Anthony David - Beautiful Problem Lyrics

Wrong kind of right, a happy kind of sad
Feels so good, but it hurts so bad
Denying the truth and believing lies
Reason to laugh is the reason I cry
It's not fair, but I don't care

It's a beautiful problem... a beautiful problem
From the outside looking in, makes no sense
Playing a game, I'll never win
How long can I dance before the music ends?

Keep breaking rules that were never meant to bend
It's not fair, but I don't care
It's a beautiful problem, such a beautiful problem
High at the bottom
Such a beautiful problem

I don't wanna hide, won't apologize
Will not explain, I am not ashamed
It's a beautiful problem
It's a beautiful problem
High at the bottom
It's a beautiful problem
Such a beautiful beautiful... beautiful
Beautiful beautiful... beautiful
Beautiful beautiful... beautiful
Beautiful beautiful... beautiful
Beautiful beautiful... beautiful
Such a beautiful problem

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Anthony David Beautiful Problem Comments
  1. Sheryl Friday

    Love his voice!

  2. jay b

    I honestly dont understand the video or the message but the beat is fire!!

  3. jay b

    Just need the instrumental......

  4. jay b

    Where is the INSTRUMENTAL!!!!!!!??????

  5. Kenpire Rell

    Who here in 2019 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🧡

    Ebony Mullins

    Kenpire Rell Meeee! Wondering why I’m just now hearing this song. And Words. Shame on me.

  6. Janay Hudson

    Love this man and everything about him is so original and so raw!! He feeds my soul!! His music is amazing!!! I salute brother on your gifted talent. God bless you🙏🏿

  7. H Lee jr

    Overlooked and underrated

  8. ksupafly

    Just SEXY! ❤🎶🎵🎼

  9. Sophia Darling

    Dry foot, Anthony! My guy. Beautiful song. We do need more music like this. Thank you for uplifting my day.

  10. kimwood257

    Anthony please come out with new music. He's so underrated, would love to hear him live. Need more of this type of MUSIC 💯🔥


    Just hearing this. Subscribed to his channel so I could get updates. This guy is off the charts and underrated.

  11. 36 GWIZZ!

    I dare a nigga to say dis song trash ima beat his ASS, and if a girl say it's trash ima beat her boyfriend ass

  12. Irealla Natural Girl

    Love his vocals!!😩🌟♥️

  13. 4myartnsoul

    This is my boyfriend in my head😂😍

  14. blueskiesclearwater

    Great job Drexina and Anthony!

  15. Alton Fortman

    Anthony D is Dope AF

  16. Lachei Williams

    Basic life, love it, listen to this all day

  17. gardens and more

    Love his voice

  18. Pastor Chicago

    I can't stop listening 💘💘

  19. Pastor Chicago

    I love so much 😘 this song,💘💘💘

  20. Tenille Hudson

    That sexy raspy voice

  21. Angela Moore

    Love this..and when the bass drops.... just let the drop top down wind blowing.Moving my head side to on REPEAT!

  22. Katrese White

    This is devil music..listen to the lyrics..but he have a nice voice tho..

  23. alwaysbusiness4

    simply Beautiful empowering MUSic 👁️ still listening in twenty eighteen 🎧

  24. Hey Xay No Play

    Eucatastrophe, I think, is what this is describing.

    summersify summers


  25. Joel Widgins


  26. NoWay45

    he kind of reminds me of Johnny Gill and Tyrese

    Barron Hall

    Seal and Kem, too

    Jeffrey Sims

    Stopmessinwithme35 Hes2 better than both of them his tone is priceless.

    Jeffrey Sims

    Better though

  27. NoWay45

    OMG I love this song by Anthony David...Beautiful but sad song song!!!

  28. Just Commentary


  29. IB3

    Is that Carmen Ejogo?

  30. The Chronicles of Daboetry Poetry

    This is Hott! Bring the Truth Brotha!

    I was literally just listening to Words w/ India Atie and 4evermore. I was wondering if he had anything new.

  31. Be Productions

    My god. It's so true. I have a very beautiful problem. And I love her. Feb 12 ,2016 and forever

  32. She said

    This song FEELS so good !

  33. Marcellus Lawrence

    I can't get this song out of my mind!

  34. Lakena Smith

    Beautiful ! Love all his music

  35. Kyss 24.7 Jamz

    The Sound of this track is just amazing!


    just beautiful

  37. B. Hall

    BADASS AS USUAL...FAN FOR LIFE, since I saw you at Anthologies in San Diego 4 years...great job again on the song and video. OUTSTANDING WORK

  38. blackistheword7

    good artist, great song

  39. Kirtina Perry

    Dopest Song ever

  40. Tasha Speed

    Omg!!! He's Back! From As Above So Below to Beautiful Problem.... genius!!! Why can't the industry pick up this genre of music? Underrated for real... Dwele, Eric Roberson, Anthony David, Donnie, phonetic, etc....

  41. Ms. Powell

    That voice is beautiful and this song is amazing....

  42. Cocoa Wonder

    High at the bottom....

  43. Deahra Shelton

    Awwwww Right Naww

  44. Nae Mitchell


  45. Tracy Hardaway

    This song does it for me!! Repeat, repeat, repeat......... Love deep

  46. Thierry Coezy

    Magnifique 😍

  47. bebopsbaby1

    Going thru the sadness of a breakup, the relationship pretty much was this song...

