slave?
In chains from the cradle to the grave.
The economy is suffering, let it die...
I seen a lot of bailouts in my life.
But where are the bailouts for the homeless and the poor?
And while we're on the subject
I could use a few bucks for a guitar amp.
A new six string, and a tank of gas.
Everything that I want...

We're so fucked and we don't give a fuck, no.
We're so fucked, but no we just don't care, no.
We're so fucked, this world is shit out of luck
and we don't give a fuck.

When the cities burn down we'll all be warm.
When the cities burn down we'll all keep warm.
When the cities burn down we'll all be warm.

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Anti-Flag The Economy Is Suffering, Let It Die Comments
  1. nathaniel bacon

    Thanks Obama

  2. Олег Киселёв

    Fuck - N - Roll O. k.

  3. jon Bremer

    Illinois its fuck anyway .... aka restart button?

  4. Frank Pierce

    Ww4 leftover crack see you there real punk rock loc

  5. Frank Pierce

    where the fuck are you fifteen donated an entire album to homless poor people but yolur like whatever your fucked kill the gov and go to prison but then your like freedom and peace you are a bunch of fuckinv bitches i help who i can but if you dont give a fuck and you mean those mohawks then help please fucking help me

  6. Frank Pierce

    homeless people ask me for money all the time in tulsa ok but i cant even afford to help them but a couple bucks

  7. Jon Polm

    These dudes got me thru the Bush stoked to see if they can help mobilize some change this time around too. F**k Trump.

  8. Rich man

    anthem of trump

  9. Kurt Guenther

    I recognized the riff and realized it's very similar to 'ban the tube top' by reel big fish.

    Mike Jones

    Kurt Guenther good call!

  10. wwtchrsinmusic

    It looks as if they are singing something completely different

    Cattle Decap

    wwtchrsinmusic well it's lip singing, not an actual live thing


    I mean lip sync appears to be very badly synced. Which is disappointing enough
    as the song is awesome and at the same time the video itself is not bad too

    Cattle Decap

    Yea I get what you're saying, sometimes they sync it up horribly

  11. jesse douglas


  12. Gabriel Wilfong

    This band is amazing. Streetlight is too.

  13. Kevin Mills

    13 people must be obummer fans

  14. Jimothy Schmidt

    The lyrics have never been truer than today. The American judicial system seems to think that it was okay for a liquor store thief to be gunned down in the street, unarmed, but the people with power committing murders of choice will never see a day behind bars.

    Frank Pierce

    you didnt see the trump election huh

    34 weasels in a trenchcoat

    Oh boy hasn't it gotten so much worse poor 2015 and even 2017

  15. fanofjoestrummer

    I dig the band, I just call them The Orwells since they bring a certain amount of corresponding panic, anxiety and political agenda to the table as ex: "1984" and a Orwell-esq puls. Not saying that Orwell had a political agenda but "1984" defiantly had an political impact....

  16. Ben Pyle

    You know, these guys have definitely changed. There sound and looks ect. And I'm sure there doing great financially. And sure, I'm not gonna lie I love there older stuff just the rawness and you could hear the low budget sound that they had it was fuckin the best. BUT I do understand these guys have grown up. shit when they started they were in there late teens. What I think is people change you get older you're much more wiser the moneys better the equipment is better they've evolved. And they have a much bigger audience. "sell out" no I wouldn't say that. In 20 years you change a lot. I do like the new sound some songs are eh and some are fuck that dissevers another listen. Overall these guy are fucking great and I still want to know what the next album they put out consist of so if you have a closed mind about it and you're jumping to "they sold out" think about it before you make that call.


    You raised some great points.  I'm not particularly keen on Anti-Flag's sound since For Blood And Empire was released. It's debatable whether Anti-Flag changed their style on their own, sold out, or simply lost their brilliant edge, but what I've been hearing since For Blood And empire isn't the Anti-Flag I used to know and love.

    The People Or The Gun had some songs I genuinely enjoy, and I'd give them a second chance, only I'm more about the lesser-known Punk bands of the here and now which cuts into time I could spend listening to Anti-Flag. (Plus GTA V's soundtrack gave me a bad attitude towards the classics.)

    Ben Pyle

    I agree. Everything since ''for blood''. they really took a turn after that album. yeah I could really only get into about 2 to 4 songs off an album with 10 to 15 songs. I could listen to ''a new kind of army'' on loop. I cant do that with anything recent by them. what up with the GTA V sound track? i haven't heard it...


