Anti-Flag - Stars And Stripes Lyrics

welcoming with open arms and, with open hearts
in the end they found their arms in shackles and their hearts torn out
this country named "america", is built on graves
of the natives who lived here before, genocide took place
the word "america" means "freedom" - as in, "free to kill the free..."

don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me, for me
don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me, for me... For me!

it's the same today as then, as U.S. (tax) dollars are spent
to rid the native insurgence in Mexico, and any other U.S. (corporate) "interests"
the 3rd world is a modern day playground, for multinational companies
and the tax dollars we're forced to pay, fund these heartless U.S. policies
their explanation... "it's national interest, national security..."

don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me, for me
don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me, for me
they Stand for greed, they stand for hate, for nothing i believe
don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me, for me

at little big horn national cemetery, there's a monument that reads: "to the soldiers killed in montana while clearing
hostile indians away... '
and there's a flag there flying high, over the fallen killers' graves
when they call on me to die for them i'll say... "not me!"

don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me, for me
don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me, for me
they Stand for greed, they stand for hate, for nothing i believe
don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me, for me

don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me...
don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me...
they Stand for greed, they stand for hate, for nothing i believe...
don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me...

don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me, for me
don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me, for me
they Stand for greed, they stand for hate, for nothing i believe
don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me... me... me!!!

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Anti-Flag Stars And Stripes Comments
  1. Nice Pañda

    2020 anyone?

    eric tzh

    Yes, against the rich man war!

  2. Reese Gunderson

    I fucking hate you pussy fucking sell outs!!!!!!


    Fuck Montana

  4. A. Jon Heaton

    Man, this song like all of anti flags other songs, they are horribly misinformed. Sad because the music itself is good, lyrics are like an 8th grade liberal with no idea what their argument is about

  5. Sean Murdock

    Oi! Love it

  6. ryan manning

    147 bootlickers dislike this video

  7. Baby Inuyasha

    Fucking traitors

  8. Joe Mahoney

    Isn’t it funny how the same system of American capitalism that anti flag complains about is also the same system that allowed them to become rich and successful

  9. Amber Ambwee

    This song has never been more relevant than with Trump as president. His baby prisons, deporting members of the US military, ignoring white supremacy as a threat, ignoring the constitution, ignoring human rights, ignoring human decency, ignoring the poor and sick, making it worse for everyone who doesn’t make $250k a year.....

  10. vicente castillo solis

    America is a continent

  11. vicente castillo solis

    Is not america is united estates

  12. Sebastian Erich Wedl

    i'm not right or left.but i love anti flag.this song tells the truth.i hate not americans or the USA.i hate the US Government and the fu**ing assholes they terrorizes the World.Anti Flag good band.


    Same. The ones at the top have fucked up everything and twisted my generation in so many ways that many are unrecognizable from the people I would have known.


    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 i used to like this song and then I remembered I love this country Hooah! Get some.

    Hockey ThrashBeer

    lol fucking braindead

  14. Mingus Casey

    stars in your eyes, stripoes on your back.

  15. Christian Fischer

    Great. I Love this song👍

  16. Adem_The_Savage

    Meh, the “Injuns” were conquered; people have been getting conquered since the dawn of man.

    Torbjorn Lindholm

    You're an idiot and a bad person.

    Hockey ThrashBeer

    @Torbjorn Lindholm this. also flyers suck

  17. Vinyl Fiend668

    Stars and Stripes are prison bars...don’t be brainwashed by the elected few ...think for yourself.

  18. BlueMoonLightDreams

    i pop the volume on this song on 4th on july

  19. Master 2400

    still listen to in 2019!

    Miki Dellinger

    From the CZ

  20. kolp1098 ujopl875

    Sort Music cor Sport people

  21. Last Revenant

    im soo thankfully these guys convinced me not to join the army.1

  22. Phrashee Kwerk

    spot on. i could not agree more.. a veteran born overseas.

  23. Situationist International

    Fuck US imperialism!

