Anthony Evans - Restore Me Lyrics

On the outside
You think I'm alright
There's a smile on my face
Everything's okay
But on the inside there's a different story
I've stumbled down this road
And I've got so for the go
I'm a broken man
On my knees again
Longing for a touch from you
I need you hand to

Restore me
I need your mercy
Take me
To the place I used to be
Use all the pain and the hurt
To do a greater work and
Restore me

I wore my mask
Running away from my past
Hiding all my scars
Thinking I'd gone too far
But he knew my pain
And He loved me just the same
He promised I'd be free
If I fell on my knees and cried


Restore unto me the joy of my salvation
So I'll sing again the song you wrote for me
Give me a clean heart I want a brand new start
Like the moment when I first believed


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Anthony Evans Restore Me Comments
  1. Olive Andries

    ANTHONY!!!!God has called you For Higher heights and Deeper Debts in him. You-are not an ordinary Person You Are God’s extraordinary The higher the height, the deeper the pain, Greater the Battles you have to fight. but Jehovah have given you all that is needed to find your true self, and satisfaction in serving him. launch out into the deep. And find your true fulfillment. Keep striving my Brother in Christ Go Do his bidding only you know what it is nations are waiting on you.

  2. bernardino lopez

    Please Lord help me to bring back the feeling when i first time i accept you as my Lord and savior.

  3. BornAgainFitness

    My Lord how I need this right now. 😪

  4. Lovely Mami

    Restore me oh lord, please come back to my life I need you...

  5. Bessie Sams

    Heavenly Father thank you that my pain and hurt will not be wasted! But use to do a greater work! Praising You as the storm rages on!
    This song was written with humility and song with great passion!

  6. Pooh Taylor

    amazing voice im from new life appostlic church and i am a Christian when you are crying you are felling the love of god

  7. Grace Cho

    Restore me, Lord, restore me, please, Jesus

  8. raysoflightdlt

    It is so important to restore God's children!  Thank you!

  9. Candice Williams

    God is Faithful and Just To His Word! He's My Everything regardless off life circumstances!

  10. n.d's account


    On the outside, you think I'm alright
    There's a smile on my face, everything's okay
    But on the inside there's a different story
    I've stumbled down this road and I've got so far to go

    I'm a broken man
    On my knees again
    Longing for a touch from you
    I need your hand to

    Restore me, I need your mercy
    Take me to the place I used to be
    Use all the pain and the hurt
    To do a greater work and restore me

    I wore my mask, running away from my past
    Hiding all my scars, thinking I'd gone too far
    But he knew my pain and he loved me just the same
    He promised, I'd be free if I fell on my knees and cried

    Restore me, I need your mercy
    Oh, take me to the place I used to be
    Use all the pain and the hurt
    To do a greater work and restore me

    Restore unto me the joy of my salvation
    So I'll sing again, the song you wrote for me
    Give me a clean heart, I want a brand new start
    Like the moment when I first believed

    Restore me, I need your mercy
    Oh, take me to the place I used to be
    Use all the pain and the hurt
    To do a greater work and restore me

    Please Jesus, oh yeah
    Give me another chance
    I want to be a new man
    Please restore me, yeah, yeah, yeah

  11. beth george

    Our New year we are doing Karaoke a great choice

  12. Papi lumona

    Pls restore Me my Lord I need your mercy God

  13. Nancy Lembisa Judnens Nens

    In love for song!

  14. Karen P

    I just learned about Anthony Evans by watching Life Today and his song Trust Me Now touched my soul. Now, I listen to his ministry through song as I go through life's journey. Restore me now Lord.

  15. knoMI Mia


  16. Auto Body

    Hitting the send button to all my kids praise Jesus may this man continue to bless the lord with his music and that his talent won't take him away into secular noise that's so called music today lord out your mighty hedge of protection upon tony Evans

  17. Auto Body

    Was watching TBN never heard of tiny until now man this man sings amazing all glory to god I love worship music but a lot of the songs out there today under contemporary Christian music is hard to come by that makes you actually want to sing and dance for the lord his vocals lyrics and choice of style of music is able to touch the youth that so desperately need to listen to Christian music instead of all the trash that's polluting the minds of our children I pray more people discover his music

  18. Lovely Co

    I remember about 5 years ago I would listen to this with my older sister. we always rode to church together and back super late. we weren't really rich so we always relyed on God's help to get their with the bit of gas we had. my sister is now worshiping God through her own ministry in the streets helping the financially unstable. I love her for she is trying her best to set a great example of strength. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU their is always a way . peace and love

  19. Zach Tittle

    This song is so beautiful!!

