Anthony Evans - What Could Have Been Lyrics

This comes once in a lifetime
Some come close but they never find
What I found in you
Youʼre like unsolved mystery
And Iʼm always uncovering
Discovering something new.
I wanna tell you your beautiful
I have say, thereʼs something you should know

I donʼt wanna live with regret
So Iʼm standing with my heart in my hands
Gotta let go of fear and take a chance
This love could last until the end
And I donʼt wanna be thinking
What could have been

My soul saw it, now I know
Forever means letting go
Iʼm giving in to you
Iʼll do what it takes
Iʼll risk all the pain
The heartbreak to tell the truth
I wanna show youʼre beautiful
I have to say it, I want you to know


Like crashing waves
I canʼt hold back this feeling
Iʼm swept away
Every time youʼre near me
I canʼt let go
My Heart is yours
Iʼve tried it, canʼt fight it
You have to know


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