Anthony Evans - Letting Go Lyrics

Behind your disguise
I see in your eyes
Something has left you wounded
I don't have the answers
For all of your tears
But you're not abandoned here

He knows where you are
He's been there too
When you can't go on
Hell carry you through
When your loosing hope
He's still in control
He's never letting go

So the damage is done
You try to move on
Still your empty handed
But this isn't your home
I want you to know
You don't walk alone

Of your situation
In the face of the unknown
He's right there
Look deep into your heart
For his reflection and
Don't let go please don't let go

I don't have the answers
For all of your tears
But you're not abandoned here

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Anthony Evans Letting Go Comments
  1. Saved Anyway Real Talk

    Absolutely magnificent. Thank you for posting!
    Sincerely grateful,
    Deanna Chavez 🙏🏼💜

  2. Victoria Eniola

    Bringing back awesome memories!!!

  3. Anze76

    Thanks God

  4. Malik Richard

    Best gospel artist ever !!!!have to go to one of his concert....

  5. Dee Oreo

    @marieforpeace Amen!! Thats the best decision to ever make. God bless and keep you :)

  6. Forever Endeavor

    i absolutly love this song by anthony evans

  7. Jason Healer_Ballet

    God Bless Anthony Evans and his father Dr Tony Evans what men of God.
    I've been trying to get hold this track for a while and know I can sing along to it.
    Thank you for doing this, you have blessed many.
    Every Blessing,

  8. delaineb

    hoping this song will help some people I know who are hurting right now to turn to Our Good God in faith and trust-for He is the source of all life, all that is good, He is our purpose, our reason for being. Without Him, we would not be. God bless the person who wrote, sang and recorded this song, and the person who put it on YouTube.

  9. grintock

    Thanks for uploading!
    Amazing song and the video is really nice as well : D I hope you're doing ok btw, it's been quite a while since I heard of you. Sort of miss you in a friendish way : P

    Thanks for the vid and keep it up!
    God bless!