Anti-Flag - The Bright Lights Of America Lyrics

16 year old girl
In a hollow carved out place
Just looking for some prettiness,
But the cuts in her arm don't paint for her
A very pretty view

In her mind..
She dreams that she is..
Far away...from..

The bright lights of America, life and death in a sold out 'Erica
To live and die in the heart of America, release your souls
The bright lights of America, life and death in a sold out 'Erica
To live and die in the heart of America, release your souls

A concrete city Hell (city Hell)
Suburbs that never end (just like the ocean)
One parent lives in each of them,
Passed back and forth the tough route to escape both bitter homes

He's just one...
Of desperate ranks..
Who can't break free...from..

The bright lights of America, life and death in a sold out 'Erica
To live and die in the heart of America, release your souls
The bright lights of America, life and death in a sold out 'Erica
To live and die in the heart of America, release your souls

I just want you to know,
That there are whole houses full,
Of fucked up kids like you and me (can't find a way)
So many lost in stride, caught in an endless fight,
To leave this empty ugly place, I'm leaving you at sea!

The bright lights of America, life and death in a sold out 'Erica
To live and die in the heart of America, release your souls
The bright lights of America, life and death in a sold out 'Erica
To live and die in the heart of America, release your souls

The bright lights of America, life and death in a sold out 'Erica
To live and die in the heart of America, release your souls
The bright lights of America, life and death in a sold out 'Erica
To live and die in the heart of America, release your souls

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Anti-Flag The Bright Lights Of America Comments
  1. Alessandro Morosin

    Boots Riley right there hell yeah

  2. marcocaceres97

    Throwback! I miss the 2000s so much!

  3. Widi Vandandourple

    Sounds like Rancid- You Don't Care Nothin'

  4. CuriousFrog

    i feel sick realizing i fell for this leftist shit in my teens, if i kept with it my life would have been ruined.

  5. James Oxford

    can we turn this up?

  6. louisaruth

    how did I miss this? goes to show I was too busy being miserable in 2009 to know what was going on around me.

  7. Vl Du

    These gus don't afraid of telling truth their goverment in face. respect

  8. Frank Pierce

    womens rights you fucks elect clinton

  9. Heyooooo007

    Love this song had always hoped for a better video but these guys are one of my favorite bands

  10. david roth

    what a horrible band

  11. Justin Atwood

    The MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner is hilarious. The USA can keep telling themselves that, while accomplishing absolutely nothing.

  12. Bartholomule01

    This comments section is cancer. The "They still sing about the same messages they used to but they can't possibly mean it now because they have money." rhetoric is bullshit.

    You realize you are able to do a lot more to help the causes you fight for with money, right? People don't question the validity of other musicians activism if they don't play Punk music. I don't see a lot of people saying how fake Serj Tankian or Tom Morello are just because they are associated with big labels.

    Also, this "Punk is dead" rhetoric is also bad. Maybe you don't consider major label bands to truly be Punk, you can have that opinion. But if you would just look for some Punk music you would find it, it wouldn't be on a major label and it wouldn't ve twenty to thirty years old.

    I have plenty of independent Punk/Crust/Hardcore etc bands in my music collection that are active and established within the past ten years, you're just not looking hard enough.

    Oh and the thing about independents is that they don't really get promotion because they don't usually have real budgets to do anything. Don't complain about it being hard to find a band with a small fanbase and no ads, if they had ads you'd call them sell-out.


    thanks for explaining it to the dumb shits

    The Angry 88

    Kick Ass Thank You

    The Angry 88

    Also Check out The Angry 88. Thats my band A small kinda Thrash punk band


    Bartholomule01 that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. People think money makes everything better as if there aren't things to be angry about anymore once you have a little money or be inspired by. Comment sections and ignorance are cancers hahaha

  13. michael diaz the skater

    yull always be my favorite band in this world and the other worlds now mater what im that 9 year old

  14. michael diaz the skater

    im a free soul like u guys. im sires

  15. kaci taylor

    3:30 way to drop the bass Dos 😂

  16. ross john

    I didn't realize talent was exclusive to bands without pay

  17. brb224

    justins hair was a bad choice here.

  18. Isaac Nangin

    Punk never dies!!