  48. DMHunter1973

    my favorite song! I can listen to this 10x a day. I've got this problem right this very moment. We need more music like this ASAP

  49. DMHunter1973

    my favorite song! I can listen to this 10x a day. I've got this problem right this very moment. We need more music like this ASAP

  50. Mr Pedersen

    Pure poetry for my soul. 🙏

  51. Chan3l

    I LOVE this joint!!! I can definitely relate 2 it right now

  52. Khrisi

    Great song. He's growing as an artist and getting better and better.

  53. Sandrekica Taylor

    this son I like his voice

  54. black queen

    this is a great album, I had to buy it. ppl buy the music if you love, it's the only way to see r&b come back

  55. Bambam

    check the remix with PASTOR TROY FIRE FIRE FIRE

  56. Sandra Tall

    I love this song!!!

  57. black queen

    beautiful and that voice is soooooo warming

  58. Cheryl Richard

    I listen to this song every night.

  59. SoFeelya SoSassy

    This beat is Dope... and your Voice is so Amazing... I have it on Repeat, just like As Above So Below. Continue to make Beautiful music!


    Those are my two favorite songs as well! He is simply amazing

  60. SimplyVatHome

    Go Anthony... How could you know exactly what i am going through today and compose words that express my feelings 100%, every word, every verse... Will always be a fan!

  61. Fauxie NPR

    Top bloke. Great voice. Thoughtful songs.

  62. Tracy Allen

    This is a "beautiful song"!

  63. Richard O-Godson

    I wish I could get like 8 bars on this track. sick music and singer

  64. Larry Coleman

    had to play this song for my beautiful wife, love you Sandra

  65. Regina Cee

    I love this new joint. I have to add ths cd to the ones I hav of him already

  66. Timyahn Beckwith

    gotta get this album!!!!

  67. Douglas Wimberly


  68. Az Green

    can someone get the instrumental with the sample

    Ian Tucker

    Az Green o

  69. Kysha Hampton

    I am in love with this man.

  70. CK112

    I really like his voice and this song!!!

  71. Raina Young

    Come 2 DETROIT
    Theres a lot of ❤
    waiting on u 😎

  72. Executive Woman

    This man is so bad it don't make no sense!!!  I also love India Irie!!!  Two bad Israelites!!!

  73. Az Green

    what is that sample omg

  74. TheSweet80s

    I loooove his voice. I could listen to him sing all day.♡♡♡<3 <3 <3

  75. Patricia Wright

    this is my guy right here!! that voice is everything!!

  76. Markee Canada

    what key is this song in, anyone know the chords?

  77. naeree221


  78. Powerful WomanOfGod

    I can listen tothis song all day💖💖💖💖💖😍😘

    Eric Graham

    Powerful WomanOfGod I DO Listen to it EVERYDAY!!!! I think I have a Beautiful Problem

  79. monica webster

    that is a beautiful video. I just watched the lyrics version, then I came to the regular video, and Im so glad I did. it was beautiful.

  80. Rena Loyd

    I love this song!!

  81. Toni scott

    Love this song...people are asking where India Aries's part is on this song well she sings On the song Words...with Anthony David not a Beautiful Problem...

  82. Samuel Tubwell jr

    India is singing backup

  83. pmc201173

    One of the Best songs I ever heard in my life. Describes my current situation.

    monica webster

    I understand, Ive been there.
    and it it is "One of the Best songs I ever heard in my life", too

    Lisa Toro

    mine too

  84. mista cansa

    gr8 song

  85. Nikki King

    I love his voice! 😍

  86. Darren Robertson


  87. Kufunya Ife

    Great song and vocal

  88. Kufunya Ife


    Emiley Alston

    anthony david

  89. Erique Christina

    yeah where's India?! Lol

  90. DeMarius Thomas

    this song speaks to my soul

  91. david

    Are there any UK gigs lined up to coincide with the album release?

  92. Cocoa Wonder

    Moving on from karmic relationships?

  93. david

    Always cool and on point. You got the muse Bro

  94. LaChele

    I don't like the track, but I like the way you sing, Anthony. You came out during a time when I was just about to give up on r&b. When you hit me with _Words_, I fell back in love. As for the song overall, eh, kinda la di da di, but again, I like the way you sing. I hope it works out this time because you legit get overlooked all the time. Good luck.....


    if you don't like the track , then it means that your knowledge and understanding of good music is very limited. go listen to some trap music

    Jeffrey Sims

    U crazy the track matches his voice period.

  95. Tony Jordan

    I keep everything Positive! Song and Video is a Banger! Cool appearance from the beautiful India Arie...Keep Soaring Cuzzoo Salute!!!!!

  96. MikeJMCarey93

    Love this song! I'm guessing India Arie is on the remix? Lol I heard her a little bit doing bgv but not enough to warrant a feature...hope there's a version with her singing a verse here soon

    Jasmine Zecchini

    I as thinking the same thing

  97. Bnatural Brown

    Where was India's part in the song????

    Mama An

    Unless she co-wrote the song. But most of the time when you say featuring....well it means they do sing. LOL


    She's not featured on this song.

    Tammar Tucker

    Bnatural Brown India.Arie has a song called Beautiful thats where they get the part where they keep repeating beautiful on India's album Acoustic Soul.

    Alton Fortman

    The song she is on is WORDS

  98. Joseph T.

    Great song, but I didn't hear too much from India Arie. Sanachie's the best!