Anthony Brown & group therAPy - Trust In You Lyrics

You did not create me to worry
You did not create me to fear
But You created me to worship daily
So Ima leave it all right here

My hands are raised because I surrender
Your will is what's best for me
I worship You because You're Jehovah Jireh
I bow before the King of Kings

No more crying no more complaining
I believe Your word is true
Lord You promised never to leave me lonely
So this is what I'm going to do

I will trust in You Lord
I will trust in You Lord
I will put my trust in You

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Anthony Brown & group therAPy Trust In You Comments
  1. Monica Nunya

    My nieces are tired of me blasting this song everyday but this is apart of my daily routine. I play it like for hours i have this on repeat with tamala mann

  2. Sharla Ali

    One of my fav songs - Sent this to my brother in England who was suicidal and is going thru a rough time. He’s currently homeless but still believing for total restoration of his marriage and to be united with his family again 🙏🏾😞

  3. YourladyA 1

    This song always pulls me up when I get frustrated and depressed. It revives me and helps me to fight on no matter what!!!! Such a blessing!

  4. Steve Lawson

    Where was I in 2017, 2018 or 2019 to hear this? Thank God I can listen this in 2020.

  5. Bufford Kazoku

    Ltlp to be there for a bit and then I'll get back to you on that day I can help you with the information you want me to 😊😊😊 😊

  6. Nia Wright

    Athony brown and Groupthaphy I love this song Gospel Trust in you

  7. Nia Wright

    Athony brown and & Groupthaphy Trust in you

  8. texting story guru guru

    I love these songs it gets me through all moments both good and bad..
    To God be the Glory.

  9. Grabby Lewis

    my mom love's your song and I love my mom 👩‍👧👩‍👧👩‍👧I am moms girl 😘😘😗

  10. Gabriela Perez

    Wowowow I been hearing this via Spotify for a year now and I just wanna say I feel the Holy Spirit every single time I almost wanna cry every time. This song got me through my depression this time last year. Love y'all. Thank YOU and God bless 🙏🏽💜✨

  11. Antanasia Coleman

    Good song

  12. Gloria A. Traylor


  13. Greg Davis

    Glory to God! Needed this this morning! Thank you!

  14. Nothile Mdunge

    Heard this song a week ago...2019🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 I will trust you Lord♥️

  15. mj fam

    This is a classic never get old. So truthful

  16. Latasha Campbell


  17. Ebonyprincess

    Lord! That's all I can say right now!!! LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ronisha Hayes

    You did not create me to worry or fear so I’m going to leave it all right here,I trust in you lord!!!!I love that you turned these words into a song because these are things we must keep reminding ourselves of to make it through tough times.Thank you lord for using him as a vessel and helping so many souls even those he don’t even know around the work that he’s helping.Continue to make amazing music I love your songs.USE HIM LORD

  19. Diva Alonzo

    This song I so nice

  20. Leslie-Ann John

    Amazing Song, I can't stop listening. Your will is what's best for me. I trust in You Lord!!!

  21. Sina Hoffmeister

    falsche Party sollte einem nicht stehen, ich werde trotzallem nicht mit euch sein und versuche dich zu verstehen. Ja auch wenn ich, und auch nicht mit euch wär, seid Ihr viele ungläubig oder ist Höchstermaßen kaum unerträglich und so wie Eingeklauft

  22. Sina Hoffmeister

    Ich gebe dir doch nicht die Schuld und trotzdem kann ich niemandem vertrauen. Eigentlich tut was Ihr wollt :D

  23. Nia Wright

    Anthony brown & Groupthaphy I love this song Gospel song I Trust in you

  24. Nia Wright

    Anthony brown &Groupthaphy I love this song Gospel song I Trust in you

  25. hmhyynhjlnjahbhlahah

    I came across this song last night and I just can't stop listening. You created me to worship you daily

  26. jennifer okolie

    God am trusting you like never before .I speak restoration.

  27. Charles Lawrence

    I really needed this song. The Devil is really attacking me and my family and causing doubt in my home when I know all to well that God has us! Confirmation has just been received!!

  28. Sarcastic Queen

    My new worship song!