    34 weasels in a trenchcoat

    But I do inside

  19. rockerpuunk15

    mi cancion favorita x)

  20. George Roberge

    what the fuck this is bullshit turncoat sellouts. Fuck anti flag. as bad as the green day cock suck i have bin buying they're albums sense 94 no more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zach Leger

    >10 albums since 1996
    >two albums released on a major label
    >message still stands as it did 20 years ago.

    Man, these guys are definitely sellouts.  Especially considering that noTHING CHANGED ABOUT THE BAND AFTER BEING SIGNED TO RCA.

    last chance blueprint

    Your comment was maybe relevant 8 years ago, but Anti-Flag switched back to hard punk rock 7 years ago.

  21. Zachi H.

    And the videos concept. Is pretty cool too

  22. Zachi H.

    Lol @ the Disney ad before an antiflag song... also this kinda reminds of their old song "emo sucks"" which was a making fun of this sound... I like this song tho it's all a bit ironic

  23. Okan V


  24. Eric Mendoza

    Rise Against picked up where Anti-Flag left off! So bummed I missed them in hollywood jan 10!

  25. Ben Carey

    I don't get why people get so mad when a band tries something new, I respect it. I'm not surprised they signed with VEVO as they aren't very well known and they might need it. Anti-Flag's message hasn't changed, they're are just trying a new way to make good music. Correct me if I'm mistaken but Anti-Flag have stated that Anti-Flag does not mean Anti America, it means Anti War.

    Zachary Zamora

    Anti-capitalist, anti-religion, anti-war, anti-imperialism...sounds pretty anti-America to me. Not that i disagree with them

    Zach Gay

    Oh man, how much did that fedora cost you?

    Lee Deville

    Ben Carey I'm a conservative Republican and I fucking love this band. Fuck it music is the real message.

    Tommy Solomon

    Ben Carey yeah man, theyre just trying to make sure their message is heard. I don’t cast blame on them.

    Sebastian Erich Wedl

    I think this song is awesome and reminds me of rank n file.very good!!!! Love Anti flag!!!!!the best actually punk band.

  26. MetallicBrony

    anyone know of any good punk bands i may not know of?

    Ja Lap Uh Know

    Not all punk is hardcore but all hardcore is punk. At least that's how I feel


    who dosent know those bands?


    +MetallicBrony 28Days

    Toby Parsons

    The briggs

    Kinaed Sabine

    Pour habit is a criminally underrated band.

  27. Ivan Tsjernov

    fuck the USA so hard

    Ivan Tsjernov

    @Xyecon I'm an anarchist I can do anything :D 


    @Ivan Tsjernov I was making an "everyone frowns upon someone else's opinion" kind of statement.


    Fuck you I love it here I got the cops at my house when ever I play my guitar! :D

    Ivan Tsjernov

    @Xyecon Yeah I noticed I wasn't really serious :p


    wanna bitch? go to africa and live in a mud fucking hut. good luck finding wifi there

  28. Ludópata 7x

    Esta banda mola mucho y casi nadie la escucha...

  29. houstonbrad

    Boots Riley,,, is that you at 2:35 ?

    Lip Betley

    @houstonbrad Yes it is. And Tom Morello

  30. Caedus4240

    #toyrobot You're right, they do more to fight global inequality than i do. But they still had to make an absolute comprise to all they supposedly believed in. Is it worth it? Probably. Does it make them a joke? Absolutely. Also, I guarantee that i do more to help others than you could ever dream of. Not only through my career, but with volunteering at places that serve the most marginalized in our society. You may not like my opinion about these guys, but at the very least i have the moral high ground on a sycophantic defender of a "Punk" band on YouTube.


    are u saying they can't make lots of money because that goes against what they sing about or that they shouldn't of signed to a major label and should of stayed with an indie label ? because not all corporate companies are evil so to speak  

  31. musicman38053

    I used to think that the idea of a record contract equaling a sell out in the punk world was not necessarily true... But then I think... Green Day on Broadway. I hope if I ever see Anti Flag live again they stick to more old material and don't play the clash either.

    The Bronx Bunny Man

    I saw Anti-Flag for the second time a month ago, and they played a lot of good shit. A decent amount of songs pre-2007 and no Clash covers (Personally, I would love it if they'd play a Clash song since I love both bands). Nonetheless, they DID NOT disappoint. They ended the show just like when I saw them on the Warped Tour...with practically the entire band performing the crowd. I must also mention that my second time seeing them was the closest I've come to permanent hearing damage, it was fantastic!

