Anthony, Marc - That's Okay Lyrics

I remember how it used to be
When you said you were in love with me
Now I'm all alone
Sitting by the phone
There's that memory
Hangin' over me
Oh, you were something
And now we're nothing


I still can't believe
You're leaving me
In the middle of what used to be
Our thing
That's okay
And I still don't see
A reason for you killing me
The way you did
That day
That's okay
I can't shake all that you promised me
Can't believe I let it conquer me
Now you're on your way
To that better day
And I'm here at home
Sitting all alone
Oh, you were something
And, that's why we're nothing

[Repeat Chorus]

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Anthony, Marc That's Okay Comments
  1. Cherese Collins

    November 2019......loved it back in the day, love it now! This album was my jam!

  2. Jess Jhons

    Pure adrenaline

  3. Yessica Melissa Rivera Araujo

    esta es la mejor cancion de Marc, saludos desde Cali Colombia

  4. leydicita Gonzalez

    Si te quieres ir esta bn esta bn,,,

  5. Josepajares75 Marti

    septiembre 2019 but thats ok

  6. Patricia Marzano

    Para lucirse salseando que yo a mis 53 años y con casi 30 kilos de más todavía puedo hacerlo

  7. Mónica Balanta

    Me encanta

  8. Vera Samantha

    Love this song! Heard this for the first time here in Miami!❤😍

  9. Eric Austin

    Don't know how anyone counted this. Amazing piano work, killer percussion,
    just love it!

  10. Miluska Morales

    No importa cuantas veces la vida me golpeo esta cancion es un regalo de Dios

  11. Wilson Eusebio777

    Great song, like this! GOD Bless )

  12. Daniel Perez

    Is there a Spanish version to this song?

  13. Michelle Alvarez

    July 11/2019 🎶🎶🎶🎶

  14. bebe little

    J LO really messed up leaving this man

  15. loveinspired7

    I absolutely love his man's voice! ❤

  16. Knight of the King

    Is there a Spanish version of this song?

  17. Miluska Morales

    alegra tu soul 100 God

  18. Jennifer Alayo

    Marc I love you ❤❤❤💜💜💜💚💚💚💛💛💛💕💕💕

  19. juny1968

    I’m actually listening now May/2019

  20. Yully Hurtado

    Que discazo

  21. Hessy Bazan

    Con el piano endemoniao 🔥🔥🔥

  22. jesika Jesika Gamboa

    El mejor siempre 👌2019

  23. AxlAlv

    Sabor & estilo ... geniallllll

  24. ubersarge7

    Still listening to this in 2019 this song is awesome

  25. spaceytraci17

    I really could listen to just the chorus of this song on a loop for a good hour



  27. Belinda Mak

    Iots of love from South Africa

  28. Loohna

    That's okay!

  29. Victor Delgado

    Makes me want to dance!! Love that song!

  30. Butterfly Kisses


  31. Bob Obi One

    That's Okay Baby.

  32. Jueztiyn Santowgis - Dewares

    Marc Anthony: IndiraahMelancia: Indraah Givenchy: VishnuFrancia: Vishnu's Wife

  33. Jueztiyn Santowgis - Dewares

  34. Jueztiyn Santowgis - Dewares

    A touch of Francia in the North End Brother to Sister is at its Best! Yahua!

  35. Teresanna Vespa

    Favolosooo bellissimo Marc 💗💗😘😍

  36. Baron Von Lichtenstein

    Amazing song. DId he write the horn arrangements?

  37. Maria Fernanda G.

    Papasito divino. Me encanta este flaco.

  38. Lourdes Velez

    Always loved this one!!

  39. kerpital


  40. Abigail Pink

    still listening in 2018.

  41. Luis Fernandez

    la voz sin lugar a dudas gracias Marc



  43. Lean Schiron

    That's Okay!!🎵🎶🎹🎼

  44. CARMEN

    Amo esta canción 😍😍

  45. The Lighter

    I forgot marc anthony had the r&b skills back in the day

  46. jovelh23

    Amo este tema!

  47. Vladimir Rodriguez

    El mostro

  48. Eddie Soto

    Still listen to this jam. BOMBA my friends. The only cat who has made a puerto rican salsa ,slowjam,Bomba .He killed this.

  49. Cristhian Everly Toro Santos

    Que buena salsa y que buen estilo el de Marc Anthony. Que buena época me trae a la mente.

  50. ed g.p

    flacoooo u the best.

  51. Josué Liévano

    This song kicks butt!

  52. Jurani Cerezo

    me encanta ese tema

    Tatiana Angulo

    Jurani Cerezo que

  53. Julio Ortega

    jjjjj he's good singer shit don't cry just listen to him and why not just fuking laugh

  54. covecandraw

    que swing!


    Love me some Marc Anthony!  
    My favorite jam on the  'Marc Anthony' 2002 CD.... That's OK!!!!!

    Adolfo Padron

    this song is from 1999

    india ramirez

    My favorite song of him

  56. Miguel mina