Anthony Evans - Something Beautiful Lyrics

Thatʼs the understatement of the century
Of every single thing that youʼve done for me
I keep asking why you never give up
I keep asking why you love me so much

I try to run away but you keep pursuing me
I try hiding but you keep uncovering
All the pain all the shame
All the mistakes that Iʼve made
Then you take me make me
Something beautiful
Something beautiful

I hear you telling me to rise again
Only you can make me a new man
I can testify you never give up
Iʼm amazed that Iʼm the one that you love


I ran as far as I could
Never knowing your love would
Chase so hard after me
Until my eyes would see
Thereʼs nothing thereʼs no one
That could separate me from your love
Your love


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