Anthony David - Sweet Pain Lyrics

Well, I’d like to get you to my place
and take things just as far as you’ll let ‘em
hopin’ you’ll keep callin’ my name
I been watchin’, waitin’, hopin’, wishin’
we could get it on together
let me introduce you to some sweet pain

Ah, the moon is high, the lights are low
and I don’t think you’re ready to go
There’s too much tension, can we just let it out?
Ah, just a little time, a taste of wine
the gist of you is on my mind
let me know, are you open?
when I comfort you, do you warm to me?
Oh, just follow where I lead you.
It’s so hard to find good company
you know, the human in we need to
Oh, darlin


Ah, the music’s right, tonight’d the night
and I don’t know why you’re actin’ shy
time’s wastin’, can we just let it out?
Oh, it’s a simple equation, I been waitin’, patient,
I’m sayin’, we both know you are open
Ah, baby, jus roll with me, let your mind be free
Yes, just follow where I lead you
It’s so hard to find good company
The human in we need to


I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna sit down
Just a little longer [3x]


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Anthony David Sweet Pain Comments
  1. Theodore Cruz

    🎵 ANTHONY DAVID sweet pain 🔼🔼🔼🔼 🎼 soulful play back done onyx shine ♠

  2. SuperRowdyone

    Isley Brothers brought me here💯

  3. Steel City's Comedy Groove & Podcasts

    This Is 🔥🔥🔥🔊🎵🎵🎵🔊🎵🎵🎵

  4. Leah Judea

    I FOUND IT!! I've been looking for this song for years! Like years! I never knew he sung it. He's my favorite! 😍😊❤❤❤💋

  5. Locs of Love


  6. MTPFB

    2019😜 FYI: must have good speakers to fully appreciate the voice and sound😎

  7. Darlene Hampton

    I am so in love with Anthony David, just got introduce to his music, and it is fabulous.

  8. A J

    Very sexy song

  9. Liza Mitchell

    Oh wow my first time hearing this song.

  10. James Johnson

    Its soooo hard to find good company

  11. Dianne Banks

    you Anthony so soothing smoothing. you're c culture correct a music of correct vibes and vocals are awesome this songs are talents

    Dianne Banks

    ohh darling my name .. you have the qualities to lead. . words of lyrics ... Call My Name ..

  12. Keisha Kenya Stiger

    This is my jam & I always dance 💃🏾 when I listen to this song!

    - I would like to Trade Kanye west & Jay Z for brotha Anthony David!


    And I #SecondThatEmotion! He's making real music that touches u!!

  13. Thelma R. Mitchell

    can you please add your songs and videos to your Anthony David Channel we would like to support you.

  14. Michelle Sample

    i wish they still made music like this

  15. Michelle Sample

    hoping u be calling my name

  16. Leon White

    I had to make another comment I mean this hits hard

  17. Leon White

    all I have to say is man I miss this kind of music it's that grown up shit

  18. Meeka B

    this is what a black man sounds like. 💖🎶

  19. maxfanforever NurseDeb


  20. Shay

    amazing voice,beautiful

  21. hypnosquirrel

    nice soulful voice. song/melody doesnt exploit his talent fully.

  22. Dr. Earl

    he should let this song be the staple of how his style is , cause this song is the truth

  23. Patricia Wright

    Yessss David!!!❤

  24. Melissa


  25. Norma Highsmith


  26. jamie johnson

    That voice.....yessssss!!!!!!!

  27. Jocelyn Chavez

    love his music!we want moreeee!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Candice Michelle

    I love his soulful voice. I could listen to him all day'

  29. Kitty F. Simms

    Anthony David is THE TRUTH! #hugeFan
    And I know he's a great guy! I see him in Old 4th Ward (Atlanta) all the time and the energy he projects is simply great!

  30. Regina Cee

    I really enjoy this song it sounds like a little Isley Brothers sample for the beat. Love the lyrics and of Course Anthony Soulful tone.

  31. Angalica Alabaster

    What a sexy song this is. Nice.......

  32. Eboni Whitfield

    I am so in love with Anthony David. I literally listen to him everyday! 

    Eboni Whitfield

    I love him as an artist. Listen to his stuff. He got this song called cheating man I loooooooooove. 


    This video is so him much like him too.  He silly!

  33. Felicia Monae Ballet

    Still loving this song!! Mmm Mmmm Mmmmm!!! ;) 

  34. Ecclesiastes

    This is that rich mahogany, feel good, grown man,just got paid JAM!!!!!!


    LOL "rich mahogany, grown man, just got paid JAM"! YESSSS! I've been a fan for about 8yrs now. I need him to do more live appearances!

  35. Ecclesiastes

    Man this just shows you that real music is dying this guy is making great music but not to many people even know he exist 

    Dianne Banks

    He does talented and blessed

  36. leesha812000

    I'm going to need BET bring back Video Soul. That is how I used to hear about a lot of the lastest R&B or on Midnight Love. Thank goodness for pandora or else I wouldn't have heard of him. I love his music!

  37. Alondia Upshaw

    This song be jammin they don't play it enough.A lot of people never heard of him.

  38. lightsoulful

    I AGREE!!!

