Anthony Green - Wish You Were Here Lyrics

So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,
blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?
And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?
How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have you found? The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

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Anthony Green Wish You Were Here Comments
  1. sean cairns

    Good rendition

  2. Desmora Aromsed

    love those glasses

  3. Unkindled One

    Wish you were here, Pa.

  4. Ben Brenizer


  5. Juan Covarrubias

    I'm glad I found this. Circa Survive ❤️

  6. Thyago HMTR


  7. Dragon Warrior

    shed a tear everytime

  8. Roberto Barron

    I didn't know that Tony hawk used to play lead Guitar with circa jajaja

    Alvaro Andres

    Roberto Barron lol thats my friend brendan!

    Colin Quintin

    @Alvaro Andres if he saw this would he say oh look that's my friend Alvaro clarifying I'm not Tony hawk??? If not friend may be a strong word.

  9. BrianJohn4

    with you were here C.B.

  10. derekisazombie39

    This needs a new comment. Love it.

  11. Anna Clara Manini

    I love Anthony's voice so much !!!! 3

  12. Bob Wila

    i swear that's tony hawk playing the guitar!!! 


    Dude I said the same exact thing!!!

  13. re05do

    no lloraré, no lloraré


  14. alotlikenerds

    Beautiful as fuck!

  15. Marian Castro

    I love this song. Even better with circa survive :)

  16. saztradamus

    colin's face when he messed up … haha awwh :/

  17. Suck It Hard and Fast

    I wish you were here, Erin.

  18. Shaetan Darko

    B e a u t i f u l ! :)

  19. NonnieCalo

    bearvsshark makes this video

  20. Iván G. C. D.

    One of the best songs sung by one of the best singers...

  21. Diego Palomino Aliaga

    lol, roger doesn't even sing on this song

  22. Tabitha Budd

    Well all you guys can hate but you're all forgetting the fact that Rodger waters sucks at singing to lol. But we all love pink floyd. So how can you criticize Anthony for doing a better job.

  23. Vic Val

    And you sounds like a frustrated human being :-)

  24. maria natasya

    Pink Floyd never get old!

  25. maria natasya

    Circa with Floyd song---fuckinggggg awesome

  26. MissionImpossible179

    Uhm.. Cuz we really like it...

  27. KID A

    God he sounded like a 2 years old retarded

    Marco Tejada

    KID A KIS A good one.... I guess.

  28. JUSTINsingyousuckbro

    Lol, Metallica doesn't suck. Chill out on that man.

  29. silverwolf122

    chill, bro

  30. kai valambia

    i love this .

  31. crown951

    Tony Hawk and Kelly Slater*

  32. Mattie Aldaya

    Hahahaha, Tony Hawks on guitar

  33. Rosji508

    Haha, that's actually really funny xD

  34. Rosji508

    The Unforgiven*

  35. Joshua Murillo

    cuz we really like it.

  36. Slater McRae

    Pink Floyd would admire this cover

  37. Drinnn Z

    stfu... anthonys singing.

  38. Mr. Mister

    I love the Bear Vs Shark shirt. Those guys grew up right next to me.

  39. Largactyl Kid

    One day you'll be an old fuck.Bye keyboard warrior...

  40. TheMagnumpete

    I'll stick to trolling old fucks like you on YouTube. Thanks for the suggestion!

  41. Largactyl Kid

    Go do your homework...KID!

  42. TheMagnumpete

    No doubt you're a grumpy ass old man who needs a fucking nap.

  43. Th3Unf0rg1v3n95


  44. Largactyl Kid

    No doubt you're probably some angst ridden angry teenager, who thinks they know it all?

  45. TheMagnumpete

    Who the fuck cares? It's one of this generations greatest bands playing Pink Floyd and doing a decent job at it. Just because a person has different vocal ranges doesn't mean the music is different.

  46. Christian Rodriguez

    He's definitely not our Kurt Cobain, not yet at least

  47. Sean Steger

    circa survive is good dude its not some gay boy band or somthing this guy has pure talent anthony green will be a legend

  48. Largactyl Kid

    1st time I heard Circa I thought singer was a girl or a teen whos balls hadnt drpped! Now Im just plain confused? *scratching head*

  49. Cee Ruckus

    Well of course but Circa Survive hasn't been around long enough for people to judge if they're legendary yet!

    Michael Tucker

    they are.

  50. mitchpaid

    A good cover of floyd is rare but I found one ;)

  51. iAreNugget

    THIS IS AMAZING. 10/10 would listen again!!

  52. Incazteco

    @RitchieBlackmore124 wrong try again

  53. Vincent H.

    @RitchieBlackmore124 - yeah they were badass...about 15 years ago, brah.

  54. brog

    The accompaniment is perfect, but Anthony Green is not the right singer for a song like Wish You Were Here.

  55. Cromley Mcmastas

    I think u meant thank you Anthony green

  56. lilgoten808

    Anthony green. No thank you.