  29. Jonathan McMillian

    This a blessing 🙏❣️

  30. Alice Hicks

    So Blessed 🙏 NOTHING BUT POWER 🙏🙌❣️💪🙏 AMEN...!

  31. Alice Hicks

    It is My whole life Story so Very Great full for This Song ❤️ Blessed 🙏 By 💓🙏💓 All Means 🙏💞😇...!

  32. Sharlon wray

    Micheal jackson did back up singing in this video

  33. Amby C. Ezem

    November 22 2019 anyone? This song is spirit filled. I had just one attempt left at my pharmacy board exam so I had to encourage my heart while preparing.. this was one of the songs that encouraged me in the Lord.I passed my exams at the final attempt.. God is good. so I'd be sharing my video here for anyone out there in similar situation please watch-

  34. Lydia Carter


  35. Lady D

    This song was played at my moms funeral! God give me the strength I need to push through this life without her. I lost my best friend my heart my everything... 🙏🏾😭💔

  36. Ashanti M.Blake

    I enjoy your music

  37. Blue Jai

    I WILL TRUST IN YOU LORD! You will and always be worthy of all My Worship! As I worship, I have no fear because you lead and guide me into all Truth!

  38. Shayne Ralton Morrison

    My gosh, this song changed the frequency of my soul. Exceptionally talented artists with such a powerful message. Much love, from South Africa :)

  39. Kwana Jones-Becker

    So I'm absolutely late to the party and just discovered this song. Wow, so powerful! I love it. It'll be on repeat daily!

  40. Jeannette Ls P Fertil

    No more crying no more complaining🙅🏽‍♀️ I will trust in You Father 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  41. Martinequa Wilks

    Omg...this man look so much like Zuri Craig...

  42. Nadou Aline Lawson

    Lord, give me the strength to trust and wait on you...

  43. Katlego Phaahla

    😭😭😭😭🙆The best 7:26.. YOU CREATED ME TO WORSHIP DAILY!!

  44. Ahmose Reigns

    Is this about Jesus or the lead singer? Who's really center focus here...

  45. onyenenue oliseh

    no more crying no more complaining,I believe your word is true.I will trust in you Lord

  46. Makeyia Brown

    Fly video and song.

  47. Crystal Harrison

    This is the best gospel video ever. A

  48. Dontallis Render

    He sing good asf

  49. The Lady Vamp

    Yes, I leave it all at his feet. And I sing his praise.

  50. Nia Wright

    Anthony Brown I love this song Trust In You with Group &Therapy

  51. Nia Wright

    Anthony brown I love this song Trust In You with Group & therapy

  52. Michael Young

    I love you Anthony brown

  53. MrBigLove93

    This song really hits me deeply in my soul...I cry every time I listen to it...I battle with depression so bad to the point I almost committed suicide...the gun jammed when I tried...later that month I found out my wife was pregnant with my first daughter is now 4 years old and I live everyday for her and never even thought of suicide again...this song helps me through some very tough times...I always have to remind myself to stay strong and keep my faith...


    I am very sorry for you, your testimony is very inspiring

  54. djenie augustin

    You did not create me to worry, you did not create me to create me to worship you .i trust in you Lord .Amen 🙏🙏🙏

  55. godblesschild808

    Pray for me anyone crying alone need mircale being attack

  56. Telika Howard

    Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.
    Romans 12:1 NIV

  57. Danielle Griffin

    That God help are family member that God help them to go to church and that people won't say there prayer that for them when there are do some worng

  58. Chris T Tuia

    Heard this song today for the first time... just wow! Praise you Jesus!

  59. beautychan

    Trust in FATHER WITH ALL 🙎🏽💟

  60. Patience Reeves

    Lord you did not create me to worry, so I am raising my hands🙌🙌🙌 and surrendering my life, my destiny and my purpose to you right now. Thank you for delivering me and guiding me through it all.🙏🙏🙏 God you are able Jehovah-jireh!🙏🙏🙏

  61. dee Forrest

    This is one of my 2019 motivational songs of the year he did his thing this song speaks volumes

  62. Genabeadirect

    1st... I actually like this song, but am I the only who thinks this video is weird and dark? Explain it to me. They look like vampires and zombies... I don't get it. Visually it's so dark. I decided not to give a thumbs down, but there was no hope in the visual aspect of this video. The song is about hope...

