Anthony Evans - Ask Lyrics

Ask and it will be given to you
Seek and you will find.
Knock and the door will be opened to you
Just ask

For everyone who asks receives
And everyone who seeks will find
And everyone who knocks
The door will be opened, opened to you

Just ask...

We ask for our Healing
We ask for Salvation
We ask for our Breakthrough
We ask for the Nations
We ask for your Power
We ask for your Presence
We ask
We ask

Everyone who asks receives
And everyone who seeks will find
And everyone who knocks
The door will be opened, opened to you

All you gotta do is ask...

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Anthony Evans Ask Comments
  1. Dr. Christine Green

    Again, a true message from God through His messenger for All His children.

  2. Mpielong Mkhwie

    I just spent more than 20 minutes trying to remember who sings this song. I need some faith soooo bad. I want my sister and my man to get jobs. They are qualified but somehow the devil keeps knocking my faith. Well I know that when I ask in the name of Jesus all will be GIVEN INTO ME. GODS PROMISES ARE YES AND AMEN.

    Robert Williams

    Amen God is good

  3. belyse Munezero

    Love this song MAY God bless you

  4. x Kr


  5. Grasela Astride Ministries

    Hmmmmm amen

  6. Marie Vurobaravu

    Mathew 7:7 ..Amen..Blessed.😇

  7. Ylad Suyam

    One of my fav gospel artistes...God bless you Anthony!

  8. Iperepolu Mercy

    love d song .but don't no where to download it.

  9. Saydekon Reeves

    Incredible and Gifted Songster-Proud Sounds of Liberty Alum!

  10. Saydekon Reeves S.eek K.nock

  11. Eugenia T

    This is true! I know because I have done so myself.. But ask wholeheartedly. Thank you Jesus xxx from England with love:)

    Nani Kwesi

    Eugene here. Ur twin brother from Ghana

  12. Jasett Wilson

    Lord help me to find the words!!! This song takes me to a place beyond words. Yes Lord!!! I ask for your presence!!! Lord continue to bless and use Mr. Anthony Evans for your glory and honor. May he always choose to listen to your voice and be obedient. My first time hearing this song and I am sooooo blessed. I've been so caught up on the other songs eg. See you Again, Your Great Name, Mercy Tree etc... never knew another beautiful one existed. Thank you Jesus!! I love you Lord!! I just love songs that pulls me in the presence of the King.

  13. Jean-baptiste bonda

    May God continue to have inspiration. i Luv your song ask Anthony evans

  14. Ray Mejia

    May the Lord bless you Anthony
    .! This is what people need, trust Jesus with their heart and soul🙏🙏🙏🙏

  15. Marthe Alexis

    I was listening to this all day at work today. Thank you Anthony for sharing this message.

    Desire Bata

    Its a very powerful song.God bless you Evans

    Robert Williams

    Amen Glory to God 🙌🙌🙌

  16. CaptMoo

    Just heard this song tonight at his concert in Coral Springs... SO AWESOME!!!! POWERFUL!!!

  17. Kay Yang

    Thank you Anthony for sharing your heart and talent!! Your tone is soft yet strong! Beautiful! Love it!

    Robert Williams

    Amen yes I love his Gospel music God is good 🙌🙌🙌

  18. Maya Cherry

    I love this song. Nice.