Anthony Evans - You Know My Name Lyrics

There been many times when I couldn't see
What you had in store for me and
There been many time when I didn't know
Which way or where to go
Times I walked around head hanging down
Full of insecurity
Wanting to find out what this life's about
But you told me to wait and see cause

You hold the stars in place
Order time and space
And yet you know my name
You hold me in your hand help me understand
Your love will never change
Cause you know my name

I've wondered why every time I try
I just seem to loose my way
Nothing's making sense and at my own expense
It's a heavy price to pay
But your always there taking all my cares
So ready to be my friend
Every where I go I know
There's no place you haven't been


As I walk this road I'm not alone your always beside me
my life you own my fear is gone
cause now I believe

You know my name
your love never changes
It's always the same [repeat]

[Chorus 2X]

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Anthony Evans You Know My Name Comments
  1. alazar tilahun

    found u after 6 years later u good as god....

  2. Luiz Fernando

    Wel music very beautiful for we.

  3. Christine Brown

    Love this

  4. Christine Brown

    Wow I love this praise God