Anthony David - Getaround Lyrics

Baby girl, I truly adore you
Before we go further
I just thought I should tell you

I've never been known
To be totally faithful
But to be brutally honest
I don't know if I may [?]

It's best that I give you the real
And you can decide how you feel
Break it down
A woman deserves to know the truth, babe

I get around
I get around

You're such a sweet thing
I wouldn't wanna hurt you
If I could change my ways
I would change 'em for you

I can't make no promises
Except that I try
To make sure that my actions
Reflect what I feel inside

I thought this would just be a phase
That things would get better with they
And they have
Not in the way that you need them to

I get around
I get around
I get around, oh
I get around, yeah, babe, oh yeah

Baby, I kind to like you girl
Really have a love my eye
Baby, get to know you soon
As I seen you walking by

Why I gotta tell you this
'Fore we go any further
[?] dealing with
Dealing with the [?]

Baby girl, you know I get around
Shawty, you know I get around

I get around
I get around

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