Anthony Evans - Silence Lyrics

Questions left unanswered
Feels like my prayers are hitting these walls
So I'm left here wondering
If You can still hear me, hear me at all

I've been here so long, my faith is getting weak
So I just have to believe

Maybe You're speaking through the silence
Maybe it's all I need to hear
Give me the patience in this quiet
I need to rest here, and be okay
To wait

My frail soul's guarded
When did I start not believing that You (Ooh)
That You are who You promised
You'll be faithful to finish what You said You would do

Although right now, I can't hear you speaking
I will choose to believe

Maybe You're speaking through the silence
Maybe it's all I need to hear
Give me the patience in this quiet
I need to rest here

And I will wait for You
As long as it takes, I will wait
I will wait for You
As long as it takes, I will wait

Maybe You're speaking through the silence
Maybe it's all I need to hear
Give me the patience in this quiet
I need to rest here

Maybe You're speaking through the silence
Maybe it's all I need to hear
Give me the patience in all of this quiet
I need to rest here
And wait
For You
As long as it takes
I will wait
I will wait for You
As long as it takes
I will wait
For You
I will wait
For You
As long as it takes
I will wait
For You
For You...

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Anthony Evans Silence Comments
  1. Lisa Tangai

    This is deeeeeeeeep
    Thank you Antony! keep up the good work

  2. Latonda Miner

    All I got is tears!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Lilian Yemurai Chidamba

    One of the most powerful words put in song .This is a prayer .Maybe the silence is all I need to hear

  4. NAIMA Bakayoko

    Best song ever ❤️

  5. Mikhail Clark

    I know the song by heart and god if you hear me i love you so so so so so so so so munch and help me from my mom she always yell at me god please help me

  6. Naromie Hilaire

    This song God allowed to be the anthem for my life during my hardest and gloomiest moment. I could no longer express myself in words, my pain was too great and all I can do was break down emotionally and stay in bed. Had it not been for this song (and How Can It Be? by Lauren Diagle), I'm not sure how I would've made it pass these days. I praise God!

  7. Julia Salim

    this is what i rode to work with. such a comfort.

  8. Kholofelo Ramphisa

    My heart is Full, beautiful song.

  9. Beautii Mark

    I need this right now...

  10. Rosa Vera

    Love this song melt my heart. Cuz when I was broking ♥. God gave me this song in my war room. Keep it up. Always listening all your songs. Very anointed and real positive messages

  11. simply girly girl

    Beautiful song. I have felt like this so many times!!!

  12. Lisa

    I need to rest here and be ok🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶👼👼

  13. Fi Ama Humor

    I can not wait for your new cd ! Blessed voice !

  14. Vilimaina Uluivuya

    I'm fall in love with you jesus

  15. Raelyne Marie

    I love this song so much!

  16. Alicia Askew

    Amazing song!❤️ I cannot wait to dance to it💃🏽

  17. Life With Ama

    This is a beautiful song. Good Job Anthony Evans :)

  18. emmagenius4real

    I felt depressed, downhearted and sick but when I listened to this song, I felt God being in there to see me through the challenges. I believe He walks with me through the trials. Storms will come cos satan exists but if we trust in God, He will see us through

    Robert Williams

    Amen Glory to God 🙌🙌🙌

  19. Jomar poggi


  20. Daniel silva

    Muito bom mesmo você tem um timbre muito lindo

  21. Erich Pengel

    His voice is so anointed my God all glory to Jesus Amen!!!

  22. Wanda Collins

    thank you Father God to give me another chance in life!!!!thank you my God! thank you man of God for singing this wonderful song!

  23. Forever Always

    Thank you Minster Anthony for sharing your heart. "Lord give me the patience in all of this quiet to rest here and wait."

  24. Catherine Anne

    God give me the grace to be okay to wait, for you know what's best for me Father! Thank you!

  25. Beatrice Macharia

    I am so blessed.... lord take me back a sinner I am...

  26. Valeria Marques

    amo as músicas do Anthony Evans

  27. Debra Atkinson

    first time hearing this song this morning. I love it. I keep it on repeat, I pray I don't just learn the words i want to live by it.