  24. Voltaire Venerium

    Punks are bigger pussies and complainers than emo kids or furries

    Hockey ThrashBeer

    so triggered Lmao

  25. DeadTownManifesto1985

    STOP supporting wars fought over economic interest!

  26. Andreas Patalen

    Great! Greatings from the EU/Germany. We fall together!!!

  27. Scott Tenorman's pubes

    Back when antiflag still had a pair of balls on them.

  28. Michael Jennison Jr.

    "Not me!"

  29. Noah Sharplin

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 brought me here.

  30. wastnTIMEwastnTIME

    Yup! Still my 4th of July Anthem!

  31. Z-Zack

    Only good thing about Pro Skater 5 was the soundtrack. Because of it I'm now a big fan of Anti-Flag

  32. bloui1033

    Obama sucks! Deported more illegals & dropped more bombs on the Mid East than any president! TRUMP 2020

  33. Zane Plutano

    Thank you for reminding me about Manu Chao!

  34. TickleChits

    Move back to your country

    Lucas Crass

    TickleChits no

  35. Dillon Kirby

    Good thing those stars and stripes give them the freedom to sing that nonsense

    Reuben Gibbs

    Have you nicked the brain off the guy in your profile picture

    Lucas Crass


  36. Dewy Bill

    I love this song now

  37. gillecroisd 92

    Virtue Signalling at its finest...

  38. M Kreh-Z

    We are not a democracy. We are an oligarchy ruled by a plutocracy. AmeriKa is corporate owned and Zionist controlled. Republicans and Democrats are different wings of the same bird.

  39. TheOpopoplo

    yet nobody noticed the ''88'' in the name of the channel...

  40. Healy Love

    all was all own until you went after solders

  41. Jon

    Seems relevant to the shit going on in the NFL and Trump's dumbass remarks.

  42. Morsetto ss

    Its the zionists fault not the "white's" fault

    M Kreh-Z

    Exactly right sir. Thanks to all the sellout puppet politicians who pledge to AIPAC for continuing our mess.

    Rava Turn

    Thank you lucifer

    Emma The Bongwater Socialist

    Fuck off Nazi bitch

  43. Anthony Valerio the crazy Latin American

    they put municipal waste crime and punishment in this game it would be twice is more better than it is right now

  44. puppypaws spike

    I will be there in the morning to see if I could get a copy of humanity and I will be there at school and I have been working on a project that I will not be there for you and a few other things I need to do to get it out of the way for you to get home and

  45. Heroic Pandaa

    Yeh nah I can't be the only one that this is Garth out of Wayne's world ?

  46. Dark Wing

    people who hate these guys do not understand what they are saying. or trying to say

  47. Amaya Sanchez

    I love this song and all of Anti flag's songs. This song is supposed to be not only for entertainment but this song says the true history of America and how some people actually think of it. Also when they say "Don't fly those stripes those star s and stripes for me" it's saying that this band doesn't want to be part of America's horrible yet true history. I agree with the song cause when you think about it we stole this land from innocent Native Americans ,and we have become more greedy and more of a monster over the years. All of Anti flag's songs are to explain the truth.

    gillecroisd 92

    Innocent natives... That's funny. History indicates that they were not nearly or remotely innocent... They joined British and French forces during the French and Indian War, and previous Wars (King Philips' War, King Williams' War, Queen Mary Anne's War) to essentially rid themselves of rival tribes in return for French/British assistance and protection...

    They were as devious and cruel as the "white devil" they point the finger at...

    History is filled with violence. Point to me, a country, and I can do a quick google search of EVERY single war in its history from its formation...

    America is not the exception... Its just another page in the bloody, violent history of the world...

  48. Duke Nukem SLO

    fantastic lyrics

  49. derrillcrowbar503

    But yet they are making money in a capitalist amerkkk, while condemning it. Liberals are some of the biggest buffoons I've ever known.

    Florida corporate unions now !!

    derrillcrowbar503 news flash they need to eat and pay bills

    Tommy Paterson

    Exactly typical red star hypercraites

  50. Jocelyn Rose

    i dig the tune (A)

  51. Go Jets Go

    Here come the butt hurt liberals and democrats, fuck off pussies move to mexico

    Kentucky Fried Cracker

    Anthony Capocci Yep, they can move the fuck out!!!

