Anthony David - I Don't Know Lyrics

I get a warm, warm summer feeling
Walking through the snow
Even chilly darkness
Has the brightest glow

And I just love you so
Sometimes I just don't know
I just don't know
I just don't know
I just don't know

I say that time just seems
To help this wondrous feeling grow
Maybe I might wake up early one morning
And find it isn't so

But I just love you so
Sometimes I just don't know
I just don't know
I just don't know
I just don't know

I just don't know
I just don't know
I just don't know
I just don't know

You got me feeling just like a rich man
Haven't got a dime
Feeling like a young man, but
But I'm old as father time

And I just love you so
Sometimes I just don't know
I just don't know
I just don't know
I just don't know
I just don't know
I just don't know
I just don't know, yeah yeah
Just don't know

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Anthony David I Don't Know Comments
  1. MseeF

    who else came here coz of searching for Manoo Remixes?

  2. aubs ratshibvumo thagalu

    Thanks black coffee for taking me here

  3. Richard Griffiths

    only my 2nd listen and i know i will be listening to this song for the rest of my life.

  4. Angel Morales

    Also discovered in October 2019

  5. Mandlakazi Tyafile

    discovered in October 2019

  6. Njabulo Maphumulo

    Forex Broker Killer brought me here

  7. given dlamini

    Louie Vega brought me here

  8. Paola Martínez Asanelli

    💙💙🙌👏👏👏👏🌠🎩!!!LOVE,LOVE , LOVE this!!!!!!

  9. Zakes DeepAce

    It's 2019 and i'm still here, what a killer jam.

  10. Stephanie Northern

    That harmonica is haunting!!!!!!!!

  11. Ryszard Ochódzki

    white coffe plus two sugars brought me here

  12. Denny Harris

    My man at work introduced me to this tune i think ill love him forever

  13. Vanessa G X

    Long love with this 😍😍❤️

  14. Dzoni Dendzos

    kolko je balkanaca ovde zbog crne kafe?

  15. Zama Madide

    Where was I all this time!!! Discovered in Jan 2019!

  16. Prince Garfield Mthembu

    Reminds me of a late friend Sfiso Jomba Majola R.I.P

  17. MrRcndad5

    This right here just dont make any sense. I was literally in my car in a trance. Like thank God I was parked....Whew!

  18. Mendes carlos

    still vibe on this track up to now , its too sick..................

  19. Mazwi Ndebele

    Priceless moments on this jam

  20. Sergio Escudero

    Iam here because I've been listening to Deep House since 1992 so i know what Deep House sounds like...

  21. Sergio Escudero

    Too Deep!!!

  22. Tumelo

    2019 Still loving this tune

  23. Marcos Valdés

    here because of black coffee but lets big up Manoo for his fantastic remixes!!

  24. Agostinho Freitas nice track

    Is not black coffee ☕ is mannooooooo caralho

  25. Tebogo Tai

    This track still give me khenkhenanis.

  26. Micky Nev

    love it

  27. Chemutai Enitan

    After black coffee, next stop Manoo 🙌😍

  28. Thaba Madlala

    I came here cause of

  29. sibeleivissa


  30. Katlego Jack

    David Anthony 💪👌I don't know ke bosso...

  31. Dance Mabu

    i came here because of black coffee

  32. Rare Rhino Studios, LLC

    This rocks what classic

  33. OjBlack100


  34. Skyjuice4U

    Black Coffee brought me here 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  35. Feel The Music

    My all time jam

  36. tonitsa2310


  37. siyabonga magagula

    black coffee mst b a house president

  38. Paul Keletso


  39. Paul Keletso

    One my favourite songs,

  40. Sophia Spyratou

    I was listening to DJ Micks "Hamba" and brought me to this.  #BlackCoffee is the MAN

  41. Infin8Arkitekt nc

    Black Coffee came here cause of Dave Anthony & Bervelei Brown

  42. Robert Williams

    It's been a minute since a Club/ Dance tune has hit my soul so deeply.
    I can't wait to dance to this at a House Music venue.
    It's all systems go. That's all I have to say.



  44. Tumelo Tholoane

    m here coz of black coffee

  45. Boitumelo Kolokoto

    My manoo voyage ishh still listening 2018 till death

  46. Dauntless

    I found my way here after Derrick May's Boiler Room's Ballantine's True Music Hybrid Sounds. Random Shazam gave me the song name. :D

  47. Essomy Iikango

    Glen Lewis brought me here

  48. Valerie Boothe

    omg soooooh sexy this music💕

  49. Thabang Matube

    lyrics somebody please

  50. lebea elvis

    seems like most of us came here because of Black Coffee

  51. socabonita

    this song makes me wanna like my like...

