Anthony Evans - Fighting For Us Lyrics

You are not flesh and bone
You are not weak or slow
You're everything brave and bold
You're fighting for us
You are not distant and cold
Your heart's not angry and closed
And even in ways we don't know
You're fighting for us

You won't hold back
When it comes to Your children
You fiercely defend us
Till we stand delivered
You're fighting for us
Always fighting for us

You've never closed Your eyes
You've never been surprised
Whatever war may rise
You're fighting for us
You move with holy rage
In all your miraculous ways
We simply stand here amazed
'Cause You're fighting for us

You won't hold back
When it comes to Your children
You fiercely defend us
Till we stand delivered
You're fighting for us
Always fighting for us
You don't back down
Facing armies of thousands
You speak one word
And they scatter around us
You're fighting for us
Always fighting for us

How great the love
The furious love
Of the one true Father
How great the love
The conquering love
Of the one true Father

You won't hold back
When it comes to Your children
You fiercely defend us
Till we stand delivered
You're fighting for us
Always fighting for us
You don't back down
Facing armies of thousands
You speak one word
And they scatter around us
You're fighting for us
Always fighting for us
Always fighting for us

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Anthony Evans Fighting For Us Comments
  1. Nicole for Christ!

    I heard you say in an interview that your Mom loves this song, and she always would request for you to play it(she has amazing taste)!😄 I love your music so much! I listen to it everyday. I love your soulful voice, its strong and beautiful! I worship God in tears as I'm singing along to your music(its so powerful). You sing with such passion and grace. My favorite song that gets me up on my feet, with my hands in the air, praising our savior is "Do it again." I guarantee your Mom is exceedingly proud of you and what you have become for Gods kingdom(kingdom man).💖 I pray Jesus blesses you and your family, and gives you peace. Your whole family has left fingerprints in my life. Thank you for doing Gods will, and ministering to us through your GREAT music! 🙌🙏💖Nicole

  2. Judy Tate

    Beautiful song. So powerful to your family.

  3. Many Blessings. Muchas bendiciones

    Wow Wow Wow

  4. Yvonne S.

    Its the 2:12 and on... it just touched my Spirit. Thank You Father! Thank You Father God for being My Father!!!

  5. Estella Trostle

    This is beautiful Anthony and team. Haven't stopped listening the past week. Our prayers are with your family. I know your Mom is cheering you on. Love you, the Trostles.

  6. Tami Bojo

    Jesus 🌺 Thank You😇 for being our savior

  7. rachelmm05

    This song is so powerful ... it gets me in the feels each time... it's a comfort to my Spirit knowing that my heavenly father is with me. tfs 🙂

  8. Dr. Christine Green

    God bless you and your family. This song was ordained by God by The Holy Ghost. It pierces the Spirit.

  9. Israel Vasquez

    Wow amazing 🙏🙏🙏

  10. SingTumo Jr

    What a beautiful moment, especially at the end with his sister embracing him. It reminds me of me and my little sister. God definitely continues to fight for my family. Thank you Jesus!

  11. kuttiepi1313

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful oh my gosh this song brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart and soul he is amazing and I am sure God is so so proud of him for singing this Amen <3

  12. Bobbi Harris

    Sing it

  13. Arlene Fisher

    your voice is saturated with the holy spirit, this song fills my soul with an abundant of re-assurance, Thank you Lord for fighting for me, you've and continue to do so, I'm here because of you

    Levern Ray

    Thank God for fighting for us! This song is such a powerful song! God bless you Anthony and family. We love you and your family.

  14. Regina Johnson

    “You speak one word and they scatter around us” 🙌🙌🙌

  15. Nerris B

    Lord Jesus, I pray for your continued anointing and blessings over the life and music of Anthony Evans, and all other true Spirit filled worship Ministers. Move them to write songs under the motivation and inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Songs that will usher the listener into the very presence of Jesus Christ. Songs that deliver the captives. Songs that will assist in the transformation of lives, and hearts all for your glory. In Jesus name amen.

  16. New Natural

    They gave such an awesome performance at calvary chapel south bay. I now have 2 of his albums.