  52. Zach Jones

    I'm a veteran and I couldn't agree more with this

    Blyatiful Chao

    @plsdont but they fucked up almost every other war since then. Usa joined mainly cos of pearl harbour and they wanted to rebuild there crippling economy after the depression

    Nick P

    plsdont you’re thinking of the USSR

    Mingus Casey

    thanks buddy.


    Celeste Monique edgy


    @Celeste Monique shut up

  53. Daniel Hyatt

    Don't fly those stripes those stars and stripes for me FUCK TRUMP

  54. CidAngst

    We have a real reason to fear now. Trump. Look who he is hiring to his cabinet. If there has ever been a time it is now!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unrelated Popcorn Fire

    CidAngst yeah but it's never been good. Obama sucks bush sucks trump sucks they all fucking suck

    Jameson Doane

    If you think it just got this way because of Trump being in office, you don't know AAANNYYTHING about your own history, and you haven't been paying attention to the last 35 years.

    It's been awful forever, but it's steadily gotten worse since Reagan, and YES, BILL CLINTON and BARACK OBAMA were HUGE parts of that decline.


    The rapid decline of our nation has been going on long before Reagan and a lot more than 35 years. We got high on a power trip on August 6, 1945 and never came down. But truthfully, the further back you look at our country's history, the more you realize that we, as a nation, have treated huge swaths of humanity as subhumans since the start. We came to escape persecution, and ended up persecuting literally everyone else, from Asians, to Africans...Irish to Hispanics.

  55. John Peterson

    Stand up for the water defenders fighting for clean water and Native sovereignty against the pigs and oathbreakers in North Dakota.

  56. IY Cabello

    It actually scares me seeing how people are glorifying Trump, someone who openly degraded women and stereotyped people by their ethic background, but this comment section really gave me some faith in humanity again.
    So thank you fellow anarchist! 😊


    And Bush didn’t bother you?

    Corey Herrick

    Bush sure as fuck bothered me, and the present day attempt to whitewash his administration's legacy is insanely disgusting. Maybe OP wasn't old enough to have had an informed opinion of much of Bush's presidency at that time, but either way I don't see what your point is.

    Lee Deville

    Trump is ending wars that Obama and Bush started.... are you mad we are in the most peaceful time in history?

  57. skatopolis II

    dat bass doh

  58. Nicole S.

    THE song of today..

  59. RealityPalez

    This song's meaning has never been more true than it is now.

    Edit 11/8/17: A year ago since I made this comment. Still stand by it.
    Edit 5/24/18: NFL passes a rule penalizing players who kneel for the anthem. Fuck off.
    Edit 7/4/2019: Yep the USA still sucks lol

    Unrelated Popcorn Fire

    Cameron It's been true for a while now


    yet don't realize the hypocrisy of your statement. do you enjoy your ability to write this without fear of consequence? cool. thought so.


    Freedom of speech can still apply while I can still refuse to support the current state of the United States.

  60. Bree

    this song is my mood today. fuck amerikkka and fuck trump.

    Christian Anderson

    Bree Hillary was the ultimate warmonger and corporatist.. Also to mention, the establishment pushed for her so hard to win.. hahaha the irony of you attacking Trump over Hillary is funny.

  61. steampunk6

    that's today's song!

    christian voluntarist survival

    absolutely! i'm sick of all the people in the alt media who seem to want to celebrate today. we were all blind-sided and the elites played the trump card on us today. f trump, f hillary, obama, bush, mccain, soros, rockefeller, rothschild, warren buffet, and all the rest.
    sincerely irritated christian anarchist who came here for some happy music.

  62. brb224

    anyone else voteing for trump today? make america great again

  63. Shawn Benoit

    get out of my room mom

  64. harrison levy

    Tonight's debate made me want to listen to this song....