    @Ben Pyle Understood.  I somehow managed to free myself from Lipstick Homicide long enough to listen to the song Got The Numbers every so often.

    As for GTA V, they have a Punk station called Channel X.  Looking at it objectively, I wouldn't say the songs on it are bad, but I was turned off by both the station and Classic Punk in general, since the soundtrack only had Classic Punk songs...  Plus Keith Morris did a great job as the station's DJ.

    O K

    But their ideology remains the same and i think that is more important than their music

    Clown Supremacist

    Being that Leftism is mainstream...these guys are now the establishment.

  17. Yugo

    This is shit, not punk at all.........Just like green day. Listen to hardcore or power violence..Kids with cash who wants to be true punks

    Lindsay Snoke

    +McHerbi so you think this isn't punk but you think Combat Rock sounds really punk? really far from hardcore haha wtf punk can be melodic, it usually is in fact?


    Yeah its can, but I think that some people there can't understand that I dont enjoy pop-punkish kind of music. 

    Paradigm Apocalypse

    +McHerbi atleast theyre saying something wtf are you doing but complaining,

    The Inside Byte

    McHerbi is just young. Punk is about the message, not the way it sounds. There are many Punk bands that sound like completely different genres but are considered Punk based off their message in their lyrics.

    Justin Atwood

    +Megatron I agree. Anti-Flag were inspired by The Clash, they make no secret about that. I'm sick of everyone trying to define what's punk and what isn't punk. Can't we all just listen to great quality music, and shut the fuck up about it? The Ramones were melodic, plus they wrote songs that might be considered "poppish" according to some people's standards, but they were punk-rock pioneers.

  18. William Sophistos

    I've been thinking this shit recently. Why should we keep trying to improve the economy and trying to get jobs for people. Wage slavery needs to die. The economy needs to die. Btw, It was pretty messed up seeing Anti-Flag playing warped tour in Missouri around 8 years ago, performing "you gotta die for your government", while there's a US Marines booth there trying to get kids to sign up. It was fucking bizarre. I just stopped going to Warped after that. Enjoyed seeing anti-flag though. 


    The Warped Tour allowed the military to put up booths there? That's disgusting

    William Sophistos

    Oh yeah, dude. In MO they did. >:/ That's how you know an anti-establishment event just went establishment.  


    oh yes. Especially when this was 8 years ago when Warped Tour was at least way more of a punkrock event than it is today

    Frank Pierce

    William Sophistos they had little or no choice ibet just trying to get angry young men to join a dying cause

  19. Alex Cunningham


  20. ThaddeusKeystone322

    These guys are assholes. Guess what they are Capitalists for starting AF Records probably off of their parents money.

    Antun Martinko

    and you are worthless waste of oxygen piece of shit so what? no one complains :D


    They’re one of the nicest bands I’ve ever met.

  21. Sam Fifield

    Anarchy Is order

  22. TheCelicasupraify

    Very true. China only became successful when they started embracing capitalistic principles. Milton friedman confirms this. Search "Milton fiedman greed" in the search bar.

  23. DrProf Craack

    Comunism is a great idea + capitalism is shit, but it doesnt work, there´d been enough tries,,,

  24. deadbydusk1

    Communism doesn't work. Unless you're of course China but even they aren't truly a communist state. Fine, look at Korea then. Abolish the state.

    ftw Killuminati

    yeah you're right

  25. SirKjellepelle

    True socialism is what we all need, Not communism or capitalism.
    Its workingclass that build all of the nations of the world in the spirit of socialism.
    But capitalism has fucked up everything that has been built up with sweat,blood and tears.

    Kinaed Sabine

    SirKjellepelle Honestly, that is so true and an idea I try to explain to people.


    And all I get is "socialism is just communism" and it's like NO, actually research this shit man

    ftw Killuminati

    what we all need neither communism or capitalism ! what we all need is justice and kill that all greedy people

  26. TenKohoNenapada JinaPrezdivka

    Is this a joke? Czech rep. was communist in 1948 - 1989. In this age there only communists ruled here. This age was suffering for many people, but there is now ruled by corruption. So capitalists are evil too. All of the czech people wants democracy without corruption.

