Anti-Flag - Go West Lyrics

Like a ghost
Emptiness haunted his years
Still his heart was made of nothing less than good
Insecure narration in his head
Something less than schizophrenia
Creeping him with every move that he makes
Breath he takes
A beautiful walk alone
To his empty home
Where he'll lay and he'll sleep by himself

Go west young man
Your future is untold
You can find your dreams on the California coast
Go west young man
Your future isn't too
Far away

She hates me
And I know it because she said so
And I forgot my notebook
And my socialist manifesto
Will it be a tragedy
Or a comedy
The choice is up to you
Life can lead you along on a leash
Or you can break free and run on your own
Don't waste your life
Go and live your life
Like it's the last day here on this earth

Go west young man
Your future is untold
You can find your dreams on the California coast
Go west young man
Your future isn't too
Far away

Don't waste your life
Go live your life
Like it's your last day here on this earth

Go west young man
Your future is untold
You can find your dreams on the California coast
Go west young man
Your future isn't too
Far away

Go west young man
Your future is untold
You can find your dreams on the California coast
Go west!

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Anti-Flag Go West Comments
  1. Ea Jordan

    Intelligence is a thermal adaption, your a mammal, post racial isn't post mammalian... you survived . You'll be a king amongst lazy fools

  2. Curtis Kennedy

    My heart's turned to black then to stone, and all the thc has given me schizophrenia

  3. Spurs Good Advice

    euw>eune LUL, go west

  4. MonkeytheMonk

    what type of harmonica? anyone know?

  5. Ben Pyle

    Justin Sanes voice can never be replaced Chris #2 never, Chris Head never.


    im already out west maybe I should go east

    John Bienasz ii

    Better have thick skin, bitch.


    da fuck?


    Go wester.

    Ice cream Noel

    John Bienasz ii welcome to the east.

  7. TuBaiser1805

    I'd rather torrent and send the actual band their money that they deserve.

  8. FrankTheFarmer

    Bought this album, Go West brought me to Anti-Flag (mistook it for Pet Shop Boys' one) and it deserves to be respected, no matter how experimental or different it seems!

  9. Antoine Gadbois-Nadeau

    I got a job in b.c. for the next 8 months, cheers! :D

  10. Antoine Gadbois-Nadeau

    GO west and flee the god damn winter! Oh hell, here comes the rain now! haha, I need to go back to british columbia

  11. Oscar Ezequiel

    I think they want us to go west

  12. thepowerofweed

    hey if someon knows the harmonica part send me how please

  13. ratelslangen

    Damn, are you a digger? its 8 month old comment. i didnt know the lyrics back then that well.

  14. sbcistheboss

    This song isn't all about California specifically, it's more of a manifest-destiny thing

  15. Memesold

    if you listen, its through the whole song not just the end :D

  16. marianyhc

    cali is AMAZING. go there ir you ever get the chance

  17. ratelslangen

    Damn, i wanted to hear this song, but didnt know the title, i have picked the right one in one hit. :P

  18. Chris Mascorro

    A song thats about a Will Ferrell movie.(stranger than fiction) Never thought id see the day!

  19. Regbane

    Never been to cali but this song makes me want to :(

  20. Savior1ch

    I think this song is best for very very bad days ...

  21. watchthiscityfall

    @Deadelk429 I think you should learn to appreciate other people's creativity instead of being ignorant and destructive. Grow up.

  22. Rob Giancola

  23. dick butts

    @Deadelk429 lol another ignorant teenage punk being ignorant

  24. aphetica

    @Chaos157 google the name of the album, plus the word rapidshare OR mediafire OR megaupload. You might have to click around, but you should be able to find just about anything using that method.

  25. grievous056

    You could probably download individual songs till you came up with the whole album, but torrent is the only way to download a file that big all at once.

  26. Josh Leung

    i wonder what the next album will be like now that bush is gone

  27. ThomString

    so what do you want a badge?

  28. blingdingbling

    damn, your'e right...
    but actually? did anybody want to know?
    because I'm sure the song isn't only refering to the movie, but is meant in many ways, although that most definetely is one of them.

  29. i am an artiste

    There's lots of good rap out there. Hell, anti-flag toured with The Flobots, who are excellent.

  30. EDMARSH100

    i agree i dont like all rap and i really dont like country but theres some good stuff in all genres

  31. Evan Hagan

    Hell yeah, I just finished The Grapes Of Wrath, this song totally holds to the migrating people, and their hope of "finding their dreams on the California coast"

  32. Daniel S. Renegade

    i forget who but go west young man is a famous quote of one of the pioneers and i forget why its important but i know it was.

  33. Daniel S. Renegade

    i couldnt agree with you more! rap is destroying the minds of children with messages of sex hate violence and prostitution!

  34. Evgeni Brosvik

    Are there any live versions of this song??

  35. BrianDBishop

    Why do they have to be labeled, why can't they just be called Anti Flag

  36. Adam Lonsdale

    i love this album acctualy
    but i do miss the old stuff some days
    the album theyre making now will apperently sound a lot like terror state days
    so some hope =D

  37. Anonymous340

    Yeah. It kinda lost it's magic. But I will still stick with AF, I believe it'll return some day.

  38. venushalley

    I am not feeling this music anymore... I used to love AF...

  39. Marc0nly

    i agree :( but i still like them

  40. Frank

    is anti-flag punk or punk-rock?

    Ivania B.

    Frank what does it matter, just enjoy them

  41. Snow_Ultra

    MUCH agreed!!

  42. techmaster2727

    this band is now a disgrace to punk music which sad to see as they were won of my favourite bands, this is just fucking sad

  43. Jakub Petricko

    can anybody send me a link where i can download whole album pls ?

  44. aclockworkorange

    Fucking amazing, one of the best punk bands ever, they don't just fucking scream like most POS bands who prefer noise and apathy over substance and lyricism.

  45. Adam Lonsdale

    I love this album so much!
    Rca didnt Promote it nearly enough
    Glad AF are leaving it

  46. geddylee26

    actually to the guy that said that this is about chris #2's family your wrong this album is about the truth about corporation's duning anything, moral or not) to line there wallets, anti flag has always been about this to a degree, but there last 2 albums have had that front and center, btw if you want to freak out you social studies teacher write stuff like anti-flag writes it's priceless.

  47. AnArkista1920

    q masa! q buena cancion por lo visto la gente de alla no anda bien, fuera de esa discusion, q Buena banda!!!

  48. Jay El

    goddamn it, GO WEST!!

  49. forgottenhero23

    best song on the album. i just love this song... :) slow? no. resonant.

    i don't understand why so many people are against this new sound. i think it's great, personally. musical diversity is NOT a bad thing.

  50. MaDMaX191191

    maybe you souldn't put every new song on Youtube so that you can hear some new songs, but not all ,so more people would buy the album when it comes out. This makes anti flag more popular.

    But thanks I love this Song!

  51. Blackwaters33

    Can you send me or post lyrics please? This seems to be a messageful song.I would really appriciate it :)