Anthony Evans - You Alone Lyrics

There's a song that rises up
When I think about your love
A Song of your goodness
There's a joy found in your name
When it leaves my lips in praise
So I'm gonna praise you.
Lift your name higher and higher
Lord my one and only desire

You alone
Marvelous Savior
You alone
Our Creator
Every tongue will sing you praise
Join with the angels and proclaim
It's You Alone
Our redeemer
You Alone
Mighty Healer
In all of heaven and on earth
Nothing compares to your great worth
You Alone

My heart it comes alive
My spirit is revived
With one touch from your hand
It reaches down to me
Satisfies my ever need
On Christ the rock I stand
He is my song and my salvation
The hope of every nation

No one could ever be like you
Your glorious and nothing compares to
Who you are you're my God [2x]

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Anthony Evans You Alone Comments
  1. Gavlina Sihotang

    Lagunya luar biasa

  2. Giselle Cristine

    estrago a cor linda do cabelo dela, não combino nada

  3. Samantha Andersen

    I know right that drummer rocks

  4. Samantha Andersen

    Love it He rocks.

    Tresor Bin

    Samantha Andersen i

  5. thegurlcuzins

    I love the beat! the drummer has some skills!

    Tresor Bin


    Tresor Bin

    thegurlcuzins jbj

    Solange kanjd

    thegurlcuzins l