Anthony Evans - Incredible Lyrics

Like a sweet summer day
You take away all my trouble
And like a soft pouring rain
You wash away all my pain
Every time I think of you and what you do
It makes me happy
A joy I can't explain every time
I call your name

Jesus your love's (incredible)
And it's O so (marvelous)
Jesus your love's (incredible)
And it's (glorious)
And it's (marvelous)
Jesus your grace is (wonderful)
You've been so good (to us)
Jesus you're love's (Incredible, marvelous, glorious)

Like a little baby boy
That's full of joy I can feel you
Breaking away my chains (and healing all my pain)
From yesterday
And when we both knew I was wrong
Lord it wasn't long before you held me
Wiped the shame from my face
And gave me grace so I can say

[Chorus 2x]

And when my work is done
Lord you're the one that I long for
(like a bride on her wedding day)
Lord today-I say (I do)
(And yes my days they won't always be bright)
but that's alright cause now I see you
There's purpose even in my pain (in my pain)
And if you love him can you help me say

[Chorus 2x]

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Anthony Evans Incredible Comments
  1. Gean Mirey

    bless you

  2. Nic Lofton

    His love is incredible.

  3. Motives With The Motivator

    This Song got me Thursday a hard time when my mom died.

    wayne lawson

    @Joshua Raby I pray, God is working, healing, for you.

  4. jacob taamai


  5. OkAmburrr

    I still have this album till this day and im 14 years old btw

  6. LyricShanez

    wowwwwww, how come this only has 588 vews? this song is BOMB!

  7. Jordon Williams

    Praise God, he is incredible

  8. Basana Neliman

    I got this album. LOVE IT THAT MUCH that i had to buy a new CD and make another copy COZZZ i played it ova and ova and ova that i scratched it :)...... INCREDIBLE....... I've shared this my family ~ THANKYOU for blessing us all with your beautiful voice ~ SENDING YOU ALL LOVE from BRISBANE QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA