Anthony Callea - Live For Love Lyrics

No, no one lives for love
How can we go on
When no one lives for love
And though we see the world is falling down around us
Why can't we see, it's you and me
Alone, is the sun without the rain to carry on
Is the heart without the love to keep it warm
Where did we go wrong, where did we go wrong
What if this life we live, is a chance for us to give
What if dreams were made to show the way
How can we survive, when we push the love aside
Only God can save us now this night I pray
No one lives for love
Someone tell me why
No one lives for love
We must realise, that no one lives for love
When all the beauty of the world is all around us
Why can't we see it's you and me
And now, as your soul becomes the rain that's falling down
I pray, that we, we can learn to live for love the way
God has shown us, through your life his, love will find a way
Through your life, we've all learned to live for, love

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Anthony Callea Live For Love Comments
  1. Henrich Maanari

    Love Will find the way..., A great word..., Great song of a great singer ever

  2. 18and08rew86 Oogjes


  3. Amie Aristodemou

    This song still makes me sad but I still like it. I think it has a strong meaning behind it.

  4. Anth Zee

    Amazing song sung by an Amazing singer with a Angel voice

  5. Santiago P. Salonga Jr.

    What a voice. Anthony, you're a gift from God with this unique voice. I love your voice and with this song, I am really very much inspired in life to go on despite the hardship I am experiencing. I love music and I must admit that I know how to sing especially ballad songs.

  6. Monyeen Dongon

    Pure love song ballad.tyra asentista

  7. Monyeen Dongon

    Die hard my idol crazy.joke only?k

  8. Gabriel Archer


  9. Jason mattinson

    what the world needs now , please everyone share

  10. Tore Wisdom

    , Great song with great voice,,there is selfish humans who destroy for is short and we must see beauty of the world and care about nature and animals,,but some are efter money and power ,,and is so sad,but we are luckey to have hope.

  11. Mireille mjpearmlefaj

    Violin cello and piano in the video clip

  12. Tam

    I have always found this song to be so beautiful Anthony :) xo

  13. johan hartman

    Amazing artist. It's the first time i hear him, but i am fan now. I come from the Netherlands, and share this song with all my friends. Amazing :)

    Tore Wisdom

    of all his song it is the best ,he sang this beautiful song meny years ago ,,and this song must share world wide

    Jason mattinson

    look up the pray on you tube

  14. Hossam Adel

    wow what a voice unique

  15. *JUNZīE *

    Great job. Still can't beat the original. Gary pinto all the way. Still can't find that live performance from Gary back in 2000. Think it was a charity concert. Was killer. Does anyone remember ???

  16. Night Owl

    You're such a great singer. You have it all, mesmerizing, inspirational, great stage presence, great facial projection and VERY GOOD LOOKING. Thanks for your great music. I enjoy you.

  17. Raymond Lai

    Dear anthonycalleaVEVO,

    I would like to, say, thank you, very much, for taking your time, energy and effort to both upload and share this video with the youtube family.

    Thank you, very much, anthonycalleaVEVO :)

    Kind Regards

    Raymond Lai (From Sydney, Australia) :)

  18. Harry Rayeroux

    Awesome Song !!!!!!
    No one " lives for Love" it's  within us awaiting to Bloom !!!!Anthony you really know how to revive in me what  ever older man yean for; the dormant " Feeling of Love".

  19. Lili Pop

    I love you!

  20. James Garland

    Wanna but this on iTunes USA but not there! Please put it there!

  21. Erwin Magistrado


  22. Erwin Magistrado


  23. Jason mattinson

    should be shared world wide 

    Heather Forward

    Thank you. Lovely comment. And agreed.


    I totally agree Jason :)

  24. C H E N

    i loove it

  25. rayva1

    May the good Lord bless him with this beautiful angelic gift to touch others.

  26. william waiamau

    i want to share something about this song it is wonderful to hear the word's speaking of the word love if we note this is no love in this world that we live in today what we need to do now to show other around the world the gift of love that our dear heavenly father in heaven had show to us after he gave he only precious son jesus christ to show us the way of his love

  27. François Zarraga

    he best song that I have ever heard.  His voice is magical and I'm so glad that we can discover other artist around the world.  Thank you Anthony for your openess you are an inspiration to the young gay men and women of this world of inclusiveness on the International Day against Homophobia

  28. harleyguy5

    What if this life we live is a chance for us to give. Words to live by. God Bless

  29. madonna dondina

    he is my fried ilove him soooooooo much

  30. zoiciteUK

    Why cant the uk send this to eurovision 2013 we would freakin win !! :(

  31. Greg Comeau

    I hear you! I've been saying that for years! I have his two CDs and am so glad his newer dance stuff is on USA iTunes. I just don't understand why this remarkable talent isn't a huge international star!

  32. Greg Comeau

    Beautiful. What more can one say about this remarkable artist and person.

  33. MsForwardthinker

    I actually love this song and the singer does it complete justice.

  34. harleyguy5

    Sad but True, words that mean so much. No One Lives for Love. What happened to old promises of death do us part. Love for your partner, love for one another. Love should not be taken lightly, its meant to be felt in the heart and soul, and shared with the ones we care for most.

  35. Australia

    This seriously needs more views.

  36. InspiredByLife

    Simply amazingly beautiful. <3

  37. mel1105au

    Great!!! I look forward to his 3rd album!

  38. Ms A

    There is no american solo male artist in his genre (age group) that can beat Anthony in singing and this is why i will try my hardest best (as i have been for 2 yrs) to get him on OPRAH or ELLEN DEGENERES - Someone even started a face book group to bring him to US to break into the market. I will not rest until Anthony breaks into our american music market. This voice needs tobe heard by america and the rest of the worldld. Its my goal to help make this happen, I dont even know him (YET)

  39. kevin james

    this guy needs to be promoted into the U.S he would be such a hit!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. magicmoonlight

    thanks wolf
    a beautiful song =)

  41. Sam

    Couldn't agree more. He has a lot of soul baby, it just captures you somehow. Way to go Ant.

  42. colodude1

    I just absolutely love this guy ... an incredible voice, great looks ... obviously a born performer. Enjoyed this classy video and wanted to say thanks for posting this one "Live for Love." It's beautifully done. Cheers.