  65. Domen Gašperin II

    I really wish dis wus moar of an Anti-American band than anti-government. They should just dis and insult USA's citizens. Lol, jk. XD

  66. Radoslav Žubrietovský

    Best Band :)

    Blyatiful Chao

    No,die ärzte is the best band in the world.Germans will get it

  67. That 1k Life

    July 4th 2016
    'Murrica bought me here !!

  68. wastnTIMEwastnTIME

    Gonna play this song over and over today since its the 4th of July! Don't fly those stripes those stars and stripes for me! For me!
    I wonder what kind of world we would be living in today if the Indian's weren't all slaughtered and if their land was not stolen. Guess we will never know :'-(

    The Wizard Of Dub

    A better question is what would the world be like tomorrow if we decided to stop with our nationalism and instead united under one common interest?


    wastnTIMEwastnTIME Socialist fuxk

    skatopolis II

    you should have also played FUCK THE BORDER by propagandhi. XD

    Sameul Perez

    Native Americans*


    If you have land, you better be able to defend it. If ‘Murica didn’t take the “Injuns” land, someone else would have.

  69. Dominic Friscia

    This is a good song, but I believe in the sentiment of the Bill of Rights which is supposed to be represented by the flag. Even if it is a sham.

  70. FunPheonix97

    I recently got a part-time job (my first job), but I hate how they have to pull out some of my pay to pay for U.S taxes. I don't want to fund all this fucked up shit... Ugh. I guess that's what you get for being employed in the United States


    I dont know how the USA spends their taxes but for example in the Czech Republic taxes are given to the people employed by the country (nurses, police etc...) and many more. So yea they are importnant and even though the taxes "cut" 23% of my income it still makes a sense for me to pay them.

    Miscellaneous Me

    God, I get you man, I wish I could just move to another country but im only 19 with like no money or connections and my parents would have a freakout

    Phil Jermakian

    Dont worry they just print money, the money you pay in does not count its just part of the illusion that keeps people above you.

    Anthony Ricci

    Do you understand how the system works? If the US just kept printing money, it would devalue the dollar by a large amount.

    M Kreh-Z

    Anthony. That's exactly what they do. Print money out of thin air. The federal reserve isn't even federal it's a private owned bank backed by the Rothchilds family. BTW the value of the dollar has gone down and will continue to go down. That's part of the plan.

  71. RipDoo


    Anarcha Media

    +RipDoo And no I`m not a Communist either.I`m just one of the few in my country who knows what it really is.

    Illya Lypyak

    +Mutualist Freedom Fighter 3 hey a fellow mutualist

    Anarcha Media

    @Ilya Lypyak Indeed,Kevin A. Carson,Benjamin R. Tucker,Clarence Lee Swartz,Josiah Warren,Gary Chartier,G.D.H. Cole,Emma Goldman and Voltairine de Cleyre are strong influences on my political beliefs.

    Der Don

    so what!?

    Megan Morath


  72. Angel .O

    I'm going to play this all day when the 2016 election is over.


    That's pretty edgy.

    Tristan Ferencevic

    well we know how that ended for you yanks. love from Canada

    Amber Ambwee

    Fingers crossed for 2020

  73. lewis moore

    I Don't give a fuck about the Tony hawks games

  74. julius amatdanom

    is stars and stripes the warplanes?

    Lillith 'yuki uta' Crow

    "star's and stripes" is the name of the American flag

  75. Arpad Gulyas

    what is rebellion

  76. Evan Koketko

    Am I the only one here whos not from a video game..?


    Evan Koketko no

    Mitchel 7346

    @Punk666 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

    Mitchel 7346

    @Stefan S Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

    John Became


  77. Jack N

    Think I speak for most people when I say what a fucking tune lads 👍🏻

  78. DeViiaTe


  79. Finley

    THPS5 is awesome

  80. Brayden yatesy

    sounds like garf out of waynes world

  81. Craig Simpson

    I saw these guys in pittsburgh two nights ago, one of the most high energy bands I've ever seen. simply incresible.

  82. Go Jets Go

    THPS5 made this shitty fuckboy band popular that's so embarrassing since it's been out for years and THPS5 just cane out lmaoooo

    Go Jets Go

    +Barry H. Thats why I said it's embarrassing

  83. generalPWNS

    seeing these lyrics makes me realize how dark this song is

    Tactical Beard

    Hey if you don't want like it here it's you go, but hey freedom of speech only America


    I hear ya, but still....

