Anthony Evans - Consumed Lyrics

What's my hearts condition
Haunted by my decisions
What's happened to me, I'm not who I wanted to be
No sense of direction
Where are my convictions
More than anything I want freedom from these chains

Consume me with your fire
Reveal and uncover
Impurity in me
Until your glory is seen
Destroy the disguises
Until my heart beats only for You
I want to be consumed

Move me like only You can
Break me until I'm your man
More than ever before I want to be radically Yours
Use my imperfections
Fix my double vision
Make me new I'm running and won't stop til you

Covered by grace
Held captive by mercy
I want them to look at me and only see you
I want to be Consumed

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Anthony Evans Consumed Comments

    I like it.

  2. Maya Cherry

    Yes, father God consume every evil unGodly things in us that are not of you in the name of Jesus🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💟💝

  3. justify popo

    i didn't notice that lyrics

  4. marcio olveira

    Muito bom

  5. guilherme nogueira

    Beautiful praise

  6. Lyric kouadio

    Dieu te benisse Anthony

  7. Ignited Praise Dance Co.

    Thanks so much! God Bless you as well

  8. blahblah0614

    I'm glad that you enjoyed this song. It is one of my favorites and so wonderfully describes how we should all desire God's presence and provision in our lives. I saw your dance video, "I need you by Eddie James". You have a gift and clear passion. It's wonderful to see that you are using it to bring honor and glory to our Savior! God Bless :)

  9. Ignited Praise Dance Co.

    I was looking for a song to dance to and I just spoke the the very words he sung. I said," I wanted to have my fire for God ignited even more and just be consumed by him",and then I find this song. I guess I know my what song I will be praise dancing to next. God continues to prove his presence in my life more and more each day and I'm so grateful and thankful for his presence.

  10. Cynthia Jessica

    Lord, this is not a song! it is a prayer
    "Consume me with your fire
    Reveal and uncover
    Impurity in me
    Until your glory is seen
    Destroy the disguises
    Until my heart beats only for You
    I want to be consumed"


  11. Andrea Mesa

    Hit me like a ton of bricks, the words where taken straight from my heart. Sometimes, I think how could I think like this with such an amazing God but my ultimate desire is to be consumed by Him and no one else.

  12. liluv1987

    love this guy!

  13. Sandra Colon

    The Lord waits for you to give yourself to him. He is worthy of all praise!!!!

  14. Wanessa Rosseline Ferreira

    Muitoo muitoo Bom... =D Eu quero ser consumido pelo teu fogo Deus!

  15. jessica nazaire

    in love .. praises to the king JESUS CHRIST

  16. Goodguy914

    Loving this so much.... I love all his music. They are so inspirational and uplifting ansd speak the truth about all i want to say and need to say....



  18. meltrin56

    really loving this song

  19. Msheyitsrae

    @KeshaRoyster This is an old song from 2006 off of his album "Letting Go".

  20. blahblah0614

    One of my favorites from Anthony Evans! Hope you enjoy :)