Anti-Flag - Tar And Sagebrush Lyrics


If you utter a sound
Don't make a move
We'll kill you
Then they gathered around me
One man took my right arm
And another man took my left
When the third man grabbed the front of my coat
Then thrown in to an automobile we go

Oh I wish
I could describe
The terror in that 20 mile ride
Oh I wish
I could describe
The terror in the beautiful California moonlight

In an auto with six man and chauffeur
Yeah these Christian patriots
They put fingers in my eyes and nose
As they subjected me to torture
Yeah the torture that a good fearing man
Is capable of conceiving

Oh I wish
I could describe
The terror in that 20 mile ride
Oh I wish
I could describe
The terror in the beautiful California moonlight

You won't kiss the American flag
Well by god we'll make you
We'll ram it down your throat
Sing the Star Spangled Banner with feeling

They put their autos together
So the lamp set a sickly stage light
Fourteen defenders of this country
All commanding me to undress
They poured tar over my body and hair
In the absence of feathers they rubbed sagebrush instead

Oh I wish
I could describe
The terror in that 20 mile ride
Oh I wish
I could describe
The terror in the beautiful California moonlight

My suffering was terrible
But my greatest pain was over you

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Anti-Flag Tar And Sagebrush Comments
  1. Streetpreacher Studios

    szarsag1, You're not confusing it with skinheads then? Jamaicans who picked the Bombers n Martens cus they were cheap and available in droves.. Just as the Jamaican revolutionary in England who started tying his hair in dreads.. I was young when i read this but the net was less corrupted back then so i think im right in this case

  2. Chelsea Baker

    Still gives me chills man...

  3. m0tlei

    just to be cocky, punks roots can be traced back to jamaica, but, i get what you sayin. and i agree.

  4. Bobby Dickenbags

    Yes, and San Diego is still pissed that this happened. We won't forget.

  5. Spudski

    They deserve to die

  6. scarsunseen24

    @thisplacesucks cool, thanks for letting me know! :)

  7. thisplacesucks

    @scarsunseen24 google: Emma Goldman and Ben Reitman. youtube is lame and not letting me post a link.

  8. scarsunseen24

    @thatsrontastic I'm interested in this story, do you by any chance have links or any keywords I could search that might help me find out more?

  9. Crislips

    1 person has been tar and sagebrushed.

  10. Jacob Young

    This song is actually a poem wrote about a group of anarchists that were kidnapped and tortured in the early 1900's in California amid pro-union protesting.

  11. Lat

    lol the music makes it sound like a happy song, but hes singing about getting torchered funny but awesome at the same time :D but no this song makes some sense..... bush was awful but obamas not improving much.

  12. GEERACEable


  13. Hatchy

    @antifapunx 10 mil contract with A-F records
    PS. A-F Records is made by... deploying suprise: Anti-Flag

  14. Paige DeHaven

    @lumpyruthafurd69 nevermind i get it now

  15. Paige DeHaven

    whats this song about?

  16. Rosehawka

    @skasnotdead77 but, if they know to make fun of those that preach but don;t practice mean that they understand the true meaning, therefore share some affliliation>

  17. Comrade_nachman

    I live for a classless society. But class exists. They associate with the democratic party, and with peta. I like their music and shit, and I like them for what they are. But they don't behave like anyone who is an anarchist.

    ps. i am the same person as antifapunx

  18. Comrade_nachman

    Ben Reitman was not a patriot and saying that we have "rights" is a crock. We are allowed to do a few things that some other people aren't. Lucky us. Ben Reitman was an anarchist and a hobo doctor.

  19. Comrade_nachman

    He was an anarchist, not a patriot.

  20. Comrade_nachman

    it's based on a writing of emma goldman, she was in san diego with the man actually, they were speaking to the wobblies. anti-flag are class traitors.

  21. Comrade_nachman

    I wonder what emma goldman would think of their contract.

  22. ChrisVinegar

    yes! very good! I think this is very difficult to play....good job A-F!

  23. Jackson Yauck

    Oh my god...load blown