  84. Luke Raynor

    What a bunch of pansy wankers.

  85. Noire

    Sounds very THPS to me, I'm happy

  86. Ryan

    Definately a tony hawks song

  87. DRose 3717

    Yeah I hate our government but anarchy doesn't work any better. Anarchists trust human nature way too much. There's laws and prison for people now and they still commit crimes, crime would go up exponentially without a system in place.

  88. lol_itsgonenow


    R Project

    +lol_itsgonenow Yeah, I'm playing it on PS2

    Andy Itliong

    To bad the game is kinda crappy, don't get me wrong it's fun every now and again but I mean compared to the old games it's really stiff.

    Iron Hawk

    This is one of the best songs in my opinion on soundtrack of thps5


    you're too young to know about those old games homie. this one returned to it's roots, and it's a good thing.

    Iron Hawk

    Im not too young, tony hawk games are my childhood, and still are a good chucnk of it

  89. FunTrails

    My 4th of July music :)


    Me too! First song I needed to hear today :)


    i will post this on 4th of july

    lauren thompson

    how are you dealing with trump?

    Pixelated Something Contraption [DEATH CAT TV]

    every 4th and every thankskilling!

    Kirill Dereza

    My first of June music, haha

  90. MetalHead\m/

    This is the gayest band ever wow

  91. Gouki420

    Thanks for giving a voice to Native Americans and Indigenous people of the world. We get this!!

  92. paincakes189

    fuck anyone who stands with this I am a corpsman for the United States Navy and I hate being called a murderer that is shit. if you do not like this amazing country get the fuck out nobody is holding you here lets see how green it is on the other side. If I deploy I do it because it is instilled in me I should go and if my country asks for my life I shall give it for them and my men under me. I am sad to think I defend freedom and democracy for you ungrateful tree hugging idiots ive tend to notice the people who are anti military don't know what the fuck happens in the world ya some of it can say shame on us but I bet no German is happy with Hitler and no Cuban is happy with Castro so see there is far worse than America I would say we are one of the better nations out there for protecting the people of the world rather than killing them all but in reality we do many great things such as humanitarian efforts and ending terrorist threats so the people over in those countries can live in peace so fuck everyone who does not believe we do anything good or do more bad than good because you are then the blind sheep not me

    Logic Bomb

    @paincakes189 If you are going to speak for Americans, at least learn to speak the english language. You are a corpsman for the navy? I don't think so. You don't even know how to punctuate a sentence. If you are the best we have to offer, it's no wonder this song had to be written.

    Destin reishus

    Exactly instilled you my friend have been indoctrinated


    @Logic Bomb BOOOM.


    @paincakes189 You just got owned son!

    Bob Orton

    +paincakes189 you're retarded.

  93. MetallicBrony

    Fuck America and fuck all the greedy mother materialistic mother fuckers. hey remember why Gorge Washington fought the British? I'm pretty sure it was for freedom and what do you know a few hundred years later all that fucking work was thrown down the drain and instead of being free we are now just slaves to America so what did Gorge and all those other people fight for if this is how it is now?

  94. John Peterson

    Fuck the imperialist ISIS war! No more US interventionism, no more drones raining down death in the name of "peace"! 

    Antonia Hoch

    so you'd rather let the people get killed by isis?


    @Antonia Hoch
    I feel like you would have used this same exact sentence structure talking about Ebola and its massive US impact a few months ago.

    Antonia Hoch

    @Traff Icit i did not comment anything about ebola. And excuse me, i think i don't really unterstand what you wrote. My English isn't very good

  95. Chris Ody

    FUCK YOU AMERICA! you have become a Socialistic country.I Support our Service men and past Service men but everyone in congress and the white house can lick my left nut.Everyone is too scared to stand up AND DO SOMETHING we dont have to riot to make a change.MAJORITY CAN OVERTHROW OUR GOVERMENT TO RESTART.