Anthony Evans - Even More Lyrics

Why does it take
blue skies that turn to gray
for me to have something to tell you about
I'm gonna change the way that I pray
And turn it inside out

So now when I say I need you
It's not the way it was before
Your glory become
What my heart was beating for
I need you even more

Sometimes it seems like I'm serving you just for me
And sometimes I'm blinded by the things that I think I need
Time after time you opened my eyes
And take them off of me


All my own desires
Seem to fade away
In the power of the moment
When I say I need you.

[Chorus 2X]

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Anthony Evans Even More Comments
  1. Marlene Rameau

    Very nice

  2. Eunisse Ulisses Da Silva

    I need you Lord, now and then...You are the reason of my existence help me making
     my life worth living!

  3. 이과문학소년

    so good all the time... in which album is this song?

  4. Araceli salazar

    What a BEAUTIFUL SONG in Deed i need u JESUS!!!!!!!

  5. Pai S

    I love this song and it's a constant reminder to remember who God is in our lives.

  6. carterboy66

    Anthony you were wonderful tonight on the Voice

  7. icecream7yum1

    Saw The Passion of the Christ yesterday
    So touched by God's great love for humanity
    I need you even more Jesus!
    Great song!!

    Marlene Rameau

    love it