Anthem Lights - Give Me A Lifetime Lyrics

Dear God,
Just saw an angel with my own eyes
And now she's the only thing on my mind

Now I may be out of line
Is there any way that I can make her mine

Give me a lifetime
That's all that I'm asking for
Give me a lifetime
Not a second less, not a moment more

Hey, girl
Not exactly sure where to start
Want to give you the world
But I don't have it yet
So darling, here's my heart

Now I may run out of time
But I would gladly spend my life just to try

Give me a lifetime
That's all that I'm asking for
Give me a lifetime
Not a second less, but not a moment more

Baby, we will both find
Everything that we're looking for
Give me a lifetime
Not a second less, not a moment more
I want nothing more

Dear God,
Just saw an angel with my own eyes

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Anthem Lights Give Me A Lifetime Comments
  1. Stormy Phillips

    I’ll never get over how beautiful this song is

  2. Alex Torrez

    There are so many beautiful melodies in the world for those who has found the love, I really like this one and I am not even in love with anyone.

  3. Deborah Tocco

    Still beautiful after listening to it a hundred times...

  4. Giselle Oliveira

    Essa música é linda! 🎼 Grande fã!

  5. Jessie W

    dfn, I use for my wedding!
    It's in June! I'm excited♡

  6. Beautiful song, awesome group and voices!!

  7. Sara Guerra

    This song is so beautiful, it gets me all the time 😍😍😍

  8. Robyn Hill

    I will forever love this song. Walked down the aisle at my wedding to this song 😍

  9. Eduardo Cruz Carbajal

    Guys you have a great talent

  10. Jeremy Ougheltree

    Thank you God. I just saw one of your angels with my two eyes!!!!!!

  11. Kari Baker

    😍😍this song. ily guys

  12. Taleah O'Malley

    I love all your original songs so much!

  13. Melin Sibarani

    It's been 2017 and I didn't ever find out this song before! So.... beautiful.

    D. Atsi Sale

    Melin Sibarani so true I feel the same.

  14. Elizabeth Priddy

    Love this one... Truly consider using it for our wedding

  15. Helen Balaoing

    This makes me miss Alan. If you're reading this, know that you are still loved <3

  16. Gary Bruckner

    This was our wedding song in 2014!

  17. Katty Vilela

    Amazing 👌 love you guys❤

  18. Khiokhone Photisan

    I love your voice so much.God bless you all.Thank you.

  19. Emily Burger

    I love this song so much!! I can't stopping listening to this song it's so good

  20. Nova 142

    I Love You Shannon.

  21. Cecilia Suswandari

    give me a lifetime more..

  22. Samuel Brunkow

    Weird, the view counter only seems to show my views

  23. Mariia Herminiia

    Não canso de ouvir 😍❤

  24. Poliana queiroz

    Ufaa... Que saudade de ouvir 😘❤️👆

  25. Elly Calvin

    I loved this sooo much. Especially Joeys part at 2:08. It was so sweet how they dedicated this song to their wives...and Carl.

  26. Rachelle Bailey

    i was at church tonight and me and my boyfriend have had a rough few weeks because his house burnt down and...we broke up. he started playing anthem lights songs and your song best thing came on (me and his song) and we just looked at each other automatically. he skipped it and this came on and he got up walked over to me and started singing it to me. it was so so sweet, then we had a talk with our preacher and we got bavk together. We've been together 2 years and im 14.

  27. Jeremy Ougheltree

    Hey guys. I love y'all and the fact your Christians! That's really cool 😎. Beautiful song! I couldn't help but share I with my honey 🍯! 😉

  28. Gløria mcmillan

    I cryed so hard when I heard this

  29. meke agüero

    Guys,I love you so much... Can you make a cover of Lionhearts by Demi Lovato?

  30. Sienna Stephens

    Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the world! Love you guys <3

  31. Caitlyn Hall

    Possibly using this as the first dance at my wedding <3

    Elly Calvin

    Omg yes

  32. Vicky Pino

    Is there any chance you guys can do I swear , if so that would be awesome 👍🏻😀 :)

    Hannah Ruffner

    That would be beautifully perfect!!!

  33. Jeremy Ougheltree

    Love you guys. Beautiful and amazing song. I'd be honored if you'd consider singing at owr wedding.

  34. Emily Wehrman

    I love this song, but why just ask for a lifetime when He is willing to give you an eternity with someone. Why not go the mile and achieve forever with someone?

  35. Sworup Poudel

    Can't believe I just listened ur album Today
    Thank god I Discovered this Band
    Love U Guys!!!!

  36. Janelle Ritter

    What every woman wants a man to think :) Beautiful.

  37. Elijah Graham

    Beautiful guys!!!!!! true talent right here!! ^^

  38. Caroline Friel

    Anyway to buy the sheet music?

  39. dada dada

    I LOVE IT :)

  40. Miriam Esparza

    Amazing!you guys always make me appreciate music so much more .Thanks for that

  41. Claudia Groß

    this is a great Song💚

  42. imforever5

    Do they do concerts because I would gladly run without shoes to get a ticket😍 I love this song😍

    Ester S

    Yes! They have one coming in April in Fortuna Ca and one in Nashville


    +Ester S omg thanks I'm so excited 😀

    Ester S

    +imforever5 You're very welcome! They're also having one in Jacksonville FL in June! If you look on google ode Anthem Lights tour dates or download the app "Bandsintown" all the info is there too.😊

  43. KimSon Lim

    Your songs brought me with the girl I'm deeply in love with right now, thanks guys!