  17. Marva Swepson

    I still say he should of won The Voice

  18. Mea S

    Mannnnn! Let me tell ya. This is my jam when I'm in the dark places of my life. It's the convincing I need to get me back to faithful thoughts and actions. I picked up your Altared CD one Sunday at Oak Cliff during a very low time in my life. I was feeling like Jonah when they cast him out of the boat. Your album is annointed--I know bc I was in tears and feeling the Holy Spirit's embrace and revelation in each song. Now, it's the CD I put on when I need a reminder, when I'm about to do something tough, and before I go to work. It stirs my spirit to let Jesus shine in and through my life.

    Thank you for all the hours and energy you invested. I can't wait to share your CDs with my loved ones for Christmas. Praying for you, your sweet and faithful family, and your ministry.

  19. Kenneth Mitchell


  20. Fred Slaughter

    Heart touching words

  21. Jayden Chamberlain

    He is a legend we are to if we love the 3 God's GOD THE FATHER,GOD THE SON,GOD THE HOLLY SPIRIT.
    WE LOVE YOU ANTHONY EVANS!!Also my mom loves his music she actually sings it

  22. Rachel Herman

    I am really not sure why people hit the thumbs down button at all! This is one of the best songs I have ever heard and there is so much passion and love in his voice and face like we are joining him in an intimate worship experience with him and God. I love this song. I listen to it often. The whole Altered CD is fantastic. It is a smooth awesome mix of the best songs out there right now in Christian music with the perfect R&B twist! It is by far my favorite CD yet. God is up to big things lately and we get to be apart of that!

  23. Joyeux Mubegelwa

    i missed word so that i let speak my heart

  24. Extraordinary Lights

    I have been listening to this song and never paid attention to the artist. I thought it was one of the songs from Overcomer. I get chills when I hear this song. What an awesome song. Thank you

  25. Bernard Brooks

    Man, This song is heaven. sent. Praise the Heavenly Father. Thanks for such a powerful song. Glory Glory to his holy name.

  26. Kenneth Mitchell

    Through Jesus death on Calvary’s Cross He gave Us Victory. It was the Blood! Amen 🙏🏾 Thank You Lord Jesus Christ our Savior Amen

  27. Naomie Saint-Sume

    I am in love with this song. This season in my life, I have been waking up singing this in my spirit. 😭

  28. Arlene wade

    I'm so blessed by this song, wish it was longer, wow Jesus

  29. Arlene wade

    Totally anointed song, God willing you’ll return to worship with us at Brooklyn tab & sing this🔥🙌🏾🙌🏾

  30. Sandrene Morton

    Such a blessing!

  31. Ella Rodriguez

    Thank you for being so Real. What an Inspiration you are to me

  32. Caren Collins

    This moment made us all cry. What a blessing

  33. Danica


  34. Erlita Novelia

    GOD... You're fighting for me, thank You for your unlimited love. I'm truly blessed to have YOU in my life.

  35. Shernet Sweet

    Good of God....I wish I could meet face to face to tell you thanks for this song

  36. Dame YAO

    j'adore cette chanson me fait du bien. puisses Dieu t'envoyer plus loin

  37. Megan Maynard

    Just saw this on the 700 club! So much truth in this 👐 praise God 😍

  38. Shan Bunny

    Please do an official video for us Mr Evans 🙏🏾

  39. Kimberly Donald

    Absolutely love this amazing Family! Grace and peace be with you and your family! Amen

  40. Jessica Hernandez

    Love this song Glory to God!!!

  41. Kimely Wilson

    Priscilla such a great example always encouraging her brother. great song

  42. Rogheln123

    Cannot stop listening to this song. What a anointed voice and message. Thank you Anthony.

  43. Tanelia Sonya Johnson


  44. Gina Gregory


  45. Danielle Rickel

    Amazing song ever and wonderful song in the world .