  32. johnnyBandB

    Sorry guys but People from USA don't know what anarchy and punk is. East Europe does because here people were fighting aganinst the system for real freedom. Here the people died for a freedom. It is just funny pop rock band for naive kids... but still their music is quite OK


    Bands like Anti Flag sing about injustice around the world not just in America. Though some songs are focused on what is happening in their country, mostly because they live in it. Either way they are doing more to stop inequality world wide than you are. 

    Gavin Cain Hurt

    @AtomicToyRobot Actually the singer, I beleive lives over in London. 

  33. Pavel Boisha

    I hate left side, but Anti Flag is awesome!

    Alex Maybrodskyy

    And Left side hate you. 

  34. insertUSERNAMEhere65

    what was their message before ?

  35. Sam Van Boxtel

    all those bands you mentioned are awesome regardless. Bands can't stay the same forever no matter how much we want them to.

  36. Thompter S. Hunson

    plus, the guy from Bad Religion sold the contract of The Offspring (from Epitaph) to EMI Records once upon a time... And then he blamed The Offspring.. What a joke is this guys..

  37. Caedus4240

    Their music is ok, but they stopped being a punk band as soon as they signed with a corporate label. They sing about social justice, American foreign policy and the evils of corporations. It's a joke. They're no better than rise against, bad religion or rage against the machine. They all sing about leveling the economic playing field while making millions. Any band that has a primarily political agenda who signs to a major loses all credibility and their message is compromised.

    Sebastian Erich Wedl

    shut up.are you 12?this is a very good punk band.

    34 weasels in a trenchcoat

    So any band that starts making money so they can continue making music automatically sucks? They are still absolutely punk listen to the criminals

  38. Mathieu Perrier

    Seeing them October 12th in Toronto. So fucking excited!!

  39. Isaac P. Benis

    They always talk about politics... Anti-flag has and will always be punk. Their sound just becomes better.

  40. aBagOfGruis

    yeah...or is that symbol not a symbol?
    Flags/symbols are an importante tool for "divide and conquer"-tactic used to opress people around the world.
    Even when the symbol is an A that stands for anarchy..

  41. RedMidori

    Does anyone else have an erection right now?

  42. AbsoluteArtemis

    reminds me of last year :/

  43. aBagOfGruis

    its a joke that youre using a symbol/flag with a symbol for anarchy,commenting on an anti flag video,in a way that shows that you understand what a big joke it is....

  44. Rancid Badger Day

    Dont like this? look up older punk then. Do what FeelingRioty said. look up bad religion! Dont complain over things that can be fixed. Like the punk scene.

  45. john paul mananabat

    release your SOULS!

  46. Mark Hoppus

    singer looks like andrew garfield here

  47. Herpy DerpDerp

    That's what your comment screams to me.

  48. trumph77

    Tom morello FTW

  49. das wis

    oh heeell no!

  50. Jajinkah

    This video reminds me of Static-X : Destroyer

  51. Nicolas Castronovo

    This joke was justin time !

  52. petah182

    Justin sane looks like Andrew Garfield 0_o

  53. bomberZee

    more like an Anti-Flag concert with Billy Talent...

  54. Fraser Tankel

    Just Insane!

  55. JJ23

    you gotta be livin in a rock if you dont know who justin bieber is.

  56. xScreamToRisex

    Andrew gardfield on vocals.

  57. Wesley Gehman

    yes! definitly, just becaus it isn't made at the same time or same way doesn't mean it doesn't have the same soul, these guys, the street dogs, gaslight, hot water music. They are all punk just diffeent forms, i feel unk is more of a mindset in the bands and the fans which is shown through the lyrics, just because a guitar doesn't sound the same as another punk band doesn't categorize it as a different genre.

  58. Trevor Dorosz

    I'm so lucky I discovered this band. Proud to be a new fan

  59. Lachie Wall

    but pop is short for popular and I don't see AF as being popular. Pop-punk bands are bands like Blink-182, Green Day (new), Fall Out Boy, All Time Low etc. These guys are definitely punk, and while they are not 70's and 80's punk, they are definitely 00's punk.

  60. Josh E

    @Anthony Quarr they lack the deep bass riffs and the singers voice is too high. Although they sing about social injustice i guarantee they all grew up in a middle class suburb. Not very punk at all. Play them after you play The Sex Pistols or The Circle Jerks and there is no comparison.

