Anthony Evans - Wait Lyrics

Do you now know?
Have you not heard?
That the Lord is everlasting
He is God
Creator of Earth
He will not grow tired or weary
But he increases power and gives strength to the weak
If we

If we, we will wait on the Lord
He will renew our strength
We will mount on wings like eagles
And we will soar
We run and not grow weary
Walk and never faint
If we wait (wait on the Lord)

Do you now know?
Have you not heard?
There is no one like Him
He sits enthroned
Above all the Earth
He is mighty and powerful
So those weary lift your eyes to the sky
There is life

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Anthony Evans Wait Comments
  1. Lisalmicha Stewart

    This song gave me life walking from work last night thank you

  2. Linda Wilson

    Wait on the Lord; He will reveal His purpose for your life, if you wait patiently. He will give you strength, purpose and bless you beyond your wildest dreams.

  3. Nycole Cooper


  4. sean cowin

    1-7^-4 2x

    Then repeat

  5. sean cowin

    @chino15latino I need them toooo!