  27. TenKohoNenapada JinaPrezdivka

    I was born in Czech Republic and there wasn't no freedom while communism was here. People tried to emigrate from here, but russian army were everywhere. So they lived in fear for many years. I hate them. Sorry. :-(

  28. Equal Solidarity

    Are you trying to be an Anarchist? Cause you are failing.

    Anarchist-Communist is the most common form of Anarchy.

  29. Mind Massacre

    Well, my opinion hasn't changed. Fuck communism. Fuck capitalism. Fuck the whole system.

  30. Equal Solidarity


  31. Equal Solidarity

    How does that at all relate to Communism?

    Apartheid was a Capitalist structure. Racism flourishes in Capitalist structures. To quote Malcolm X, "You can't have Capitalism without racism."

    Nelson Mandela had been influenced by Marx when he ended the Apartheid System, and he said this. So there is a slight relation to Communism and Socialism. Mandela attempted to enact Socialist reforms, but never created Communism. Not even close. There can't be a state in Communism!

  32. kjrody21

    (A)NARCHY FOR ALL!!!!!

    sorry punk gets me in this mood

  33. TenKohoNenapada JinaPrezdivka

    Communism is evil, but this song is great.

  34. Mind Massacre

    What about the "apartheid" system in south africa?

  35. Equal Solidarity

    Preach it Comrade!!
    Solidarity! Say no to State-Capitalism! We want Communism!

  36. Mind Massacre

    Yeah i mean look at south africa. It used to be ruled by the white people who put presure on black people. (Sorry for my spelling i'm from argentina)

  37. Isabella S

    An example of it is Cuba, All of they are poor except the president not too much peole is happy (sorry for my bad english i am colombian)

  38. Isabella S

    just anarchysm....

  39. Isabella S

    Anarchy bitches!!!

  40. Ns2AuroN2

    All systems are evil, capitalism, communism. neither is better than the other, really.
    Really it's nobodies fault. to be quite honest. the only thing we can blame is time, and technology
    As time goes on, we get new tehnology, and the systems we have need to re-iterate things, and over time, the systems that worked either stop working or struggle to work.
    The only way to solve this is to have a system of global reforms

    Capitalism is a system that worked back in the age of gunpowder.
    Not anymore.

  41. Mikaelo al pache

    exactly! the system is broken and cannot be fixed, the damage has been done, let's not try too contineu

  42. BloodyHarrow

    Government is all the same just with a different name and someone to blame.

  43. Mikaelo al pache

    duude capitalism, imperialism and statism is three diffrent things. you've got it all wrong. Anarcho-Capitalism ftw

  44. Mind Massacre

    It's all a conspiracy theory. Doesn't matter whether it's communism or capitalism. We, as people, deserve the freedom we were never given. So here's my opinion:

    Fuck government. Fuck communism. Fuck capitalism. And above all, Fuck the NWO.

  45. Undecent Channel

    Don't forget that the almighty USA did a great job in destroying communism. e.g.: the cold war: buying weapons. The USA as a capitalistic system had the money to buy weapons and bullets and weapons and bullets... communism tried to defend itself and tried to keep up buying weapons, but it didn't have that much money as a capitalistic system, you see where this ends?

  46. saar levi

    no. its not.

  47. Mind Massacre

    Well, then would you please be so kind and explain it to me?

  48. Mind Massacre

    The original idea of communism was good yes. But politicians misunderstood the idea of communism and used it as a tool to take control and destroy the people.

  49. Guitarguy2012LP

    I dont think you understand me xDD

  50. Mind Massacre

    Dude this song is about anti-capitalism and the financial system. These lyrics have a meaning. There's nothing sex-related here.

  51. Guitarguy2012LP

    If you have sexc whilst listening to this song it has to^^

  52. Mind Massacre

    WTF this song has nothing to do with sex!

  53. Carlo Montagna

    Haha, that's a bit extreme ;-)

    capitalism is very efficient for the growth of a nations but it's also a cold-hearted system.

    On the other hand, communisme sounds better for the people ... but it just won't work. Because it is against the nature of humans.
    (People want to win the lottery, they want to be rich ...)

    So actually the human race are the cause of their own oppression

    But hey, the fact it's a great song !

  54. TenKohoNenapada JinaPrezdivka

    This would have 93872000 views...

  55. Guitarguy2012LP

    You Never had sex during this Song
    That way better

  56. James H

    Fuck yeah.