  61. Anthony Quarr

    I Disagree, Granted they are not like older punk. but to catagorize them as pop-punk is wrong in my opinion.

  62. MusicFromTyler

    da fuck VEVO?

  63. Josh E

    This is not real punk this is pop punk. I'm not saying I don't like some songs but to call this real punk is ignorant.

  64. Andrew Jackson

    Listen to Capitalist Casualties if you want some angrier political music.

  65. punk100000000

    Dude Bad Religion have you heard of them..?

  66. Karol Kurczewski

    Yes , Turn your back and Wake Up The TOWN ! <3

  67. mudthirsty

    Propagandhi is better.

  68. mudthirsty

    You are right! Its very poppy!

  69. mudthirsty

    Who says NOFX has died out. They're still kicking ass with new music and still touring!

  70. diego lujambio

    this is real punk rock!

  71. Reid Huffman

    Rise against is still out there talking about politics and social issues all day long!

  72. AbsoluteArtemis

    it was godlike :DDD

  73. Fluffydaninjapenguin

    The punk renaissance will come soon led by anti flag rise against and some new bands hopefully including mine

  74. Jacob Daniel

    There is no more real punk even nofx has died out....they are all just trying to make a buck now because they know ppl that like all that new green day will buy their cd....sad time for the punk scene

  75. n0rth777

    За Русских ! За ЛДПР ! За Путина !

  76. Frank Dawson

    I REALLY miss the real Punk Anti-Flag. When they talked about poltics & shit. No hate..

  77. hsimah

    I found a very old CD of mine called Die for the Government. I listened to it a lot many, many years ago so I looked these guys up. They've come a long way haha. Not really my kind of punk, but still, good to hear someone original out there.

  78. Taylor Martinez

    Against Me!, Anti-Flag, Billy Talent, and Sum 41. This would be the best tour of all time.

  79. Shania Buffalo

    You're such a lucky duck... D:

  80. Xemi129

    i was in the first row at the billy talent concert and he gave the whole first row a high five :D

  81. mastersusaf

    That didn't need to be said lol because anyone watching Anti-Flag is onboard

  82. Ohloveeh

    Boots Riley and Tom Morello at 2:35

  83. ThorOfThunders

    good. Shit, we don't want you.

  84. mimi3773

    SPOTTED...Tom Morello in a fake mustache

  85. Gerald Renzo

    both of the Chris' are better looking than all of one direction and Justin Bieber just saying you know how to pick them

  86. Jo Ham

    A censored anti-flag song ??!!!?? Ik this is some older music of theirs but look at you'll scream tonight- police state- turncoat- mind the G.A.T.T- this shit- then ghost of alexandria, if you wanna see the evolution of anti flag <3

  87. aKidnappedDuck

    I find it ironic that the ad VEVO gave me was one of Nicki Minaj, followed by "Real Music." Thank God I knew what was coming after those 15 seconds of torture, or I would have left.

  88. Agustin Solmonese

    este video es una copia de el video de static x destroyer!!!! que gente chorra!!!

  89. Kurt Hillmann

    ok what is it with punk chicks and roller derby?

  90. MacTavishRFD

    Hell yeah.

  91. Samuel L. Jackson

    Haha Tom Morello as the coach standing with Boots Riley!

  92. TheLeaderofBDC

    Bieber? I only know one Justin and he's Justin Sane.

  93. Hart Campbell

    the casualties.

  94. harrysometimes

    I come from Finland. Sorry, I forgot to mention it.

  95. harrysometimes

    Todella nautittavaa Punkrockia! Awesome. Tästä ei punkbiisi juurikaan parane. Aivan mahtavaa. This is just about what punk means! Älkää työ välittäkö mun huonosta enklannin kielestä. Kappale puhuttelee upeasti. Brilliant.

  96. Hart Campbell

    the casualties?

  97. Lina Heckenast

    they're independent now

  98. 911punkboy

    To also add a lot of "proto-punk" bands are also considered kind of pop because of their mainstreamism but that doesn't make them bad.

  99. 911punkboy

    i swear me and justin have the same hair! cuz i can do it up like this vid or a mohawk :D

  100. Maspi

    They are so hardcore punk...signed by Sony BMG. oh the irony.