Anthony Hamilton - Clearly Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You've got me caught up in a daze
And I, cant seem to understand
What I've been thinking
And although your coming clearly now
It's hard for me to turn around and keep from blinking
All that I can do is be their
And heaven knows that I swear u do something to me
That I'll never ever tell a lie
I'll always be their by your side
Your so soothing

It's clearly understandable
That I'm not some type of animal
I'm just in love with u
And heaven knows Im glad I found ya
Loving and u came around to do the things that u do

[Verse 2]
U dont even hardly speak to me
Tell me what could it be
To let you walk away so freely
But u still call from time to time
Tell me why u play with me mind
I know u wanna be here with me
All that I can do is be their
And heaven knows that I swear u do something to me
That I'll never ever tell a lie
I'll always be their by your side your so soothing


I just dont know what I've been doing wrong
In your life baby
Baby if u give me one my time
I will never ever leave yours side


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Anthony Hamilton Clearly Comments
  1. B B

    In the business of social media talent "real" talent isn't appreciated. It scares them. But there are still those of who grew up on the "real thang" We appreciate you.

  2. Trevor Transou

    I do listen to this all day I came across this the other day and yassss I like 🙂

  3. lael xo

    grew listening to him. brings back memories.

  4. Amy Mielcarek

    Sad. This was our song we broke up etc.

  5. Tasha Morehead

    I use to play this over and over till Antony himself told me to stfu

  6. Wavy Max

    Love this beat! Need the instrumental

  7. Felicia Miller

    One of my faves and one of the best. Years later and it still has the same feeling to it. Can't get enough...2019. Come on now. "CLEARLY" the boy is bad.....

  8. Cognac Young

    Bity remember.

  9. Cognac Young

    Thurman from Jungles was one of the few that came back for me. Real nigga. Swinger.

  10. Monique Crawley

    Nice ballrooming cut too :)

  11. Monique Crawley

    Just found this song on Pandora,where have i been lol. I love it

  12. phillip shawn makofane

    i just dont know what ive been doing wrong in my liofe to miss such a treack up untill today.

  13. ReeceThorntonCP

    Perfectly created song

  14. jacqueline prince


  15. Larry Dallas

    LORD HAVE MERCY!!!🔥🔥🔥😊👍👏👏👏

  16. Darren Harper

    One of his better songs Dont give a fuck if im late Buddy killed it!!

    Larry Dallas

    Shoo in th eff did!!😊🔥🔥😰👍

  17. Maria Alexandre

    Loooove this song

  18. Puff N Stuff

    Still bangin this real shit 2019

  19. Sunset Vest

    Songs reminds me of that special someone

    Larry Dallas

    Well said!!😊

  20. bdfiimn88

    This is the cut, but sounds like What Profit by Dwele.

  21. drea Roses

    *Long live Anthony do something to my soul...:-)*

    Andrea Caldwell

    "Well, well said"!!!👊
    I feel the same!!! The depth of his voice really transcends you, takes your worries away, and appreciate the beauty of the moment, with his "magical voice"!!!🙏❤
    Bless this voice forever!!!🎙🎵🎹🎵🎷🎸🎹🎙

  22. drea Roses

    this song makes me cry it's SO beautiful

  23. Sanita Rushin

    I love all music it inspired my inspiration lifting me up out the day.

  24. Nico Ivey

    I love you to...blessed

  25. Kirsty Lee

    If you ain't moving and grooving to this you have no soul

    Larry Dallas

    My soul is intact!!!😀🔥🔥🔥




  26. Rita Toney

    2018 and we're knodding the head to this jam!

  27. Fitz Guttenberger

    I Love this Song!!!!

  28. Freddie Rodriguez

    These youngsters don't know nothing about this here.

  29. Ronald Coleman

    My shid!!Bro is cold!!

  30. Mike Sumlin

    This Is My Shi*.....

  31. Gyford Jonathan

    easily one of the greatest Grammy award winning albums this century so far.

  32. Gyford Jonathan

    this song makes me want to go to specsavers

  33. Henry Luis


  34. darlene Alexander

    Man Anthony, This shit be banging!!!! 💘 this song!

  35. earthbound

    34 people are deaf.

  36. The Many Kickz God

    How can 32 people dislike this song?!?!

  37. Tyrone Harrison

    Run cross ths cut few week's ago smooth jam one n air with a lil taste n Ms Sweet Thing .😎😎😎

  38. donnie mathis

    Me and this song go whey

  39. Faith Farley

    Tell me why u want a play w my mind!

  40. Be Joyful

    Still bomb in 2017..

