Anthony David - Let Me In Lyrics

Ah, ah, oh yeah
Let me in, oh
Oh, yeah

You're gonna be a really hard egg to crack
The more you try to resist, the more I keep wantin' that
You got that ADT on your heart, it keeps stoppin' before you start
Givin' me the run around, feelin' like I'm on a track

How long you're gon' keep me knockin' at your door?
(How long?)
How long you're gon' keep on treatin' me like
I'm the one that hurt you before?

How long you're gon' keep me standing in the cold?
(How long?)
How long before you let me in your soul?

Let me in, won't you?
(Let me in)
Let me in, yeah
(Let me in)

Tell me when you gonna
(Let me in)
Let me in, oh
(Let me in)

Seems there's always a mountain to climb
Seems like I'm always telling myself, gonna take a little more time
Sendin' mixed signals and it's keepin' me in confusion
Please don't keep makin' excuses

How long can you just let time keep slippin' away?
(How long?)
How long you're gon' keep our future from being today?

How long you're gon' let our flight keep gettin' delayed?
(How long?)
How long you're gon' keep us from havin' it made?
(What do you say?)

Let me in, oh
(Let me in)
Let me in, oh
(Let me in)

Let me in
(Let me in)
Let me in, oh, whoa
(Let me in)

See it on my face, I can't even hide it, baby
What's it gonna take for you to make your mind up, girl?
Should I walk away, am I wastin' time here, baby?
I don't wanna wait forever

Won't you let me in, won't you let me in?
('Cause I need you)
Won't you make your mind up, baby?
(I've got to have you, baby)
Are we wastin' time here, baby?

Won't you let me in?
(Don't you see it in my face, baby?)
Won't you make your mind up, baby?
(Tell me how long)
Are we wastin' time here, baby?

Won't you let me in?
(Just wanna love you)
Won't you make your mind up, baby?
(Just let me in)
Are we wastin' time here, baby?

Won't you let me in?
Won't you make your mind up, baby?

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Anthony David Let Me In Comments
  1. Ms G

    His voice just does something to me seductive, smooth, grown man stuff 🔥 🔥

  2. Richard Brown

    This song is the ish

  3. Al R3rd

    That bass line insane

  4. Neta Pollard

    love it.

  5. Richard Brown

    this song is very soulfull

  6. LibertarianGal20009

    No sense why this man hasn't blew up yet. Even if it's within the black community, he should be a household name and several Grammys under his belt.

  7. Eboni Whitfield

    Forever love this man!

  8. Angeletha Maaja

    Awesome (Detroit style) ballroom song!!!

  9. B Ready

    I did not know he sang this WE PACK THE FLOOR @Ballroom & Stepping events...1 OF DANCERS ALL TIME FAVS THAT NVA GET OLD.

  10. Angelena Scruggs

    Love that A. David style & voice! !

  11. blueskiesclearwater

    Headed to see him at City Winery Atlanta

  12. Tiara Cofield

    I love this man and his music so much!!!

  13. Janet Stephens


  14. Executive Woman

    I love this brother here!

  15. Richard Brown

    yes this song is hot

  16. hlbee224

    people continue to say "They don't make music anymore" I'll keep saying "You're not looking on the right places" He's solid! It's a shame I had to seek him out!!!

  17. Victoria Riley

    I'm old school and I'm digging this groove.This reminds me of the old G's that could sing like Nate Dogg..

  18. Natasha Primus

    Omg I wanted to his wife when I was a kid at 26 I've miss you. I stop listening to his songs for many years

  19. Kim Harris


  20. Ms. Imani E.

    I’ve been looking for this song for so long! I remember when I first heard it on the music channel on direct tv

  21. Lori Simons

    He is appreciated every time I hear him

  22. Tracie Walker

    Love him he is perfect live omg

  23. Debra Henly

    Listening to this powerful mind blowing artist music. Never heard of this young man. Yes keep the movement alive. My brother you are awesome.

  24. fatima knippel

    Adorooo! Tks!

  25. mmchamk4


  26. Maggie Smith

    Fab Album. Still play it loads.

  27. Carolyn Boisseau

    Still feeling this Dude in DC

  28. smil3206

    Wow! Just heard this for first time on Sirius! This is that joint!

  29. Kimberly Conner

    I love this man 😍😍

  30. Carolina Lanfair

    Anthony David, your smooth music/vocals are delicious! Love me some AD!

  31. Introvert 49

    Love This Guy

  32. Cady Herron

    This song is so dope! I love his music... This type of music is what should be on the airwaves, not the trash that's out now. Way to go, AD.

  33. Meeka B

    the story of me and my crushhh..

  34. GROUCHO716

    They lose their minds in Chi-Town on this one, Steppin & Skating... WestSide stand-up !!!!!

  35. maxfanforever NurseDeb

    I can hear you and Anthony Hamilton doing something together...... WOW

  36. Brent Foster

    Man. How many times has this song echoed the sentiments of my heart?