  46. Cynthia Adams

    As I stand, fighting an aggressive stage 4 cancer diagnosis, as a 40 year old mother of a 4 year old, I am so grateful that my Father is fighting for me! He knows how I am calling on His name - YHVH and all the changes I have made for Him, because I love Him so much! This song is such a source of encouragement!!! Whether I live or die, I win! He is SO GOOD! But my and my husband's prayer is for life and that is what we are fighting for. I'm so thankful I was able to meet this brother/sister team in Huntsville! Such a tremendous inspiration and we are praying over your family, over the work our Father is doing in your family in restoring families to their Biblical roles and we are praying over Mrs. Evans. Our Father knows exactly what trials we need to bring out Himself in us...Shalom in Yeshua's name!


    Bradley Adams my prayers are for your healing

    Lungile Ngwenya

    Keep trusting in God He is the greatest physician He will heal you keep the faith. Just ready a book by Grace Habbershaw Released to Roar it's really encouraging how she held unto Jesus for 12 years UNTIL she received her complete healing be strong and be of good courage

  47. Настя Минина

    Thank you, Anthony Evans team, for such an encouragement! He is mighty and He is fighting for us no matter what.

  48. Latonya Daniels

    I absolutely love this song.
    God is always fighting for us, when it doesn’t look the way we think it should, he’s there.

  49. Jeanne Garroway

    The song really ministered to me, but it was the depth of the hug and all that I thought was being communicated trough the hug that brought me to tears just streaming down my face! The message n the hug only the two of them and God know and I'm sure it was perfect timing!

  50. Mercy Kanyesigye

    Great music ..I love everything about the song .I'm so in love .

  51. junacebyfield

    Beautiful moment of honesty in worship! Loved witnessing the embrace from his sister Pricilla after receiving unthinkable news just days prior to this event. Praying for God's healing power and strength for your entire family.

  52. The Soaring Seaward Family

    Yesssss Lord

  53. Dorothy R

    Amen , this song is powerful, is this on your new album?

  54. sllidste

    Beautiful ♡

  55. Hazel Thompson

    How Beautiful! He is always fighting for us. Thank you Anthony it’s a brilliant rendition.

  56. Londiwe Zungu

    I can feel the presence of God, thank you Anthony.

  57. Princess Anne

    The annoiting in the Evans family is incredible. Your family is such a blessing to this generation. May the Holy Spirit strengthen and comfort your entire family during this trying time. May Wynter's girls continue to find peace and love in Christ as God continues to use your family mightly.

  58. Real4Jesus

    We are indeed His children ... what consolation to know that God our Father is fighting for us. Powerful. Min Anthony Evans and family ... hold on to that, for no matter what God Always wins!

    Princess Anne

    Right on

  59. J. Lam

    This song is right on time for me too. Your family's ministry is such a blessing. The Lord is always fighting for us because the battle happens and we feel and see it here in so many ways. God bless you guys for standing upfront. Your book, the videos, social media, etc. The faith you show is a great example for us. Thank you❤

  60. Beverley Godette

    His "furious love" what a beautiful thought. Of recent I feel at odds with God but thanks for this timely reminder that He's fighting for us. This has become my anthem of encouragement. As I said before this should win the song of the year award. Thanks Anthony. God bless

  61. Helen Jackson

    Fighting For Us.

  62. Adona Roney

    God knows I needed this song to listen to. Today I will be baptized and all week I’ve been tried, back and forth thinking I’m not good enough to be saved. The enemy tried to plague my mind with all of my sins over and over. I asked the Holy Spirit to help me stay strong keep me focused and to fight through daily.

    I truly am grateful for this song!!!

    Princess Anne

    Adona Roney The devil is a liar. You are more than a conquerer through Christ who strengthens you. You laugh at him & tell him, No weapon formed against you shall prosper not even his demonic tactics. Christ in you is the hope of your glory.

    Levern Ray

    God is truly amazing!!! Praying for your family Tony🍁

  63. LonelyEmpireMusic

    Your rendition of this song is phenomenal.

  64. DiAnna Cooper

    Very few songs move me to tears, and even fewer artists.Thank you for sharing . 🙏🏾 God bless.🙏🏾

  65. Jacq Jacq

    Wow! What an embrace... in song and in spirit! God bless!

  66. Edith N

    Such a powerful song 🙌

  67. Robyn E Robinson

    I will never forget this moment. Authentic worship takes you to a place in God that can't be explained. Amazing, Anthony!