  57. Savior1ch

    Why communism and why capitalism?
    Look on youtube for Thezietgeist moving forward and watch it bro we dont need a system we dont need money all we need is our love , faith and peace ;)

  58. Thomas Hermansen

    Teacher: What is Exploitation? Student: Capetalism!!

  59. 2resist36

    I was quite shocked by that, I like anti-flag but that is ridiculous. Singing a song about letting the capitalist economy die whilst advertising a corporate capitalist brand!!

  60. TylerMcManus1

    Know the feeling, man. Know the feeling.

  61. Peter Juelsgaard

    Sitting in school. Listeneing to a playlist. The press corpse comes on. One of the other students talks of some over-hysteriated bullshit they blew up on the radio. Almost started my own one-man riot right there. :D

  62. Chaddy2

    Upset the system, gonna burn it down! :D

  63. hulio932

    fucking love ANTI FLAG

  64. Zilmar de Souza Junior

    actually, everywhere is fucked up.. there's no one single country that's fine... there're tons of ppl who starve in us and europe. now imagine africa, middleast, poor regions in south america.
    we're so fucked


    America is fucked man.

  66. Troy Morton


  67. Marius Hickl


  68. Impulse Of Moment

    Woodstock 2012 ♥ xD

  69. katelyn noneofyourbusiness

    we're so fucked...

  70. satanicschizo06

    ... A small group of international bankers own the Federal Reserve. The Fed is a private bank, and they're the ones who print our money, only they don't let it circulate freely. It's loaned out, even to the government. The only reason the IRS exists is to pay back the money the government has loaned from the Fed, and the fact that the Fed LOANS money rather than letting it circulate is how they have control of the government.

  71. YoungYonk

    I agree with you, but you forgot to mention canada, its a good place to be

  72. Cody Lupardus

    The banks own the gov and the Fed.

  73. satanicschizo06

    It's not the money-based economy, it's the fact that the Federal Reserve has control of the money. The Fed has usurped the government, and the president is just a figurehead. It's not that we need to get the money out of politics so much as the fact that we need to keep the money from being the political system.

  74. tarik237

    dude anti flag has been goin on for more then 20 yrs, u cant expect them to have the same style of the time

  75. Hubert Cucumberdale

    01:56 LOL drummers face

  76. fatkidinabucket

    notice these guys were so quick to rag on Bush yet they won't say shit against OBOMBER....

  77. fatkidinabucket

    you'd lose... They won't even speak out against OBOMBER

  78. mark drummond

    i remeber antiflag 6 yrs ago so much better than this, take this from sum 1 who seen them live has thier sticker on his guitar, they not antiflag anymore there bubblegum punk rock for bairns :( bring back captain anarchy

  79. Spencer Berry

    This is better than sex.

  80. Jesse Hawker

    My band might cover this song in May at a festival, if we do, I'll definitely post it as a video response.

  81. last chance blueprint


  82. teamjinsoku

    @g4aaaa you've never been to court? what are you doing listening to anti flag? :P

  83. Vayle

    w00t, me can play this song at guitar, its AWESOME!

  84. rcf

    wow!! they like always said it best.

  85. anarchyzchyld

    were so fucked

  86. Frank

    @Drasherofbananas Or Ohio!

  87. wofli654

    @ownagegast thanks:)

  88. ownagegast

    @wofli654 a rippoff is an incident where someone overpays for something.

  89. wofli654

    just a question: what are "rip offs"??? i can´t find the word anywhere

  90. Gemma Marchant

    Suffering? Nonono. Someone's never been to Michigan. Suffering doesn't describe the economy well enough. :P

  91. Troy Morton


  92. mynameisbutter

    @thequeernews I doubt that he was serious...

  93. Troy Morton

    if u hate the gov. listen to Immortal Technique:The Cause of Death...

  94. Troy Morton

    if u hate the gov. listen to Immortal Technique..

  95. Massimo Beckers

    great :D love Anti-Flag :P

  96. Wolfi

    This song is fuckin awesome!

  97. lane leach

    fuck yea this song fuckin rocks

  98. TylerMcManus1

    "When the cities burn down,we'll all be warm.
    When the cities burn down,we'll all keep warm".
    That thing fuckin' killed me first time I heard this.
    Makes ya feel like startin' a riot downtown..Or it's jus' me?