  39. Marishia Whittaker

    he really is it's ashame

  40. Paula Estefanía Caracas

    Love it!

  41. Motivator06

    More!!! My ears, heart and soul are screaming MORE of Anthony David!!!! AD is the truth!

  42. Mira Raye Smith

    Refreshing to my musical palette!

  43. jas mul


  44. Cynthia Williams

    Love his music!

  45. allanya74

    Anthony David is the truth...

  46. EmzooH

    He so U.N.D.E.R.R.A.T.E.D !!!

  47. Carlos Flow


  48. Anita Cupid

    I'm loving it yo every beat Anthony sings to is so fly smooth jazzish dope im mad it took me so long to know this!

  49. larenzohunt

    Bringing it like the late great Barry White...Smooth!!

  50. CaronAplus


  51. aquarianrealm

    Anthony David got IT GOING ON...

  52. ThrowbackSoul

    Anthony David has stepped out of that neo-soul cliche sound to make some real soulful gem. Nice.

  53. Tania P

    Wow, he reminds me of a modern day Marvin Gay. Real smooth.

  54. Jay kruga

    Just over 30,900 likes! What do people listen to?

  55. Bee Grizzly

    this is pretty dam smooth.... grown man ish

  56. KokuTV

    I heard he has TWENTY-FIVE baby MAMAS.....

    Jamilah S

    I can see why

  57. Melani Y

    I'd like to do this to my husband...

  58. babybuddha62

    I've only recently heard of Anthony David. Great voice. Very... hmmm... :-). It just covers you like a cool cotton sheet. Delicious. Love this song, but the video doesn't do him (or the song) justice. It could have been done so much better. It would have been better with him just singing on his own, whilst actors did the sensual acting bits. Would have been a lot sexier. He didn't look comfortable. Looked like he just wanted to sing.

  59. Ken33ok

    Dude has a smoothed voice, been a fan for years now and excited my lady and i will be attending his performance at Jazz & Jokes tn this weekend!!!!

  60. StrwbryMuffin

    He reminds me of Morris Chestnut.

  61. EmzooH

    Very good jam !!!

  62. AeliciaMechele

    My song...

  63. BRENDA a

    love him

  64. Estella Eze

    Love this song.We need more views. Good music never gets recognized!

  65. wilwat9

    Nice vibe!!!

  66. Keith James


  67. Melani Y

    Oooo! I cannot remember anything so sexy since I first heard "Homeless" by Charlie Wilson. Me and Charlie any place any where any time! My hubby will just have to feel me!?!

  68. Dean Hiine

    this is just too beautiful..

  69. feleshajay

    I love!love! love! Anthony David he is the truth!

  70. Mandi w

    I love this jam! We need more music like this!

  71. Cupcakes_01

    Omgg i just found this today!! Wow :)

    Dianne Banks

    Cupcakes_01 yes yes the man his music

  72. lacrews10

    real r and b. much love

  73. snowbaby1982

    It's about time some real grown folks music! Silky smooth voice and all if that chocolate goodness, such a good combo! Really feeling this song.

  74. msangela2525

    I am so feeling this cut right here.

  75. msangela2525

    i so agree with you. he is really good.

  76. Becky Lynn

    Who is this lovely chocolate man? Where has he been hiding?

  77. L Boogie

    Absolutely love this song!!!! Love your voice track all of it!

  78. Althea Wilkins

    Damn!!!! Good music to groove to!!

  79. Shan Sett

    I totally agree !

  80. Brent Foster

    This joint BUMPS!!!!

  81. SexxyRedEnt

    feeling all tingly inside.... : )


    loving this song

  83. lovejonenmuse

    You can definitely say that again!

  84. desertdivva

    Such Beautiful Music. Such a Beautiful Man. Simply Sexy.

  85. Paola Monroy


  86. ladycat629

    Love his voice

  87. ladycat629

    I agree

  88. Andrietta W.

    He is awesome!!! This is what needs to be playing in constant rotation...I don't know what in the world happened to 'GREAT' music!

  89. dontcopyme

    Im actually working today ... this song is getting me through ....

  90. Dennecia Carter

    I love this song... he can sing to me anytime. Kind of sounds like Will Downing

  91. drea rose

    i think he's so gorgeous

  92. Katera Kiitten

    I love this man. I feel bad I'm so late listening to his music.

  93. Shea Foster

    a rising star!!! i will b lookn out 4 him

  94. misscstarr1988

    I've been following Anthony David's music for a while now, and I can affirm that he doesn't disappoint! His material is so soulful and organic. So excited to see him in concert on Nov. 10, and the album release on Nov. 13. Smooth, seductive record. Love it. THIS is music.

  95. Monica Coleman

    I love love this song. Its soulful, grown and sexy!

  96. aleycat526

    this song is the much soul..this is what r&b is suppose to sound like....great job Anthony it!!!

  97. goldboots1911

    Everyone please take note... This is what real music sounds like!

  98. roxiedeva09

    Another great one love it!!!

  99. Nessa1101

    I love this man... reminds me of that last chocolate m&m in the bottom of the bag... just damn yummy...

  100. Bitesize1991

    he is so underrated :( more people need to stop sleeping on him <3 :)