  20. Bärbel Odili

    am blessed JESUS is so good

  21. Cherry _

    Sooooo anointed and blessed. Hallelujah

    Regina Akusu


  22. Rico Da7

    Restore us Lord, Let us see your face!!!!

  23. Promise21954

    give it all toJesus

  24. carolina A

    I need you God 💔😞

  25. junisfer Toucas K.

    oh God! my hope my dreame my live I give to the lord he will never let me down he is a lone person who help me ah God ...!

  26. vandy zone

    i want god to help me be more strong. Make a change in my life for good ,I want a better life for my son and I. I feel so alone ,my family always fighting with me, my boyfriend left me which is my child father after I lost my job everything started going down hill, tomorrow is my son birthday he will be one year old, my granny is sick ,my mom is giving birth to twin again and i am searching for a job , feel so alone sometimes hate being in arguments with my sisters they are twin . my life is so confusing why all of this is happening to me. Feel like i have no purpose in life right now.

    Sharon W.

    vandy zone hope you found some encouragement and strength. the enemy of our souls wants to distort our perception...for us to think there's no hope. but there is hope. the prize is just around the bend, and Jesus will give you strength and provision to get there. He loves you...very much. Draw near to Him and He will draw nearer to you.

    Fernanda Perkins

    vandy zone view HWH Ministry on Facebook and on YouTube Lots of young people with same testimony, who God has brought out, through submission to him. It takes a mind made up to submit to his will and true peace will come into your life. Check it out!!!!!
    Also we have message from our Chief Apostle that are powerful on YouTube thertmgroup

  27. Dee Jay

    Absolutely magnificent lyrics....praise, honor, and glory to our Lord; the only ONE who can ever restore us.

  28. sav Adams

    that was soo beautiful I feel heaven singing with that man amen !!!

  29. Timothy Jah

    I need a clean new start, Restore me back to yourself dear Lord!

  30. Pastor Randy G, Newman

    Awesome restoration . Anointed song thanks for posting,

  31. johana Crusoé

    Bless you Anthony Evans

  32. johana Crusoé


  33. johana Crusoé

    merci Mr Evans thanks you for your

  34. Diane Thurmond

    Thank you for restoreing me...

  35. Zoria Rucker

    antwan stanley

  36. Eseosa Ehigie

    Thank You Lord

  37. Veronica McClain

    Yessss, Amen!

  38. rD A

    Listening at 12am. Very inspired. Thank you God. And, thank you Anthony and +traceyxxxcxxx. +tracey chirwa

  39. Rhena Encarnado

    ohh my Jesus restore me for you know inside of me.Have mercy on me.I want to be with you.

  40. sakura 002

    sublime .

  41. Mary fitzpatrick

    I love this song.❤️

  42. Dawn K

    RESTORE me Lord Please!!!! I dry, I weak, I'm weary restore me

  43. Stylesby Kelly

    Restore me LORD, I really need your mercy, I just LOVE this song

    Fabio Muniz

    +Kelly Gardiner Beautiful love the songs

    Stylesby Kelly

    @Fabio Muniz thank you

    Fabio Muniz

    Thank  you kelly

  44. Icolyn Levers

    This song is very powerful, going through the pain and hurt I came up this song God is good He's alive

  45. deborah daniels

    This song will remind you . How wonderful Is the lord to restore you life . In aspects of your journey to have a the peace of mind. In the difficulties.

  46. Keith Joseph

    That is my prayer Lord Jesus!! :..

  47. Saundra Andrews

    Awesome song.  Restore my life Lord, please.

  48. Wanda Carrell

    I love all his songs I cry evertime I hear them thankyou ,, it's touching,

  49. Karla Grimes

    I am practicing a dance to it right now for church

  50. Aldinéia Ferreira

    I love Jesus Lord. I'm surrender...Thanks my Lord. 

    Fabio Muniz

    +Aldinéia Ferreira Good.

  51. Monique Harris

    Awesome.... Ty Jesus

  52. marcio olveira

    Muito bom

  53. Jenise Rivera

    Restore me Lord.. I need You.. Take me back to the place I used to be. To the place where it was just me and You..

  54. Bella Juliette

    Restore me in Jesus Name, I thank You Father.

  55. synergie gospel

    may God restore my nation

  56. SweetRefreshment

    Restore your daughter Lord Jesus.

  57. Fabio muniz Loureiro

    bless Jesus

  58. barbienille

    Thanks for this song ... Its really what I feel right now. I need to be restored.

