Anthony Evans - Somebody To Call Home Lyrics

Iʼve traveled the world seen it all
London in spring and New York in the fall
Beautiful things I can hold
But I want something I canʼt let go
But thereʼs a part, a part of me
That longs for somebody

To call home
To call my own
Somebody I turn to, somebody I lean on
Whether I with them or whether Iʼm gone
I wanna call
Iʼm ready to call
Somebody home

I believe youʼre out there looking for me
Well Iʼm right here (right here)
Youʼre in my dreams, in my prayers
In my heart
Youʼre everywhere, everywhere
With all I am, I believe
Iʼm closer now to finding somebody


Someone I can Love
Someone I can trust
Who believes in the man that I am
And that man that I will become
Someone I grow old with
And share a goodnight kiss
Over and over and over and over again

I want somebody...


Iʼve traveled the world seen it all

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Anthony Evans Somebody To Call Home Comments
  1. Bessie Shahjahan

    Love this song Anthony. Thank you for using your gift to bless us. This will be a Beautiful Wedding Song.

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers. Your Mom was a Beautiful Lady inside and out, a Great Blessing to the Body of YAHUSHUA.

    I am praying that the HOLY SPIRIT leads and guides you into all Truth.

    Make Today A Good One.
    No Worries.
    No Regrets. ♡♡♡

  2. E C

    Definitely our wedding song

  3. Carolina Richert

    I was driving and this song pop out on my list .... I just have to pull over and Call Jesus! Every word of this song is just on point! is been 7 years, travel the world and still waiting for you ....


    Awesome Song. Love it to Life

  5. Danica


  6. Nevsion 8

    father god than you. very much for useing this brother I love this song very much when.we. wait on you and trust you you will give us the right person who relly love you lord and there heart ofter you daily to give every thing bless.the lord o my soul

  7. Candice Sowell

    This cd has remained in the #1 slot in our car cd changer for a long time. But I always skipped this song because it would honestly cause me to struggle with thoughts of wanting somebody right now. Thankfully I have grown and can embrace the healthy desire and enjoy the song because it is truly beautiful.

  8. Kay Yang

    So much passion and control in vocals! Bam! This is a good song awe!

  9. Maya Cherry

    God is good.

  10. Bejaye

    One of my favorite songs on the album!