  37. Prientice Hooks

    I've been listening to this song for two days str8

  38. Von Diddle


  39. Mikhail Howard

    he is so under rated

  40. Crystal Covington

    I love this song. The first time I herd it I was like this is the one....

  41. Jade Sousa

    Amo essa música

  42. Noureddine Meddeb

    bravo from tunisia

  43. Derrick Dabney

    love this my baby song it is so hot riding music

  44. God's sun/son JBP777/sodomite slayer

    baby its cold outside.ths tun muvs a brthr n a rel way.directions:just add sista.

  45. Julius Gonzales

    I Can't believe I missed this reaching out smooth cut until now. This is Utica, New York!


    its a shame powerful and special artist are not appreciated. we need fans like us to keep this movement alive.

    Virgo Tee

    JAMES AUSTIN Agreed!!!

    Sugah Kane

    It's not that they're not appreciated, mainstream don't allow them any air time.

  47. Eloise Moore

    I love this. I just heard on iheart radio

  48. Rhonda Williams

    I wrote this same song in my diary recently..just recently heard this song - wow it's amazing and so fits my situation.

  49. Raina Young

    Funky yet Smooooth 😍

  50. D S H E A

    Thank you XM Radio

  51. BIGLEE718 718

    this my song right here

  52. T. Michael1415

    Love is smooth soultry vibe..

  53. Jaye Rah

    god ❤❤❤❤

  54. Jeff White

    he is in Baltimore tonight good show

  55. SugarCookies1091

    Aspire's Jam session brought me here! I love the vibe of this song! True neo-soul at its best right here! I love his voice

  56. Graduation 2k17

    Just listened to it from aspire jam sessions

  57. Charlene Woodley

    These harmonies though <3

  58. Erica Cochran

    I Love his voice and this song!

  59. Contessa Green

    This song is so HAWT! The Chicago Steppers Love this.....

  60. Ro Thompson

    Just heard this for the 1st time on Pandora the other day. This track is crazy soulful. I like this!!!

    Kaye Jeye

    Ro Thompson Yes dude is J-razy wit it...

  61. MotorCityMissy313

    You absolutely did this tonight!! Loved the show....... you are totally awesome!

  62. MotorCityMissy313

    You absolutely did this tonight!! Loved the show....... you are totally awesome!

  63. veronica ponteen


  64. Shon Lamont

    This the kind of music that stirs your soul

  65. Dingui Elysée Wilfried

    Woaw! this guy makes real NeoSoul!!!

  66. drew2truth

    Loving the vibes

  67. bittyrock

    Serious Deep NeoSoul.

  68. James Edwards

    Funky dude. I love this guy

  69. drdeezy20

    Steppers Jam

  70. Sandra Coleman

    This is shit:-)!

  71. briuna clark

    this soong is soo beautiful. doesn't even need a music video


    Love this

  73. Jessica Mack

    Luv this!!

  74. honey200410

    OMG this song is hot!! Lyrics are amazing!

  75. Tanya Astin

    I love his voice...and these lyrics are beautiful.

  76. icurvygurl Jennifer

    This song woke up me from my sleep about 2:30am. His voice is so.....I love it!!!

  77. LeAndre Muhammad


  78. jamaal foster

    this is hot heard this on direct channel had to find it you go boy in my martin lawrence voice lol

  79. Ms. Elle

    "How long you gonna let our flight keep getting delayed"....luv it..genius :-)

  80. Max wood

    is this neo-soul

  81. Melanie King

    I love this!!!! There is no voice like his

  82. Venise Louis

    Just got acquainted with Anthony David's music today (2 songs so far), thanks-- nice sound


    it's a shame someone so talented is relegated to venues like youtube... I love his metaphors & his knack for targeting how I feel & saying it just as I would!

  84. jayla davis

    Its ashame i have to listen to Tv music to hear Good Music

  85. Mobetta2feelmee

    this guy is amazing...i have directv and heard this song on my music channel and searched..i love that his voice is silky smooth but a lil raspy at the same time:-)

  86. misscstarr1988

    I adore this record. Love the way his soulful voice embraces the instrumental. Continue making phenomenal music, Mr. David!

  87. Shae Lilly

    Ooo I love that voice!! lol

  88. Danna Kiel

    @shutahekup Shannon Sanders is the truth....

  89. Kushtiemutsie

    I heard this song in McDonalds and I shazam'ed it! Love it!

  90. shutahekup

    Great song. Love Shannon Sanders background vocals.

  91. NegativeFreee


    i feel the same way ! his voice is soo amazing

  92. Willba Force

    Just beautiful! I could listen to this over and over and over! What a gorgeous voice 😍

  93. DSTSoliloquy

    sexiest track on the album! Love this!!!

  94. Ahmed Salahud-Din

    This whole cd is fire...Anthony David is surely on his way to stardom..natural talent

  95. Octavia Jones

    i listen to this song all the time !! " let me in ? " lol

  96. chris bailey

    This is so Hot. I've played this so much I can write the treatment for the video. Love it Good Music

  97. Anthony Turner

    THIS ALL I JAM!!!!!