  59. Selina Pinero

    Wow this song is amazing I love it feel his presents a lot love you God😊✊

  60. Fresh Start

    This song is touching :( I love this song every time I listen to it send goosebumps.

  61. Cindy Monlea

    God please Restore me as you bless the singer of this song

  62. Lee


  63. Keneuoe Thibello

    Restore me Lord, truly BLESSED.

  64. Yasmine Bernier

    What a powerful song!

  65. daboopster40

    Mr. Anthony Evans is truly a blessed man and I am thankful that he surrendered to God calling to bring out God's message through his awesome voice. May continue to bless you. This is such a gentle reminder that we must do a self examination daily to make sure we are right. It is only God who can save us. We need to stop looking to other places where there is no help in sight. BUT GOD

  66. Pinky Camasin

    Please restore me oh GOD, heal me emotionally. I am broken into pieces oh please fix me. I can't live a single minute with this pain without YOU. know me better oh GOD than those who are around me. I LOVE YOU LORD !!!

  67. Nicole Gàlvez Lòpez

    it´s beatiful song..
    restaurame dios, necesito tu misericordia

  68. Lucky Mkhonza

    powerful song

  69. Katonya Carson

    Jesus I ask that you have mercy on my sister and restore her back to you...I thank you Lord that she goes to school and complete the task that is before her...Ecclesiastes 9:11

    King James Version (KJV)

    11 I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

  70. ronske121

    I hope God has worked in your heart since you wrote this. Praying for you.

  71. myron perkins

    this song help me out a lot and all i going to say is thank you Jesus

  72. kmaddox32

    This song always lifts me up when feeling down. God is Faithful! Thank You Anthony for blessing us with this anointed song. God bless you!

  73. Jordan A. Goolsby

    Wow! beautiful

  74. LovelyDreamer21

    God bless YOU!

  75. Glodi B

    God bless you

  76. Landry Ngoya

    vraiment j'aime

  77. Anom.23

    Great song!! Thanks for sharing!

  78. only1lacrea

    Hello. Just wanted to reach out and let you know I am praying with you and for you. Also, a site I think you would be blessed by, just search "sistersevolve" on fb or google. I can't post the direct site, youtube won't allow it. - It's Christian Women, Becoming Better - Together.

  79. Nicole Goenner

    Beautiful!!! :') Chills.

  80. Kathy Seeforth

    Loved this Tracey! I have a church who would like to put your video on their website. Would you grant them approval to do that? The church is Living Water Christian Center in Rock Island, IL. Thank you for this consideration! Kathy

  81. janice aggrey

    if restoration has not yet come, i pray that God will grant you the grace to fully know that He is working all things for our good because we trust Him

  82. Taty Tudor

    Restore me oh Lord

  83. ocook510

    wow i will touch and agree with you in this pray, i pray that Gods kingdom will come and his Will be done in every area of your life. In Jesus name amen..if you ever wanna pray together please inbox me, i dnt mind.. two or more gathered together allows God to be in the mist.. God bless love..

  84. Stacious Pinky

    i love you Jesus Christ, i love you so much,i give my life to you,my only creator,my only GOD <3

  85. eric hoyer

    Jesus please give me another chance end forgive and restore my soul.

  86. valérie sende

    dei de

  87. Valentin Jovik

    Just do what, you do, because doing what you do, You bless many people

  88. LovelyDreamer21

    Lord God restore me. I honestly dont know if Ive ever been happy longer than 5 minutes at a time. God please, heal my heart God. Heal my family, heal those I love. I cannot take anymore emotionally God. I am broken. I act so strong, but you know me God. I need purpose God. I need to feel that I have a reason for being here because right now I feel like I am simply a replacable worker. Help me get to college God, help me gain confidence, guide me to my purpose God. I love you so much Lord. <3

  89. Antonio Bolden

    restore me Jesus is my daily prayer and I consider it done in the holy name of our Savior Jesus Christ

  90. Marisol Rosado

    this song really ministers to me' restore me my god i want to live for u.

  91. የኢትዮጵያን ጣላት ይውድም ዘርኝነት ይውድም

    love it

  92. Krystle Turner

    love it

  93. Sistah Dee

    What a beautiful song.

  94. sicoco love


  95. Susanna Barkum

    I cried soo much when I heard this song, this is exactly how I feel it in my life! I know that God has a plan for me, and my trust in Him will never disappear. He has my life in His hands, and I completely trust Him!

  96. Andy Strom

    restore me cleanse me Lord forgive me thank you my heart mind and soul belongs to You Lord. humble me in your glory Lord transform me to Your will hallelujah

  97. InspirationalStatus