  28. Leon Smikle

    sometimes you think your waiting on GOD when it is GOD waiting on you..😦😦

    Robert Williams

    Amen Deep

    Olive Andries

    Leon !!!That is so true. and it is because he is a God Of Patience waiting for us to hear and respond after a wrestling with ourselves.👌

  29. MIRIAN KESIA Prado

    Anthony Evans vc é de mais!!continue servindo a Jesus!!se eu tivesse condições traria vc para louvar na minha igreja!! Abraços Anthony!!

  30. Ashley Stallings-Small

    if you are unable to begin to see if you are a lot of other things he was a good idea

  31. keisha b

    love this song

  32. John Brown

    God is the Prince of Peace!

    Debra Atkinson

    John Brown amen

    Robert Williams

    Amen and Amen 🙌🙌🙌

  33. Luis Soto

    Love this song.... can't stop listening to it. I'll will wait as long as it takes. ❤❤❤

  34. Jessica Dos Anjos

    linda música mexe comigo

  35. Jesse Ortiz

    such a beautiful song ❤❤

  36. Patience Ajabs

    Bless the Lord for this powerful song

  37. Aminah Anderson

    Love your music. Anthony evens

  38. Zalika Cairo

    if u listen to the words it brings u to tears... it did for me

  39. Dawn Darling

    What a beautiful song.



  41. DMAJOR 2K

    I thank God for this song

  42. Geraldine Tchimbali

    Um dos muitos milagres que Deus fez em minha vida, esse louvor! May God bless you and keep on using you to further his kingdom on this Earth

  43. Tania Aka

    That song speaks so much to my soul... 😔🙏🏿

  44. K Cotton

    Ty for such a passionate song! I wud luv to see someone do interpretive dance to this beautiful song!

  45. Xiomara Rosado

    amaizing song very touching.. May the Lord God bless you, and keep singing for the Lord.🎶🎤🎼

  46. Martin Sikweti

    "Touches my soul"

  47. bogui paul david n'drin


  48. Emily Ulacia

    God is moving

  49. Lovingly Yours Lord

    Thank you Anthony Evans for a spine chilling soul shaking, heartfelt God impacting song! God Bless your talent evermore, keep on singing for The Lord, I pray you continue to impact more people everyday of your life In The Name of Jesus !!!! AMEN !!!

  50. Lovingly Yours Lord

    Amazing !!! Thank you JESUS. I PRAISE you father ! I'm at a loss for words...Lord only you can speak in silence and affect us in such a wondrous and magnificent manner!!!

  51. purity cheptoo

    This song is such a blessing... May God continue to use you to reach out to the lost through the songs you sing

  52. Alvin Breedlove


  53. Stylesby Kelly

    No matter how long it's take, I'll wait on you LORD thanks Anthony Evans for this song

    Lovingly Yours Lord

    +Kelly Gardiner Amen ! In His Time ONLY !!! #leaningonyoulord #yourtiming

  54. nardiibella jesus's

    praise God.

  55. Sylvia Ingram

    Awesome like it

  56. Tralanna Cauley

    Beautiful song...

  57. Eden and Nathan Shepherd

    Wow!!! this song has had so much impact in my life....we need to shut everything off at times to be able to hear.....all of media all struggle ..let' s give him the silence so we can hear in the silence.....

  58. Kristina Gantz

    Why is the the first time I'm hearing this? What rock have I been living under?

    Ebuka Obijiofor

    Atleast, you discovered your rock 2 years ago

    m anderson

    you guys are not alone! loving his songs this morning! I posted that I'm just discovering him. kinda mad, lol but seriously, not really. I thank Jesus for this discovery !


    I've heard it before, but I wasn't listening until today.


    Kristina Gantz 2019 here 😅

    Robert Williams

    God is good you all

  59. Mark Baido

    the song is great and nice

  60. Love Love

    20times and I cant stop. I need to rest here...I will wait for long as it takes I will wait for you.

  61. palm2015 Lovey

    Yes! Yes! Yes! He speaks through the silence. Lord I praise you for all that youre!  You're an amazing God!

