Anthony, Marc - Love Won't Get Any Better Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Look what you do to me
Oh girl, I must admit that this is new to me.
And I never thought that love could vome so easily.
'Til you opened up my eyes to how it's supposed to be.

I'd never known love to be so pure and gentle.
In all I've seen love was quite this simple.
It was for me so lonely and so temperamental.

Holding you is the safest place no doubt about it
Kissing you makes me wonder how I lived without it
Wanting you is as natural as natural can be
Love won't get any better

[Verse 2:]
Fianlly I hold my head up high 'cause you belong to me
And I'm catching myself smiling over everything
You should know that I am proud to have you next to me.

I'd never known love to be so pure and gentle
In all I've seen love was never quite this simple
It was for me lonley and so temperamental

[Repeat Chorus]

Girl I'm in love with you
I live to kiss and touch you
I always knew
You'd be the one to run to
I'd say I do
And girl you know I'd mean it
'Cause having you, living you, trusting you,
Is all I wanna do

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Anthony, Marc Love Won't Get Any Better Comments
  1. Antonio Aljama

    Muy bonita

  2. Supriya Halder


  3. john posso

    love marck antony =)


    Best song best album miss FREESTYLE & LATIN HIP HOP Remix like 80 90 ;-)

  5. Steven Leon

    Helios musical exceelente

  6. Darlene Carol Sima

    No one underestimate this man, or singing ability. Cherished.

  7. evelyn roman

    Hes awesome

  8. Maria Mattos

    Marc Anthony you sing so good

  9. Oliver Hernandez

    This album from him not that good

  10. Yarinis Fernandez

    Love wont't get any better. 👍👏👊🙋‍♂️🇨🇺🇵🇷🇺🇸🎸🎤🔊🎼🎶🎵🎧🎻🎹

  11. Faze Fluffy

    Was this album in 2002?

    Valarie Vals

    Kareem The Savage yeeep