  57. Auri Negrette Escobar

    we are circa survive and we smoke a lot of weed and i cant hide it

  58. Dillon Compton

    @Th3Unf0rg1v3n95 ?

  59. TheBrightside87

    i cant decide what i like better: anthony green's high range or mid range voice. bottom line: both are epic sounding

  60. dilbaba1

    @KoolSpeed Sorry man, not calling you stupid or anything... don't get me wrong, Circa Survive is probably my all time favorite band, but Pink Floyd is a legend man...

  61. brMPD

    Jack Black?

  62. Henrique Laterza

    Is because of videos like this that I still believe that YouTube is worth it.

  63. Travis White

    @KoolSpeed bold statement

  64. Evelin Morales

    @Zanazuah whats it to you.. mind your own buisness dude and focus on yourself dumbasss not someone you have no idea is.. this isnt english class bitch.

  65. jbkamus

    circa survive is the modern day Pink Floyd???? WTF??? r u talking about

  66. Evelin Morales

    how i wishh,
    how i wishh you were here.
    we're just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl
    year after yearr. runningg over the samee old ground.
    what have we found?'
    the same old fearss
    wishh you were here.

  67. jigyoda

    haters gonna hate, this is one of the best covers of this legendary song, it's why they put it on their deluxe album, cause it's far from shitty...

  68. aerickaos

    Ha, its a cover! If u don't like circa why would you like THIS COVER?

  69. footstomper1

    very poor

  70. Ondrej Kana

    song ... no comment, is realy great, but this singing an performance - it's like I in the shower :-D No no, all bad!

  71. Henrique Laterza

    how can someone dislike it?

  72. BexRanner

    Fucking awesome.

  73. mikkodude

    2:30 Colin's face when he fucks up ! :D

    Overall, a nice cover... needs some work, but it's nice!

  74. Luke Gessner

    @AgentMAS i didn't say it was

  75. jigyoda

    @tyleracampora it is great

  76. tom loughery

    @metOLIca well your a metallica fan so your musical taste is obviously pretty bad to begin with

  77. alex


  78. Martin Fabian

    amazing musicians.

  79. tyleracampora

    I really wish he would have sung this in key, because he can, and it would have made it great. Kinda disappointed with the vocals

    Marco Tejada

    tyleracampora he has a higher pitched voice than Dave.

  80. AtomicFaxMachine

    Anthony Green was a hipster before it was cool.

  81. LegoManiac87

    ilove it when he sings normal, he has such a unique and beautiful voice. when he strains his voice on other songs tho, it kinda detracts from how good of a vocalist he really is

  82. xSomeoneSpecialx

    Mistakes are proof that a musician is real... proof that they don't need to hide behind a wall of studio makeup... this is absolutely why I love Circa... they may not be what some consider "the best"as I do... but they can't be denied the award of the most honest band in the industry.

  83. Daniela Capurro

    I love the way he laughs as the song starts.

  84. Luke Gessner

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Circa Survive, but this cover was definitely not better than the original.I like this cover a lot though.

  85. Ceeef5

    @rudesskeys i agreed with you until you said they could do circas songs better.

  86. Th3Unf0rg1v3n95

    i didnt know tony hawk played guitar?

  87. Justin Cindy

    The cotton is falling this time of year
    ps fuck gucci and his gold teef

  88. mikkodude

    @BretCoalition Couldn't agree more. I mean these songs are really complicated to play! The instruments all sound excellent with cool solos and guitar lines and let's not forget about the bass and drums... in other words, EVERYTHING in their music sounds great and works together well!

  89. nickv11763

    46 people hit the dislike button because they thought it said dis-i-like

  90. Michael DeTorrice

    such a brilliant cover

  91. HyDrO

    @FULLGROWNNIGGA lol u know gucci mane has no talent right circa at least plays instruments so that right there makes circa better u dumb FUCK!

  92. Jerry Mouse

    @FULLGROWNNIGGA Dude, get out of here with that ignorant gucci crap. Haha what a joke, circa and anthony is real music not just synthetic beats with the same old ignorant lyrics, expand your horizon on music or get out here leaving ignorant misspelled comments. You sound retarded.

  93. Pete M

    "cause we really like it" hahahahah

  94. DeeAarGee

    @vrdub610 Wow, no life huh? You have nothing better to do than reply to four month old posts? Let me guess, your 13?

  95. Wolfman

    @DeeAarGee Omg that was fuckin' funny.

  96. The420GREASER

    fuck u! why the fuck r u guys playing 2 shows at the hollywood palladium? and both of the fucking days r sold out! before u go to vegas play at the fucking glass house or fucking somewher around my area.. im fucking pissed cus im not gonna see u guys at the sold out show!

  97. Indigo Bud

    @IkotheSwarm L0L WUTS A HAIR

  98. Indigo Bud

    @IkotheSwarm my hair just naturally curls that way... pretty sure you are trippin