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I can't believe that Your love made me new
I found everything I am looking for in You
Lost and afraid, but You've called me Your own
Never too far too be far, You're my home

Your love is ever reaching
This life has been forgiven
My world has been invaded

All I know my heart is now Your home
My heart is now Your home
My heart is now Your home

You own the skies and yet and still You've won my heart
I was a part of Your plan from the very start
All of the shame from my past fade away
You know the depths of my heart still love me the same

Your love is ever reaching
This life has been forgiven
My world has been invaded
All I know my heart is now Your home
My heart is now Your home
My heart is now Your home
My heat is now Your home
My heart is now Your home

You've pursued me
Promise to me
All I need
You're my fire, You take me higher
Now I'm free

Your love is ever reaching
This life has been forgiven
My world has been invaded
All I know my heart is now Your home
My heart is now Your home
My heart is now Your home
My heart is now Your home
My heart is now Your home
My heart is now Your home
My heart is now Your home

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Anthony Evans Home Comments
  1. Mwila Mutale

    To someone that is fighting battles,may God fight for you and bring you to victory. Hang in there, it will get better,hes got you♥️🙌

  2. Host of Posts

    It sure is good to know you can actually depend on someone outside of family.Actually, if Yeshua was
    the only person I knew, I’d be in a state of bliss.He is not only the one that fights for me, but the only one has always won...All glory goes to the Almighty Lover of my Soul that laid His life down for me👆🏾🙏🏽😘

  3. Kathleen Clarke

    I concur your music is so inspiration, from the heart, i feel goose pumps every time I listen to your song, such a blessings, it brings me into a good place with my God

  4. Nancy Lisi

    I love this song.

  5. Nuwagaba shannon

    In deed am worth more than a fight and that is why I worry less

  6. Priscila Fanes

    Bela canção ...Deus o abençoe..

  7. Maurice Mugisha

    Anthony, I don't know how I found this song, but it speaks to my soul. I feel every word in how my life has been. May the Lord bless you.

  8. Tiffany Moe'nae

    My mom sent this to me ❤️ . And I’m glad she did because this song spoke to me 🙏🏽😇 . Sometimes I have to remind myself that God is fighting for me 😭🙌🏽 . This a beautiful song and encouraging.

  9. A.m.P music group

    Thank you Jesus!!

  10. Wanda Collins

    thank!! you so very much for singing this wonderful song this song Take me!!! through!! out the day with all the triumphs I'm going through!! with family and friends God bless!!!! you!!

  11. Salome Lala

    This is a touching song, in so many different ways. Jesus takes over Amen for every burned and situations we go through in life. Jesus is always there to show us as his own brothers & sisters his prince's and princess's that we are worth fighting for and whom we should be greatful for who we are, for Jesus is love is unconditional and through him nothing is impossible

  12. Zayne Johnson-Fevrier

    Does this song mention Jesus or God or anything Biblical? I had to check to see if I was still listening to Anthony Evans. Beautiful lyrics, but they could be sung to anyone.

    C. L. Martin

    That is SO IMPORTANT! You have to have a discerning spirit to notice that. Many out there like this nowadays. Good point!

  13. fab fleurima

    amen love this song

  14. Jennifer Slay

    Beautiful song musically and lyrically. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  15. Gareb Feumba

    actually Anthony Evans music is a blessing to my entire being
    May God help me, I hope i'll make it

  16. ma magie

    it's genial

  17. Joe Mill

    love this song. Fighting For Me yeeeeeesssssss!

  18. alice thuita


  19. Justin Carter


  20. Dahalia Gottshalk

    my Jesus will always fight for me.

  21. Sandra Succar

    amazing song

    Consetta Bulluck

    Sandra Succar , ,

  22. Rch S

    God is so good


    Rch S Yes he is :)

  23. Daniel B

    Heavenly Father, I come boldly before your throne of grace, I beg your forgiveness for my pride, my selfishness, that my desires were something other than putting you first... At my very best, the best I can be in
    your presence is a filthy rag.

    Lord, your word says I am your treasure;

    Deut. 7:6 For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy
    God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth. (kjv)

    Deut. 14:2 For you are a people holy to the LORD your God, and the LORD has chosen you to be a people for his treasured possession, out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth. (esv)

    Dear God, you have always protected me in every situation, you have always been fighting for me -

    Deuteronomy 20:4 “for the Lord your God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory.”

    Deuteronomy 28:7 “The Lord will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before you. They shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways.”

    Thank you lord for loving me as I am. Help me Lord to keep your word in my heart, where true faith resides. Thank you for fighting for me, and showing me that I am worth fighting for. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

    Benedicte Vielot

    @Under Construction Amen!

    Voix Des Sages

    such a nice prayer. God is good and he loves you so much

    Voix Des Sages

    such a nice prayer. God is good and he loves you so much

    Genevieve Melanie Julien

    Under Construction

    Yhsutg4hhuuuuuz5tz4eAbghhvat gyttĺ

  24. Authoress-Madelyn Lugo

    In tears of joy and hope!

  25. Nicole Thrasher

    God sure does know how to show those who are hurting that he loves them.

    Jennifer Slay

    I was just thinking that this morning Nicole. :)

  26. My-cah R

    Thank you god!!! Thank you for your consistent love in my life!! I AM WORTH FIGHTING FOR!!

  27. patricia bechet

    I am worth fighting for!! Thank you for seeing good in me and making me worthy to be called yours Jesus.

