Anti-Flag - 911 For Peace Lyrics

It's in the paper every day
I see it in the headlines and I feel so sick, yeah
Another life leaves this world (this world) so full of hate
But short
Short on compassion
Short on humanity
Asking myself in vain, shaken by the shock,
"do we even have a chance?"

I don't wanna die
(I don't wanna kill)
I don't wanna kill
(I don't wanna die)
We are all human.
It's time to prove it.

This is a plea for peace (world peace)
To the oppressors of the world and to
To the leaders of nations, corporate profit takers,
to the everday citizen
Greed, envy, fear, hate-- the competition has to stop.
When you see someone down, now's the time to pick them up
Set our differences aside and never look back, no

I don't wanna die
(I don't wanna kill)
I don't wanna kill
(I don't wanna die)
We are all human
It's time to prove it.

Isn't everybody tired of the fighting? (hey, hey)
Isn't everybody tired of the killing? (hey, hey)
Isn't everybody tired of the dying? (hey, hey)
Isn't everybody tired of the hatred? (hey, hey)
Violence.. fighting... killing...dying.. aaaaaah!!

[excerpt from Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech:]
And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow,
I still have a dream
we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children,
black men and white men
Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join
hands and sing
"Free at last, free at last.
Thank God Almighty, we are free at last."

I don't wanna die
(I don't wanna kill)
I don't wanna kill
(I don't wanna die)
We are all human
It's time to prove it.

We are all human
It's time to prove it.
We are all human...

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Anti-Flag 911 For Peace Comments
  1. frajer313

    Damn , this brings back memories , where has the time gone
    Youth is a gift , man

  2. Bryan Mons

    filthy fuucking communists.

  3. Felipe Balute

    ♥️♥️♥️anti flag

  4. kev P

    This song brings me back to 8th grade. I don't listen to them anymore but this album brings back memories

  5. Reese Gunderson

    Capitalism is the infestation.

  6. Grant Miller

    Mid way thru 2019 still taking me back to 8th grade year.

  7. Renelocao

    Great sound, take me to 2002/4 when music was like this one.

  8. Ryknow C

    Heard this new at age 15. 31 now and still listening. Fucking classic.


    Im 15 now. Unfortunately, not many others are

    Ryknow C

    @TheGreaterG8r keep listening buddy. More great messages from them, old and new. Spread it!

  9. TeppichPilot

    Yeah, nowadays this would be considered a "commie song".... I love it! Peace, equality and true democracy, what other things to stand for?

  10. The Real Char Aznable

    ...its almost prophetic.

  11. Peaceful Warrior

    August 28, 1963
    Martin Luther King Jr.

  12. orestis kaitsas markou

    peace and pot from greece !


    How is your economic situation today?


    @schwedenretter i dont know if thats sarcasm, but ive heard its horrible. I know a kid who moved from there a month ago. He said people smoked sisa (which is like meth apparently) in public. Its shit

  13. Gaspard

    gg good song

  14. Marlene Landin

    puta publicidad esto es punk no pop!!!

    Bastian Palestro

    Y? Aún asi es genial...

    Angel Garciadiego

    👊 tocan bien chingon

  15. Screwlwork

    Loved this in high school.

  16. Hugo Fergunson

    I feel it... You  know... I'm drunk right now, but, world could be diferent, better, don't use contrasceptives

  17. Margot Tenenbaum

    Chris Barker <3

  18. Chew Bacca

    We all as humans need to take a dose of this song...I pray not only Texas, the USSA but the entire world...We're doomed

    Kristin McConnell

    Especially with that Orange Cheetoh in office right now causing a race war that could have been avoided.
    "When you see someone down, now's the time to pick em up, Set our differences aside and never look back, No!"

    kurt mccarthy

    I'm guessing that's why Trump's up for the Nobel Peace Prize right now for mending relationships between North Korea and the rest of the world or because he bombed Syria's chemical plants that were used to launch a chemical attack on innocent men, women and children.


    @Kristin McConnell Orange Man Bad! Shut up you NPC loser. You're a fucking idiot who just cries "boo hoo waycism boo hoo" about everything. You lose every debate to the facts, however. Fucking loser.