  41. Sheila Tripp

    I this song it's great one my favorite u go boyfriend.

  42. itsurgirl2

    One of my favorite songs.

  43. Be Joyful

    still love this in 2017 ❤

  44. Angel Stephens

    Real Old Skool Love 💗

  45. Pretty Simmons

    always listened to this song growing up it's underrated

  46. Minister Jazzie

    👉💑👈 Forever and after that...

  47. Angel Stephens

    One of my favorite's. I see a slowdance

  48. Beautiful Light

    Lovely vibes!

  49. FUNNY Boy

    i love this cant stop listen to it

  50. Very Cherry

    This song is great

  51. Kimberly George

    love it. so smooth.

  52. Yolanda Bert

    Real music

  53. Marilyn Colon

    Soothing...this song just makes me go ahhhhhh!

  54. Aaron Brookins

    listening @ its finest rite here

  55. Peggy Harper

    I love this...I could listen to it over and over...

  56. emanuel deadwyler

    This Brother is one of the true Artists within this industry. The song is a testimony to that.

  57. Brendies Pasley

    Love this song ❤️❤️

  58. Farrah Mallory

    still thumpin in 2016 baby!! 💖💖💖


    Try 2019 lol

  59. Desmond Ferrell

    What in the hell is wrong with 9 people? Clearly they don't understand....

    Robert Stroud

    Desmond Ferrell

    Lorenzo Twinn

    Looks like 52 people now

    drea Roses

    Lorenzo Twinn  Now 53..they can't hear lol

    JJ Cardinal

    That's just your common YT racist troll, pay no mind and just let smooth track sink in. I'm vibin'

    Jerred Larmore

    ...and clearly, they're some type of an-i-maal, and not in loooove with anybody, lol!!!

  60. Gin Matthews

    Anthony and My song 💯❤

  61. Samuel Coleman

    Baby if you gimme one more tryiiiy i will neva eva leave your side oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.

    Kerissa Brown

    Samuel Coleman... wow! That's real sweet of you Sam😊

  62. Jennifer Wright

    I'm so in love with this song

  63. Sparkmilly Abdul

    dis my joint 🔥🔥🔥

  64. Tyleta Jones

    Love this

  65. William Ross

    wow this song is the bomb

  66. DaTiger1223

    Music like it should be......probably one of the most underrated singers ever!!!

    Mike Sumlin

    DaTiger1223 I Totally Agree

    Robert Stroud


    Zy t

    Underrated is a understatement hes just Not known for his Greatness by Every 1

  67. remz one

    beautiful jam.

  68. T-Mak813

    Real smooth track right here.

  69. Charlene Woodley

    On repeat forever <3 <3

  70. Chocolate Chips

    One of the greatest love songs ever written......

  71. Marnisha Hayes

    I love this man

  72. Bailhache Clément

    tu es surement un mec qui PEEEESE dans le game je t'apprécie j'aimerais faire un stage avec toi salut lol xD

  73. go getter

    This song is from the sad how underrated and under appreciated he is.

    Monique Crawley

    I agree

  74. Kristin Becerra

    Wow I haven't heard this song since junior high school and I'm 23 now smh thanks to pandora when I heard this song come on I stop what I was doing and listen to the song while I was just reminiscing about what I remeber when I listen to this song back n 05



  76. Cree Me

    It's a shame that I'm JUST discovering this song.. Pandora is great for showcasing gems such as this song! This song is EVERYTHING!!!!

    Peggy Harper

    I heard that!!  It was already old the first time I heard it and it's still slammin'///

    Aaron Brookins

    to bad this is a Classic like 11yrs old but better late than never this kind of R&B can never get old...

    Alfreda Simmons

    Cree Me...I can't see how I missed it, either! Definitely a cool out jamm!

    drea Roses

    me too--Pandora is the bomb

    Monique Crawley

    Me too lol. And i love it.

  77. Queen 0642

    I ABSOLUTELY love this song!!!

  78. Jessica Mack

    Man I love this song

  79. Nicole Jett

    Love this cut it's my jam

  80. Kay D

    Best song ever made in years!!!

  81. Reginald Clay

    I love all of his music. We have lost so many R&B singers before their time. I pray this one last many many years to come. This is real music.

  82. Alexandria Thompson

    This is my make a high dollar sale and celebrate song! Love it

  83. WiLLi4M

    ...ur welcome, 'Deb'...

  84. itsurgirl2

    Real Music

  85. Boss Bright

    fonky shit

  86. tau520

    @RnBNationZ I just did.

  87. Tanya Britton

    My boy. I love his music.