Anthony Evans - Love Is Lyrics

I said I loved you
But I protected, and I kept myself
From you
I saw your hurting eyes still I decided to
Walk away keep myself safe
I apologize cause I've realized

Love is willing to get hurt
Love gives needing no return
When Love lives it needs no words
I've learned that's what
Love is

You said you loved me
So you came and you gave it all
For me
You could have changed your mind still you decided to
Walk that road knowing it would lead you to your end
And I lived

Love is willing to get hurt
Love gives needing no return
When Love lives it needs no words
I've learned that's what
Love is
Love is

It can be uncertain but still
It moves because it's worth it
Worth it

Love is
Love is
Love is willing to get hurt
Love gives needing no return
When Love lives it needs no words
I've learned that's what
Love is
Love is

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Anthony Evans Love Is Comments
  1. Kevin Atita

    Who else from Kenya is listening to this in December 2019?

  2. Joelle Akilimali

    Who Still love this song in 2019 like me????

    Mary Nakawoza

    Over here!!

  3. Adriano Mutize

    So its 2019 and I am in is willing to get hurt. I love you Jesus

  4. Bradley Waye

    My favorite song from him

  5. Marlene Rameau

    where are you right now

  6. Marlene Rameau

    that's wonderful I listen to it over and over. God bless you

    Marlene Rameau

    that's going to play on my daughter wedding on September 30th in two weeks. God bless my darling. continue the good work

    Marlene Rameau

    I love you Anthony. God bless.

  7. Terrence Mack

    I praise God everyday for his amazing grace poured out on me by His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!

  8. Valeria Marques


  9. daniel shallow

    Omg....I love his voice.

  10. Salem Lodi

    Poor fisherman than I was, and free, this man died for me, who have shown a great love for me. What can I give in return except my love. It is truly love

  11. Ibukun Adepoju

    Who's watching in 2017?

  12. Isabella Beatriz

    I Liked!!!!

  13. Timothy Jah

    It's all beautiful here, beautiful songs and educative clips; please keep up the good work!

  14. Heylove R. Mark Sr.

    Thank God great people that he is break up for his glory

  15. Natasher Chapwanya

    thank you for the nice songs dnt stop please
    Hope you can Hold concerts around the world
    Also visit churches to share these beautiful Holy Songs
    God be w you

  16. Favoured Wisdom

    Great song....will be played on my wedding day next year....


    Favoured Wisdom Amen. I want this played at my wedding someday as well. This song is beyond inspirational. This man has the gift of God, and is definitely touched by the Finger Of God. Bless him, O Lord, in the name of Jesus. Amen and amen.

  17. beth elka

    One of the deepest and true song I know...

    Jose Lopez

    His name is Jesus..

  18. Garvin Ahono

    i listened to the song together with someone I love..... it felt wowww

    Madian Rolon

    Wow, Nice!

  19. Esther Hedva Mhembelo

    Wow nice Song


    So true my dear

    Esther Hedva Mhembelo

    @Christo High yes o

  20. Marie F

    I can understand how a marriage is supposed to reflect the love of Christ Jesus Amen!

  21. ObedienceOrSacrifice

    Whew yes, love this song so hauntingly beautiful! TFS!

  22. narvs

    Just wow, wow and wow....thank you Lord!

  23. Frédéric Ifaro

    i love you JESUS

  24. Cindy Monlea

    I just love this song brings me muvh much more closer to God

  25. Marie-Claire Hoarau

    un amour ,cette chanson! on ne se lasse pas de l'ecouter. M.C. de l'ile de la Reunion

  26. Thalie Vilbrun

    Amen, God bless you Brother Anthony, amazing voice, keep it up.


    dear Lord am soo sorry for all that i have done wrong. thanks for loving me

  28. A. LeBelle

    love this song always have..

  29. Godina E. is willing to get hurt, there is no single day that i don't listen to this song. The message is, never give up on those who are hurting you. For Jesus didn't give up on you and I.

  30. skategenie

    If you are tired of being distrusted, mocked upon, and hated upon, know that the world hated Me first. - Jesus

  31. skategenie

    his voice is off the charts! amazing song

  32. 88megabeat

    God.. thank you for your mercy! I realize..

  33. Neuma Alves

    Gostaria da tradução em português

  34. Laura Kahunde

    First time I heard this song it made me tear because it reminded me what the Lord has been takin me through to learn how to love more... I know at the end of this lesson I will be strengthened in love... totally love this song.. it humbles me

  35. ncharlessvg

    god love us so much.i just want to take time out and say this to each and every one of u reading matter what u have have done there is still hope god still care.s for you.if u mess up which all do pick back up yourself dont give up .just ask repent its not to late to begin again.jesus know,s your weakness he see,s he understands.dont make the devil tell u that u are not worth it and that u are not going to make.the devil only wants to destroy friend god will lift

  36. Ray-Lo A

    Always keep your focus on God and his will for your life. There is a reason you have gone through the trials in your life that has brought you to this point in your life. You have a beautiful, courageous and powerful testimony to help other men going through similar and the same situation that you have endured. God is using you for his purpose in his kingdom. You are sooo precious to him. I know that we don't know eachother but, I am praying for you. God Bles u.

  37. Sharlina Kramer

    amazing voice! this is my new theme song for life! :)

  38. cristiane goveia

    Que linda expressão de amor,ao Deus criador! está tudo perfeito! a letra,a melodia a voz do cantor é linda demais!

  39. TawanaRay

    aww, well it takes a lot to admit that so i'm so proud of you! The Lord gives Grace and Mercy to all and He will be preparing you for your next relationship :) Don't ever give up, I think that just remaining in Him will enable you to grow and He can prune you to prepare you for what's next! God Bless you!

  40. Kevin Bryan


  41. A Helping Hand


  42. Armando Marinero

    Growing up in a broken home feeling rejected all my life,getting kicked out of my house at 17,with no dad made me into a person that did not know how to love and receive love this is the reason why i ended a relationship of 8 years 4 months 1 month ago. In this hard time God has been there for me and is teaching me evrything i need to learn to become a great father and husband one day, and i pray to him its with the woman that was with me for 8 years when i was at my worst, FaithHopeLove TY LORD

    Mahesh Babu

    how are things now?

  43. 88megabeat

    That's what love is..

    Tresor Bin


  44. Odelyn Parker

    this is awesome

  45. Benjamin Beuca

    This song is amazing.

  46. Bankazi Papy

    je kiffffffffffffffffffffffff!


    true dt i actually feel d same

  48. Katia Velisaris

    wowowowowowowow duz he have a cd??

  49. Rose

    I first heard this song on Pandora about 2 weeks ago and I fell in love with him. I didn't watch him on tv when he first auditioned for the Voice but Lord God, I've been listening to all his songs and this guy is really blessed with such an amazing voice! God bless you

  50. Stephanie N

    fix the lyricsssss

  51. Timothy get in Jesus face Morris

    praise the lord man of god add me

  52. IWaleska Marcucci

    love this song!

  53. Fernanda Ibarra

    This song really moves me! He sings like an angel!

  54. IWaleska Marcucci

    love is

  55. teddybear4ever336

    It speaks my life! Just like "All That Matters"

  56. blessed312

    love this song...its exactly wat everyone goes thru ...i identify myself so much wit it

  57. ena1rume

    @cwesby what?

    Tresor Bin


  58. kleinsmall

    this is my Favo. i listen to it like 20 times a day. Jesus is my LOVE.

    Tresor Bin


    Tresor Bin