    @Kristin McConnell what other colors do cheetohs come in besides orange?

  19. PunkLizard

    This song just makes me want to jump around and ROCK THE H_LL OUT OF MYSELF

    All My Best Friends Wear Turtlenecks

    Did you just censor the word "hell"?


    What a d*mbass.

    All My Best Friends Wear Turtlenecks

    H E double hockey sticks.

  20. LucidDream

    Haven't heard this since like 9th grade.


    8th grade for me. Ironically got this album on my class Washington DC trip haha. I mean, now I'm older and realize that Anti-Flag are the biggest whiny pussies and total fags, but they were pretty cool when I was like 13 years old.

  21. Miss Lynn

    Yes. Just yes.

  22. SONIA


  23. Alberto Scatto

    9/11 = LIE

  24. mcx833

    My fav song..

  25. Janene Zapata

    In order to achieve peace, war is a must :) Always been an Anti-Flag fan. If anyone is to be anti-war, it's the guys who've been there...

    Winter Hisagi

    Janene Zapata I know this is a five year old comment, but it doesn't change the fact. War is not peace no matter how nice the suit and tie the person who said it was wearing at the time. Taking lives to save lives just doesn't make sense. War isn't about peace, it's about human nature. We are greedy, we are selfish, we are vile. We kill over land, religion, resources, etc. Hundreds of thousands of people died in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and instead of saying "hey, maybe we should stop this", we said "hey, let's make these bombs bigger and stronger". Unless we are able to set race, religion, sexual orientation, and all that aside and see that we all bleed red, we're going to continue fucking up our planet until there's nothing left of it. You don't have to go to war to be against it. Anyone can see that thousands to millions of people die from it and say "hey, that's shit".

  26. RedHannya

    Why doesn't music like this get played on the radio more? Ohh wait.....

  27. Nicholas Western

    This song needs to be shared all over the place at the moment!!! Put the word out WE WANT PEACE NOT WAR!

  28. runny hernandez

    came to listen because of friend stayed because of bass XD


    runny hernandez right? It's like refined gutter punk

  29. TheBeautifulSuzuka

    Haven't heard this in a while.

  30. nyros23

    transported back to highschool instantly!

  31. Mensch Maier

    Nova Rock 2013 <3

  32. christopher de leon

    burn up the fucking nation - patay malisya

  33. Onik Torosian

    someone call 9-11

  34. James Naish

    Lulz. Owned.

  35. Alessandro Pesce

    W anarchy, W Punk, and respect for all other countries

  36. PurpleGoomy

    I just thought it was a raggedly printed star, like you know how people use like a faded print look on clothing and things? I feel incredibly silly now! ;P

  37. nick harbor

    haha what did you think it was or did you just never pay attention to it

  38. Jack Bandit

    lol you should feel stupid, but doesn't mean you are.

  39. PurpleGoomy

    ;l Just noticed the anti flag star was made up of snapped guns. I feel SO stupid. ;l

  40. Antoine Gadbois-Nadeau

    We are all human
    It's time to prove it

  41. gabriel luciano

    sum 41? sauhuashasuhasuash

  42. flabbyballsack

    Ya, punch me in the face. You dirty little cowgirl.

  43. flabbyballsack

    @Abercrombieand1Bitch Cool story bruh, wanna kiss on the lips?

  44. Sean Denizen

    @punkCDsampler Lol I was just kidding. I believe you

  45. punkCDsampler

    @Abercrombieand1Bitch Sure. Message me your email and I'll send it to you.

  46. flabbyballsack

    I love when people say Anti Flag "sold out" just because they got a little popular. They never changed their sound all that much, hate to tell ya but these guys were pop punk from the start. They just did pop punk right. Same with NOFX and 90% of the other groups on Fat.

    Devin MC

    flabbyballsack nofx weren’t pop punk at all

  47. Screaminglemon631

    My English teacher played this for us. I almost screamed when she told us she was going to play a song by Anti-Flag. She's an awesome old gal.

  48. Becky M

    Refreshing.. I like this band..

  49. Lucas Ryan

    im gettin an Anti-Flag star tattoo

  50. Faran Sixsixsix

    5/5, friend.