  52. Athi Masvuye Gqala

    masambe kau

  53. Thandeka Maphumulo

    I am captured yazi.

  54. abbi Medina


    abbi Medina

    ❤ gracias por hacer que m desconecte d la realidad un par d hora m encanta
    Tu música ❤❤

  55. Chris Record

    Γιατί το No1 μουσικό κανάλι στην Afro House στο YouTube να είναι από Έλληνα? Μήπως ξέρουμε να ακούμε καλή μουσική τελικά?

  56. siyabonga rasmeni

    Its 2017 now and am still banging this track..I DONT KNOW WHY I FEEL THIS WAY (I CAN RELATE)


    They don't make them like this anymore

  58. Rudzani Raedani

    I am here for the bass to annoy my neighbors and vocals to raise the crowed with similar interests as me.

  59. Neil Johnson

    Goose bump music.....fab a doo dee. Love it so much .mmmmmmmmm

  60. TNS SKR

    Gets better and better every single time

  61. Tony Damiton Campelo

    coffee coffee

  62. Hammerton32

    heard again tonight -- i had almost forgotten how sexy and soulful this track is.

  63. LL84 xxx

    Black coffee, doing more to unite the world than anybody right now

  64. vee ray

    This song though. puts me in a calm mode

  65. nkosi mthembu

    Thanks Black Coffee

  66. ntandoyenkosi Gordon

    This song is a killer track... I dance till I drop like literally.

  67. Shingi Mhindurwa

    May 2017 still rocking...!!

  68. soulman

    anyone liking this type of music should check out
    I've been collecting music from here for 10 years. latest tracks released daily. awesome site in the states.

  69. Keven Black

    Very Nice House

  70. afrogroov

    ha, Manoo Voyage mix brought me here, his harmonica dub mix intrigued me.....then landed here and recognized the vocals from that mixmag mix black coffee all made sense! #AFROGROOV #Manoo #BlackCoffee

  71. Michael Kogl

    i love this 😎


    same here

  72. yanto aos

    Fuck black coffee I came for a beatboxer(Kenny urban )

  73. sasha chambisha

    Gosh, i am also here because of Black Coffee


    many of the listeners

  74. abbi Medina


  75. Fernando Diaz

    BC...demasiado good

  76. lerato mofokeng

    This song has that "Thing".....i cant even explain.I love this song

  77. Lindiwe Nteo

    Coffee brought me here

  78. Chief Mokone

    Black coffee brought me here

  79. Mfundo Brian

    still gold, Manoo is a legend

  80. Nhlanhla Tumi

    Aaahshu, iyebo !!


    Cant get over le track.. SOOO many memories!

  82. Gregory mthemba

    I dnt know why i LOVE THIS SONG THIS WAY

  83. lanre osinowo

    In Black Coffee we Trust

  84. Apiwe Batala

    This track track is pure genius!!!! Fire

  85. Robert Miawa

    Black coffee brought me here. A hidden treasure this is.

  86. Zipora Linzer

    Just read your information, totally agree and am speachless as to how to describe this incredible mix and both David and Beverly and everything or everyone else involved in this video. Just AMAZING!!!!

  87. Philani Goba

    Emmanuel Kossi AKA king daddy Manoo!!!

  88. Miguele Menekise

    Killer Harmonica, Manoo always brings it let alone Black Coffee... Absolute Genius at work!

  89. William Makau

    A lifelong track hits whenever.....

  90. vico musa

    what a mix a great one goes down with black motions moves

  91. Paulo Sousa

    respect 🔥🔥

  92. Kananelo Phanuel Mokhachane

    This is Coffee's doing :'( I love this song.... Manoo!!! Fam this is unbelieveable stuff... vocals and everything... this song takes to a place of bliss and happiness.

  93. Mxolisi nkosingiphile

    october 2016 bt still inlv...#the pain jst gets deeper...that line though

    Onke Kweyama

    I will be rocking December with it baba

  94. Ipeleng Madia

    *Mind Blown!!!!* #because_Black_Coffee

  95. thulaganyo maroba

    I love this song. That harmonica just kills me 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Kananelo Phanuel Mokhachane

    Right?? :D

  96. Thembinkosi Gule

    I would like to say 1 word ( wow )