  63. Wilson Corey

    I'm 16 and I used to want to be a thug, especially after watching all eyes on me the Tupac movie,but I no longer wanna go that route, I thank God for changing me

  64. Jasmyne Dawkins

    God Is Beyond Good,! Thank you jesus for everything

  65. Ebonee Rouse-Nnabue

    Listening to this here in 2019🙌🏿trusting GOD despite of.... GOD u get all the Glory because you did not create me to worry, but to worship daily☝🏾🙌🏿

  66. 713shyne

    Man they went Dru Hill on us in the rain!! Love this song soooo much!! Thank you lord for everything you've done and continue to do!!

  67. James Lovelace

    God bless you all!

  68. Mupiah C Kunda

    I put my trust in GOD.....i will not worry or complain

  69. KIRA McCarthy

    No fear and no worries! I was created to worship

  70. GApeech08

    I love this song; it does glorify God. I'm not sure the video does the same.

  71. Zed MaMa

    Psalms 23, ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me 💯😆

  72. Kristal Price

    Depression I feel like I have gaveing up 😔 on life

    Theresa Bass

    Kristal Price We were not created to worry, but to trust in God, and not give up hope. He is our source, the solution to every problem; our shelter, our way maker, our way out of no way. Wait on the Lord, He will give you strength.

    Kristal Price

    Thanks so much

  73. Adeshina Samuel

    I feel blessed

  74. Adeshina Samuel

    God did not create me to worry......He created me to worship him......well done Anthony

  75. Nia Wright

    Anthony Brown i love this song Trust In You with Group Therapy

  76. Nia Wright

    Anthony Brown i love this song Trust In You with Group therapy

  77. Rutendo Blessing Tadzarara

    2019 am here. Thank you for such I powerful song. This song changed me

  78. Daniel Henry

    This is a very influential and is what I think about when trials step into my life. Love this song

  79. Arianna Hollingshed

    Brings me to tears every time! Such an annointed expression. It is definitely one of my all time favorites!

  80. Angela MESSINA

    I have been created for worship no circomstance will drive me out of that. M'y joy is mine 😍

  81. The ChatBack Show 'Where Anything Goes'

    DEEP... only our great living GOD knows. Amen

  82. Lulu Mando

    I love this song with my all....
    May God bless you for blessing us with such a touching song 🙏

  83. Fatimah Macklin

    This song does something to me. I can feel it in my soul. It's as if it was made just for me. This song has definitely helped during hard times.

  84. Michelle Hill

    I woke up this morning with this song in my spirit. I broke my foot and knee and have not been able to work. But I completely trust God to do what he does best. It’s not been easy. But this song here has helped me this morning.

  85. A. Camille

    Powerful! Amen!

  86. Lorna Swasey

    We try to imitate christ the best we can!

  87. Nia Wright

    Athony Brown i love this song Trust in you with Group Therapy

  88. Nia Wright

    Athony Brown i love this song Trust in you with Group Therapy

  89. Weslene Tassy

    It's a great song and powerful message, however the official video is nothing compare to the message delivered in the song. I was hoping for a transformation at the end of the video... In my opinion I wish the color and symbols used were different. Where there is a light there should be no darkness !

  90. Betty Franklin

    Beautiful except he spotlighted the white woman and messed it up for me

  91. Danielle Griffin

    I like the video that I pick the song for my brother to l.

  92. Kennedi Green

    what's up with the eyes at first tho anyways AMAZING SONG

  93. Matthew Alexander

    Antony Brown and the Group
    therAPy.Are Amazing TALENT Christian Artist.God trust in u.This song is very Powerful. HITS THE HEART STRINGS.GETS IN UR SOUL.I CRYED WHEN I HEARD IT COME ON.GOD ALMIGHTY. I LOVE U SO MUCH.AMEN

  94. theresa webb

    This will make anyone shout quickly.

  95. theresa webb

    Like the first wor ds in this you didnt vreate to fear you created me to worship.

  96. theresa webb

    Like this p o werful ss on g glad I still can get it. Definitely a worship song great.

  97. Clarinette Mcdonald

    Jesus 🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴the prince of the world

  98. Clarinette Mcdonald

    Prasie the lord

  99. Dominion Harvest Church

    I love this song