Anti-Flag - Bullshit Opportunities Lyrics

Deceitful lie,


Bullshit opportunist,

With a disregard for fall guys.
No collar crime,

Stolen design,

Spineless snitch,

You can’t see beyond your own eyes.
Conceited time,

Hoarding flies,

You’re so vain,

The shit on your nose worn with pride.
Absent mind,

Covert disguise,

Shit shining timeserver,

You’d fuck your own mother just to get a bit ahead of the calm.

This separation,

This disconnect,

This is more than ignorance,
This is more than disrespect.

“If not for me who would it be?”

And still we close our eyes and drown ourselves in apathy.
And still we cover our ears and pray to god to cure disease.

This separation,

This disconnect,

This is more than ignorance,
This is more than disrespect.

“If not for me who would it be?”

Redefining what wealth is,
Redesigning what success is.
Who gives a fuck who you are?

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Anti-Flag Bullshit Opportunities Comments
  1. Snake8418


  2. Mayuyunese

    i never gave punk a chance because of all the people following trends and shit, im going out there and fuck them all in the ass right now.
    oh and the politicians, don't forget the politicians. (i live in italy)

  3. Tim Davis

    In all fairness, Punk is an attitude. Just because you spew off anti government/military speech does not make you punk. anyone can be punk. Punk is when (in the words of anti flag) you define what wealth is, and you define what success is (even if it's only on a personal scale). Now, I agree with your original point, being, Anti Flag is punk as fuck!

  4. AtarashiiSekai22

    Is this song about how our society and capitalism conditions people to be?

  5. Jo Ham

    Punk <3

  6. last chance blueprint

    Sodom Gomorrah Washington DC must remind you of Rise Against SO much more.

  7. BlackMagic8520

    yeah but one is punk and one is pop

  8. Carter Williams

    Both are great.

  9. LifeInInfrared

    This song sounds like a bunch of punk riff cliches coming together in one song. Still good though.

  10. Huck42

    some parts remind me of "capital gains" by wharf rats

  11. Kevin .VA

    This may be one of the stupidest things I've ever done, I knew Anti-Flag still bought the album without knowing a single song on it, I listened to it and well gotta say, taking a risk in your life is awesome, got a good album for my collection :p!

  12. Noah Brierley

    i have to say that I prefer the songs where chris #2 just screams instead of the songs where justin sings

  13. Jesse Hawker

    Good Charlotte: Feel the beat, like you're on the dancefloor! -Dancefloor Anthem
    Anti-Flag: I DON'T WANNA DIE! I DON'T WANNA KILL! -911 For Peace
    Which seems more punk now?

  14. punk100000000

    This reminds me so much of Rise Against, either way this song kicks asses left and right! Awesome!

  15. Quinn Swain-Nisbet

    @phonebox13 it came out in 2012 :s.

  16. Quinn Swain-Nisbet

    @AlmostaFlipinSkater I feel the anger perfectly justified, glad you don't at least claim they sound like Good Charlotte, but yeh this anger is perfectly expected, they finally had enough and let loose, last really angry song heard from them, was NBC (No Bloodthirsty Corporations) and still quote that song still "the choice between shit is still shit."

  17. Quinn Swain-Nisbet

    @BigZeroBandtube Good Charlotte would never dare say half the stuff A-F say, this is back to their roots!

  18. BigZeroBandtube

    yeah, they are "punk" just like good charlotte

  19. phonebox13

    @Paulaugustyn that was the joke boing

  20. phonebox13

    Still listening to this in 2012!

  21. Luluzao

    That's some epic shit we have here. This new album is a proof that this band only evolves and improve.

  22. Jake Dietrich

    @AlmostaFlipinSkater Really? Out of the few songs I've listened to, it sounds a lot like The Bright Lights of America. I thought The People or The Gun was their best work, and wanted something like that. This song reminds me of "Question the Answer" by Strike Anywhere.

  23. last chance blueprint

    I feel like they're trying too hard to sound "angry" on this album.
    The Terror State and Underground Network had the angry punk, but it flowed well.
    I think it'll take some time for this album to grow on me.