  28. Grace Hosea

    God bless you and take u higher. lovely


    Grace Hosea God bless You to :)

  29. levander ridgel

    Can someone make an instrumental to this?

  30. KeilaMarni Taylor

    I love this song

  31. Ariana Bailey

    thank u so much for fighting my battles!!!!!!!! I love u god so much😅

  32. Joey Ramnarine

    would like to get the guitar chords for this song please

  33. Andy Trevino

    its sad I love it 😇

  34. Hausa Lightbourne

    I love this song because the truth and it sounds good.

  35. Stylesby Kelly

    Thanks you JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH for fighting for me

  36. Makiah R

    beautiful song!

  37. Shirley Guillory

    Lovely lyrics, very inspiring and encouraging. Love Anthony voice the music is peaceful.

  38. D Drakes

    The voice of an angel, his music is a blessing. the lyrics are my testimony of the past 10yrs, i just needed to l let God fight my battles instead of cleaning up my mess. Let go and let God and God it is:)

  39. joseph wangui

    i need you more than yesterday LORD for you to fight my battles for me

  40. Patricia Nayeja

    I am indeed Worth fighting for, up to Jesus dying for me. Easter here we praise and remember ur Death Jesus o Calvary

  41. Ameet Jagtiani

    Thank you Jesus for fighting my battles

  42. The Helenita Show

    What an encouraging song 🙌

  43. Melanie Aretha Meyers


  44. Monique Galloway

    I love this song this is my first time hearing it it

  45. Monique Galloway

    I love this song this is my first time hearing it it

  46. Vincent OGAN

    very gud song!gGod bless u!

  47. collio23


  48. Michael Casanova

    Beautiful Lyrics

  49. Tim_Destined94

    God is fighting for all of us we just have to surrender

  50. susan samuel

    brings tears to my eyes i love it thank u Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Shana Chance

    Loooooove this song. No one preaches on this today but it's so important that we know this

  52. Sexy Red Styles

    I. Love. Your. Song

  53. Youth of John 3:16

    ....."I don’t deserve it but you’re showing me I’m worth
     I’m worth fighting for"....

  54. xsxolove

    Yeeeeeesssssssssss Lord!

  55. James Mercer

    Wow, this spoke to me.

  56. anky2k9

    this is a FANTASTIC song

  57. If You Watch I punch your face

    im a kid (9) and im hard out christain

  58. Devonte real

    Thanks for real lyrics M but at this time second to short but bless u

    A.m.P music group

    Devonte real its never to late
    Be encouraged

  59. Phoeby Chilufya

    Love this song...very encouraging

  60. Serenity Marlene

    this is my new fav song know!!!!!

  61. Lira Scott

    Your music and ur voice blesses me Anthony. God bless u indeed

  62. Hi I’m CerealiOS

    my cousins were dancing this song in church

  63. Hi I’m CerealiOS


  64. Hi I’m CerealiOS


  65. Esther Swanston

    love this song so much, i am worth fighting for

  66. Raquel Lopes


  67. Cristian SPD


  68. Gabriel Kabongu

    yes God is fighting for me and he is giving victory

  69. MilanLouboutin

    Omg love this. To God be the glory.

  70. Bruna Barboza

    muito bom! louvores magníficos!

  71. Sarah Woldmariam

    so good.

  72. Evelyn Julia

    I love this song god fights for me

  73. Justin Gooden

    He's fighting for me 3

  74. Micheal Owusu

    great works bro. powerful !!!!!!!!

  75. Anastasia Flora

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiii loveeee

  76. የኢትዮጵያን ጣላት ይውድም ዘርኝነት ይውድም

    God bless u anthony !!! i love this song

  77. Ornella Mawana

    I likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  78. Brendo Henrique

    muito bom

  79. Michelle Faith Lee

    The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.
    Exodus 14:14

  80. Shannon Girl !


  81. Keziah Gitonga

    I am worth fighting for. Its a simple but powerful truth. Thanking you God for loving all of us this much. Encouraged I am.. excited and I look to the future with lots of hope.

  82. barbaro267

    wow...I love this! Imma have to start listening to his other songs :D

  83. iTopper77

    Praise our loving God. Were never alone, he's with us every step of the way

  84. QueenLee

    So in love with this song!!

  85. BornToLead810

    i got teary eyed.

  86. Indira M

    Just stumbled on this song by chance...WOW, THOSE LYRICS BLEW ME AWAY!!! Was so touched by this song..

  87. Leonmr22

    Oh my freakin' gosh!!! AWESOME SONG, ANTHONY EVANS!!

  88. Leslie Dean

    YESSS!!! the greater the battle... the greater the victory! YHWH we praise!!

  89. Khala Sutherland

    I don't deserve it but u showed me what im worth im worth fighting for

  90. Lamond Green

    Very Powerful and inspirational. "Your fighting for me, now i don't have to anymore"...Amen..#LoveThisTrack...

  91. Juneo

    I like the song... God Bless u Anthony.. :)

  92. Cortnei Henry

    For all of those who are praying for something and feels that God isn’t listening, I think Anthony Evans said it best… “The size of the battle is measured by the prize that will be won!” So I encourage you to hold on and hold fast to all of God’s promises. Because, He knows the desires of our hearts. Have a good day!

  93. myzlovelygirl Sammi

    love the song.... real life story

  94. Este21

    beautiful song

  95. Lynn Kym

    Deutronomy 20:1-4 ME+GOD= VICTORY