Anthony, Marc - How Could I Lyrics

It was a coldest day in December
A day I always will remember
I looked into your eyes
And faced my deepest fear
I had drifted too far
Far from you my dear


So how could I
Turn away from the one I love
How could I
When I know what my heart's made of
Could it be
That your soul lives inside of me
How could I ever say good-bye
Why was I so afraid to tell her
That for her I would fight a thousand soldiers
But just like an angry child
I kept my feelings locked inside
There were rivers of tears
Flowing from her eyes

[Repeat Chorus:]

When you fall in love
You never know how long it lasts
But the one thing I knew in my heart
Is that I was fading much too fast

[Repeat Chorus]

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Anthony, Marc How Could I Comments
  1. T C

    truly repulsive images to a beautiful song. Marc Anthony should want this taken down.

  2. T C

    horrible video

  3. Angela Bodie

    Love this man and music



    LE 3O NOVEMBRE 2019

  5. Cynthia Johnson

    Simply beautiful

  6. Marinalva Vieira Depolli


  7. nadejda alizarova

    Da klassno!!!

  8. priyanthi manneldabare

    I love video 😍💕 thank you so much mac

  9. priyanthi manneldabare

    I love video 😍 💕😍💕 thank mac

  10. priyanthi manneldabare

    I love video of liysic Thank mac

  11. orlando torres

    This song make me cry 😭 always in my mind Marisol its the only thing that make me keep go

    Danny Rosabal

    Corona and Cigs might help but i offer Christ at most.. i know what you feel took me 9 year's to get over this girl Natalie

    orlando torres

    @Danny Rosabal 💔😭Music is what keeps me movie

    Danny Rosabal

    @orlando torres I think you mean moving not movie

  12. Quyen Banh8uup

    Love ....

  13. Gwendolyn Hall

    This song go out too my baby el debarge

  14. Gz Bs

    Hello mec sya suka muzik kamu

  15. Sukhvir Singh

    his voice like a fresh air in morning

  16. Ibrahim Taufiq

    Listening again in 2019

  17. Gwendolyn Hall

    I love all Marc Anthony song

  18. Gwendolyn Hall

    Marc Anthony have wonder voice I just love his music

  19. Beautiful gachaᅥ쟈듀제

    Any 2019 here?

  20. Ксения Ксения

    My favourite song during many many years! Masterpiece! The most underrated singer...

  21. tamara ponomarenko

    Какая замечательная музыка

  22. Goran Najdeski

    The Perfection!

  23. Anggi Fatim

    ,kepw0 ooqp

    wldplsl.,,loal92p19owpepepppppp3pp3p2 ppqpspsoelleleplepelepleoeelpelpeleeplpelpelelelrlrlpelepeplpeelpeleol2p2op2oo2ok2oo3opl3p3lep3l3pl3eplepeo32po33poo3p3p3p3p3p22op2oeoeo33orok3oo3o3ooo3oooeoooeoooeooelpeop200908766543221

  24. Janet Lee

    It's true the words when you fall in love you never know how long it last, it's always one person gets hurt, so sad when a person is loyal

  25. Novatus G. Ndeng'aso

    my favorite

  26. donna br0wn

    There he goes again with a great Love story💕🌹to share with us.You are a wonderful romantic singer.🌹My heart melts with your words.♥️♥️🦋🦋

  27. iswaraku greenwara

    I'm from muar 🇲🇾. Malaysia. How could I.. 😍 So much this song. Now at July 2017 this song I dedicated to dear love from melaka😍😍

  28. Joy Tackett

    Beautiful beautiful song thanks😍

  29. Mena Riffay

    💔💕💐روووووعة رغم الالم

  30. planet 9


  31. learn from birth to death Ceferova

    My number 1💕💕💕💕

  32. allaboutdestinyy

    Love this song! Beautiful! It's not easy! So true!

  33. Lorena ll.

    Marc Anthony makes the most poetic music!! Straight to the heart!!!!🤗🌷🌺💗💋💗🐺😘😍😔💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧😔

  34. Jennifer Alayo

    Marc I send it to you with a lot of hearts ❤❤❤💜💜💜💚💚💚💛💛💛

  35. Bridget lee

    Just hold me in your loving arms.💘

  36. Tante Lilis

    May 16th, 2019 #Ray

  37. Joan A

    This song really touches the heart.... within seconds my eyes fill with tears... Marc Anthony is amazing.

  38. bianca Hulleman

    My baby i miss you

  39. John Dawd

    I don't like romantic songs much but man you sing them from your heart and they're nice to listen to.

