Anthony, Marc - Don't Let Me Leave Lyrics

How can this be
though all these years
I have been true to thee
You had the nerve to say
you're done with me
and that I should leave
girl, you're killing me

Take another day
before you go
and throw it all away
and if you do
I know we'll find a way
just believe in me
'cause I'm here to stay


Don't let me leave here, girl
'cause if I do I promise
I will look the other way
girl, I know you need me by your side
You don't see it, but I know it
This is why
don't let me leave here, girl
just let me tell you why
you're all I ever needed
and everything worth fighting for
before you go
and throw it all away
girl, I just know that we can find a way
please believe in me
'cause I'm here to stay

[Repeat Chorus]

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Anthony, Marc Don't Let Me Leave Comments
  1. Mohammed Ahmad

    My old golden days are gone . Such a great memories for me beyond this song.

  2. Carol Ward

    Absolutely love this song,....the lyrics are beautiful. Who else is listening in 2020?

  3. Raquel Velez

    Number ☝️🇵🇷

  4. Supriya Halder

    What a song just marvelous

  5. Lisa Morales

    I Absolutely ❤ Him

  6. Lisa Morales

    I Absolutely ❤ Him

  7. James Chavez

    Powerful and TRUE!! 👍👍💯

  8. Lopsided E

    After 20 years of marriage, 3 beautiful girls she calls me and says she wants a divorce. I’ve been crying for 3 weeks. I’m devastated. For better or worse, and she quit on us. She already went to her lawyer and started the paperwork, meanwhile I’m sitting at home wondering what the fuck just happened to my life. Don’t leave me Cynthia, because I love you with all my heart. I can’t live without you. Someone wake me up from this nightmare 😓😓😓

    fernanando manjula

    Really so Sad ;Deepest Sorry About It

    amanda kallan

    tell her that!

    Lisa Morales

    I Hope Everything Is Looking Up For You Now..

  9. Luis Aviles

    The you P.R.

  10. 2Tall71

    Who broke his heart 😠😠😠

    Carol Ward

    @giovanna G impossible. This song came out in 1999 he didn't marry jlo until 2004-2014

  11. Jennifer Alayo

    Marc Marc ❤❤❤💜💜💜💚💚💚💛💛💛💕💕💕

  12. terry tyler

    71 gave up

  13. Shirley Thomas

    He sings it like he means it so he sings it well AND the band supports well!!

  14. Kueen 7

    Sing Marc Anthony... This is one of the coldest tunes.....

  15. Dolores Rodriguez

    sometimes we just have to let go

  16. Lissy Sanchez


  17. Rachel Feliciano