Anthony David - Can't Look Down Lyrics

Can't look down
No I can't look down baby
I'm afraid I might enjoy the view
No I can't look down baby
I'm afraid I'll fall in love with you

[Verse 1:]
I'm afraid if I look into your eyes girls
Gonna like what I see
I'm afraid if I hold you in my arms girl
It's where I want you to be
I'm afraid if I let you in my heart girl
Gonna change the beat
I'm afraid if I let you in my life girl
You're gonna make it complete

So I can't look
No I can't look down baby
I'm afraid I might enjoy the view
No I can't look down baby
I'm afraid I'll fall in love with you

[Verse 2:]
I'm afraid if I kiss you on your lips girl
I might get carried away
I'm afraid if I let you in my dreams girl
Then I'll never awake girl
I'm afraid if I look into my future
That you're gonna be there
Tell you what I'm afraid of the most is
That I won't even care

[Chorus: x2]
So I can't look
No I can't look down baby
I'm afraid I might enjoy the view
No I can't look down baby
I'm afraid I'll fall in love with you

[Bridge: x2]
I just might want you girl
I just might need you girl
I just might want you girl
I just might need you girl

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Anthony David Can't Look Down Comments
  1. kuraidjinn

    11 people looked down😶

  2. kuraidjinn

    You're welcome, Ashley

  3. jamie johnson

    His voice is so sensual

  4. Nakia Lindsey

    Cant look down or back love this joint.....

  5. Angela Michelle Riley

    Great song...

  6. shellydiva15

    Everytime I hear his music I fall in love with it. The most underrated r&b artist in my opinion.

  7. Julie Sowerby


  8. MissM2288

    Love, love, LOVE this! Did I say I love this?


    This is music!!!!

  10. ThaTCPS

    for real this song is hot!

  11. Tru Straub

    He is just awesome PERIOD. Love Anothing David man.. smh. Huge smile on my face. : D !!!!

  12. Vernon Hendree

    Great work out relaxing song

  13. Vernon Hendree

    Great r&b music slow jam

  14. charlotte griffin

    Nice! Mello..kinda like my get up on Saturday mornin and clean up with a smile on my face music :)!

  15. Mark Johnson

    Heard this tune on Centric, I believe. Knew I had to hear again, and again.. and again, and even again... I think my best bet might be to purchase if not this single, then whole c.d

  16. SteelCityBluesDancer

    good song to West Coast Swing, or maybe a slow hustle . . .

  17. cleanfreefun

    It was our honor to interview Anthony David tonight on the #CleanFreeFun Radio show. If your fans missed it they can listen on BlogTalk Radio. Type in CleanFreeFun and look for the Anthony David Titled Show.

  18. msangela2525

    I love his voice.

  19. Locs of Love

    Love , love , love Anthony David

  20. Just JuanGoodCitizen

    just heard this on vh1 soul. this a good damn song.

  21. karey davis

    hot track!!!

  22. Chris

    I could make love...AND fight with my girl to this song!!!!

  23. toooop9

    yeah i absolutely hate R&B, like ever since i was little just dispise it, but this is really good. I like that black soul and the black R&B thats like actually good.

  24. Mechi Ironhawk

    Feelin it

  25. Mystic4Music

    house music? this is not "house music" this is great music

  26. elicope55

    there is always a hater

  27. H Park

    Now, here's an artist who's lyricd make sense. There r some songs that talk only bout sex n make no sense. Totally respect u, anthony davis

  28. Ashley Morgan

    Hassan you are an idiot. You need to spend a month listening to house music then come back here.

  29. Curtis Davis

    Great song my brother

  30. hassan1814

    why is some people refering to this as r&b its more house music than anything.


    hassan1814 House music? Get out of here! Apparently you dont know what house music is boy! Pull up Chicago house music on YouTube, and DISCOVER what house music really is!!!!

  31. ms. Optimistic

    I love anthony david

  32. Dewayne Evans

    As always my man has done it again. This is the best R&B artist out currently period. Songs about everything we experience as men and it is a joy to have this brother still doing great music. If you want another classic besides Love Out Loud, get 3 Chords and the Truth, my favorite cd of all time. keep making great music!!

  33. Adrian Bland

    bring real R&B back!!! GOOD SONG

  34. Paola Monroy

    Major talent! Awesome track!!! Absolute awesomeness!

  35. denaduke

    Loving It Out Loud! Snap! Snapping my fingahz!

  36. igorsutak

    sounds good :)

  37. KelziMirahjBX

    another great yet under rated artist!!! he deserves massive play and promotion. he has major talent his tracks are always catchy! work boo!

  38. Shantell James

    Can't stop listening to this song!! Absolutely love!!!

  39. xivonne89x

    Love it <3

  40. drea rose

    love love love this song

  41. tammie belton

    couldnt have said it better...he doesnt get enough credit for real artistry

  42. Djrichiejay

    Too many people in the Uk don't know about this guy his music is sooooooo good love his covers of eighties classics. Herd 3 seconds of this tune and was like yep he's back

  43. garo85

    damn this melody is heaven sent man.

  44. TheSoulfood12

    I really want to get married to him

  45. teresa white

    yea anthony been looking for real music like this keep doin what you doin sounds good iam really feelin this

  46. RedVanity79

    I can't wait for this album!! Love me some Anthony, he steps around and Beyond as an artist!!

  47. dannytoro

    I have to say Anthony David continues to do his own thing. And in that I compare him to the likes of Dean Martin. In as much as Anthony like Dean creates his own genre of a different sound suited uniquely to himself. While still being cool enough and popular to not be second to the other Rat Pack artists. Anthony David. A guy who makes a profession out of never disappointing!

  48. mscourt

    Ohhh. I like it!

  49. Punk Fancii

    this is nice. search: Deonta Davelle

  50. lostnfound

    yesss love him