  62. Vanclesio Sousa


  63. Craig Speicher

    probably played this song 20 times today, deep song 

    Denise Lynn


    Robert Williams

    Amen Glory to God

  64. Karen Rukunga

    i never get tired of listening to this song

  65. Bognet Ayuba

    i love Antony's song they just move you from the inside out

  66. Maria Schmidt

    One of my faves!

  67. CPowell

    As soon as he said, "Maybe You're speaking through the silence" I felt God move. God speaks through the silence and He speaks through other people. We just have to learn to pay attention.

    Debra Atkinson

    BabyCS123 amen


    Been a Christian all my life but only learned that this year 😭

  68. Neville Bok

    what a powerful song.

  69. Mxm


  70. Cynthia Garcia

    Can you hear me?

    je suis beni

    yes he can hear you. stay bless

    Cynthia Garcia

    Same to you!!

  71. leroy jackson


  72. Julie Francois

    Song is amazing

    Roseny Francois

    Creole bible

  73. Kris Market

    Halleuajah. This touches my spirit and helps us realise that sometimes he speaks louder to us when silent then words

  74. Alexis cuadrado

    This song tells me to never give up even in the hardest times.
    God is always here even when you think he's not. Thank you God

    Carline Cadet

    Same here. This song is beautiful and so timely!

  75. truth&pride


  76. Meisha Simone

    Love this song.....Speaks to my Spirit. What a humble reminder that God can do all things in light & in the shadow. It just takes us to hold Fast to Faith...

  77. InLoveWithMyGod: )

    Amazing song! Really Spoked to Me! Gbu & keep on foward!

  78. Djuvane Gray

    I will wait on you Lord Jesus...even in the silence.

  79. helloitsme


  80. Jotham Johnson

    beautiful song.Lauren i agree with you i am just waiting for the day Anthony will come to Sierra Leone..

  81. Diolindo Luis

    I like it. may God give you all strength for always worshiping him

  82. Alexis Roman

    I don't know why people would not like this song its awesome!!

  83. charis chanda

    love this song....i dont think thez a song of anthony evans that i dont like,hes such a blessing and a good role model

  84. Oyin Odunjo

    He continues to surprise me with his talent and amazing songs, he is truly blessed.

  85. tayana161

    Great song!!!!

  86. Alexis cuadrado

    I always feel the presents of God when I listen to this song

  87. Florence Nangobi

    Cuteness just

  88. rue Malaie

    thank you jesus i will rest here and wait fr u in this quiet

  89. MsFaz11

    Powerful. Powerful.. I will wait for you Lord in the times that it feels like you are silent. I will trust your plan for my life as you alone know what's best for me. Teach me to trust you Lord in your silence.

  90. millicent ilovegod

    I may never understand God's plan for me, but I'll always accept them because his decisions are better than mine. I love this song

  91. Erika Bolton

    I AGREE!!!!

  92. Jonalyn Lasuden

    Am Sooo Blessed with this Song...

  93. Nikki Cohen

    Beautiful ! Wowww

  94. jkula phine

    I first saw Anthony Evans at a live concert in london 2012. Since than, I have not stopped listening to his music. He is truly blessed and anointed to sing. This is one of my favorite songs.

  95. Jessica Bicy

    Love I am waiting for you. Calling for you to come. Because I know I cannot to do this without you. But you know what is best for me. So I don't want to make any decisions without you. I need you now.

  96. Mychaele Beal

    Amen Sis! Right there with you and praying for you.

  97. Lisa P

    I'm waiting but Lord I am so weak. Please come quick.

  98. Emory Howell

    I pray you are stilling coming on this site and listening to this song. The church is 4 walls within a building. But the Real Church is within you. Everything you need is inside of you. Before you were conceived in your mother's womb, God already knew who you would become. God can never use anyone that has not been through something. What you are dealing with, is what God is going to use, because you know how that feels. My son was a gang banger too, but God allow him to live to see who GOD is.

    shi_shi lovely

    Thank you..❤❤❤

  99. Jovia Sebaru

    I am going to sing song in church, because i know someone will blessed with it.....Amazing words these words just touch my heart