  40. Thumeka Tshanyela

    This song, the Spanish guitar - I'm ready to fall in love

  41. Ramzi Makarem

    How could I ❤️

  42. Laverne Lake

    Bonita!! Bonito!! 🤔

  43. Rosa Colon


  44. Supriya Halder

    Superb song

  45. Bernarda Balic

    How could i turn away from the one i love❤
    How could i ever say goodbye💗
    Marc ur song are beauty😍

  46. Laura Rios

    I love you Marc , what amazing voice . God bless this gift and you as well .🌺🌹

  47. Princess Ameera

    One of my favorite singer ....J 'aime

  48. gelos monteval

    HOW COULD???????????

  49. Vicky Decus

    Oh my God i love this song so much

  50. Rican Marrero

    When ur drunk and on drugs u be surprised how u could

  51. elizabeth chico

    Love this song

  52. Di Bn

    Enchanting voice of Mark & touching lyrics .....great!

  53. Su Phakhen


  54. Andreia Moreira

    Sangue transmontano. Ele comeu as alheiras.

  55. Malika Halbayewa

    This song very beautiful amazing

  56. Ena Flores Araneda

    Muy buena musica

  57. sashi prasad

    1998 to 2018 still one of my best song that fill me something

  58. Joanne Williams

    I am always gentle but will be anything you ask of me. My love goes very deep and will submit, always for you @ All you have to do is ask, it can happen. WE were ripped apart but, not by each others will !

  59. L H

    This is so beautiful. His voice is very soothing and convincing. You can feel his emotions in this song. Very romantic. Even his songs in Spanish are just as beautiful.

  60. la Reina de corazones Prado

    🔴🔴🔴🔳🔳🔳🐈mi amor🔴🔴🔴🔳🔳🔳🔥I Love💗💗💗💗💗💗💗te amo? Mi amor💘💗💗💗roma mi💗💗💗oma et💗💗💗💗😽💗💗💗💗💗💗

  61. Sweet Rich

    very very nice it..

  62. Patricia Gallo


  63. neela Mathura

    All Marc Anthony songs is amazing 💞❤️💕💓

  64. Divine Nails


  65. Elizabeth Correa

    I love you marc anthony

  66. GoldStarRide dotORG

    love it. goldstarride dot org

  67. Edwin Diaz

    Marc your music brings back so many great memories...

  68. nahTiss

    Guitar tabs anyone ?

  69. Nikhil Kataria

    Heart touching love song

  70. Nikhil Kataria

    Sir i am fan of your's what song you sing

  71. Anita Dalen

    MarcAnthony thank you for all you're wonderful songs they wrealy tutches my heart ❤

  72. Alejandra Von Eylenstein

    eres lo mejor marc anthony un grande 😍

  73. Chris Mineo


  74. ruseli mieza

    for something it will be that the word will not be empty but it will be like the prophecies that like to take an egg because it will be with everything and children no matter what the total member stops who calms it true sinverguenzas

  75. George Michael learns to rock

    Really amazing

  76. Shereen Shereen


  77. boima clarke

    love is something when you touch someone and they feel your soul is for life with that person.

  78. Choupette Saintil

    I missed someone that I’m still in love with back in 2002 and He will always be in my heart ❤️ true love never dies 😢😭

  79. margaret cimineri


  80. Faith Tebatso Moichela

    Marc Anthony is sensational and passionate
    its like he has lived through all sorts of hapiness and pain there is. Thank you for such soulful vocals.

  81. Lemonade _98

    The music somehow reminds me of Killing Me Softly 🎶

  82. Byyassar

    Greetings from Byyassar Music.. I like it.. Very beautiful!..

  83. Rosa Colon

    That VOICE!!!💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  84. Rosa Colon

    IT was the coldest day in DECEMBER!!!

  85. mbuyiseli petse

    That kinda music for some loooooong ass road trip Mark

  86. Hen Nie

    This song make me sad

  87. edward viloria

    Wao ! beatutifull song! when i listen it my heart cry! i love it!

  88. Serwah Prempeh

    very deep

  89. Claudia Delafuente

    this song is beautiful but no matter what there's always a good-bye, no matter how much you want to think and hope this is the one it never seems to be love

  90. Stipe hbk

    Came here only because of Toše Proeski singing it :'(.

  91. Beryl Brown

    to me you are the best god now I will just listen

  92. mike ortega


  93. maggiesunshine007z

    Sooooo good! So true....

  94. Hien Le

    Now,im crying 13/02/2018.22:22pm.

  95. Summer Smith hollon

    I miss my baby more than anything in the world