Anthony Evans - Come Home Lyrics

Drifting away so many times
searching for something I could never find
living live on my own
wondering why I felt so alone
knew I was wrong but my pride
stood in the way I was so blind
that's when I heard you say
those words that changed my life

Come home this is where you belong
In my arms it's been far too long
I've waited for this day to come
So my son
Please won't you come home

So I ran to you wondering why
I'd ever choose to leave you behind
Longing now for your love
Cause nothing I tried was ever enough
To satisfy my hearts desire
And mend my broken spirit inside
My whole world changed
when your voice I heard you said


I was afraid all the pain I caused
would forever mean that I'd be lost
but no matter how far I run
you said I'd always be your son


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