  44. Haydee Mante

    i love this song

    Anthem Lights

    @Haydee Mante we love you!

  45. Jereld Joney

    I love all anthem lights song..their cooll...but the most songs that i love is THE UNKNOWN...

  46. anna lovicz

    This song is so gorgeous♥

  47. Opal Star

    I feel proud to say my grandma helped start celebs career. That is amazing he came this far.

  48. Stu Sparks

    Anthem Light's You Have My Heart cd was really good & had great Christian lyrics ! But, on listening to their new cd Escape, I've found that the music is great but completely lacks any lyrics that have to do with Christ. It's all : Baby, I love you, girl, this and that. I was just hoping for more Jesus or God content. I guess I'm just disappointed in their newer stuff.

  49. De La Cruz Family Vacation

    You guys are awesome great music

  50. Josh Insley

    You Guys Are Amazing!!! You are my inspiration for my music recording!

    Could you guys post a video or something that explains how to play this song cause it's beautiful but I can find music for it anywhere?!?

    Thank you guys so much for all of your wonderful music!

    Anyway you guys can do a concert in New Jersey?!?

  51. slowjamking619

    Man I must have listened to this song 30 times today. Love it!

  52. Carol Sacco

    They're Al so good... But Joey has something special in his voice. So unique :)

  53. travis brasher

    Amazing guys love all yalls stuff yalls music has got me through alot of hard times thanks guys never stop singing!

  54. Mary Snyder

    sick watch joey

  55. rinirino

    I am in love. :) I found the song I will be dancing to for my wedding. :D

  56. Faith Road

    Hey guys! We just uploaded our new video!! Check it out. ;) God bless you.

  57. Jenny Patricia Perez Rodriguez

    Holaaaaaaaa soy de Colombia =) ...... no se imaginan lo mucho que me gusta su música, Dios ha puesto en ustedes un don realmente especial, cada vez que los escucho me transmiten mucha paz. Que Dios los bendiga y les permita recoger muchos éxitos juntos !!!!!!! =)

  58. Lisa Pwr


  59. gary adams

     Give me an eternity, and I would not tire of your sublime vocals.

  60. Richard Yoo

    Please do a cover of Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding and a cover on Sia Elastic Heart!! Love you guys and your music. And love this song, it is amazing!!!!! My favourite cover you did is Taylor Swift Out of The Woods!!! Lol :D 

    Richard Yoo

    And One Last Time by Ariana Grande :D 

  61. Kimberly Wong

    +Anthem Lights Please make a cover of Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding 😍😍 WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT

  62. 卢克Luke

    amazing voice, love so much <33333

  63. Alejandra Therese

    Please do a 2014 mashups and do another christian music mashup those are my fav things!!!! I love u guys so much!!

  64. M.I.K.E Muzik

    Do a cover to "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran please!! 

  65. John Kwon

    can you do a cover of love me like you do by ellie golding 

  66. Carlenna Benner

    Awesome video

  67. Walkbyfaith

    Can you do a cover by michael w smith you won't let go

  68. Julia Hawkes

    When I first discovered these guys my initial impression of them was that they were a pretty cheesy boy-band type thing...I'm not quite sure what happened but now I am consistently amazed at their impeccable musicianship and sensitivity (of course while still maintaining some cheesiness). Thanks, I am now an Anthem Lights convert.

  69. Jamie Layman

    Love it

  70. Federico Colombo

    Is always a pleasure hear yours covers! I think that you can do a magnific work with "Love me like you do" from Ellie Goulding! I hope that you read this... Sorry for my bad english! Regards from Argentina! Keep working.

  71. Real Cosmic Builds

    Requesting, "Love You Like The Movies"
    its my second fav song off Escape, THIS^ been the first!
    Please!!!!!! I love THIS! song.

  72. sandy Sanchez

    Loved it you guy are talented.

  73. Macy Mace

    This is so beautiful!!

  74. Carol Araujo

    PLEEEEEEEEEEASE, play Little Things by One Direction *-*
    I am from Brazil, and I love you so much! ><


    You should do a cover of One Last Time by Ariana Grande

  76. Brittanni Keeton

    Once again guys you nailed it. I love everything ya'll put out. Perfect love song.

  77. Olivia Williams

    I loved it!!!!!!!! one of my favorite songs! You guys are my FAVORITE band ever!! 

  78. Potato #kappa

    Anthem lights, my favourite band, I hope you can do a cover of "the gift of righteousness"

  79. angela liberato

    can you do a full cover of All About that bass please

  80. Ruddy Yisell

    Hermosa melodía!<3 blessings from God!!

  81. C Hanie


  82. dea_

    Love you, guys ..

  83. Justus Wilson

    Now I'm crying! Perfect song for what I'm going through right now guys

  84. Zaneius

    Hey! I really love the covers! It's really amazing what you're doing! And got a request, not sure where you want those, but I'll leave it here! :D
    "Lifehouse - Broken"

  85. Katie Camden


  86. Looks by MC

    love love this song !

  87. Jamie Layman

    I watch ever Video 100 Tam's because I love them and you Gay's r so cool

  88. Angie Letizia

    You guys should do a backstreet boys mashup

  89. Ernest Duellosa Ureta

    I love this song... ever... hahahaha...

    I could used it as onr of my wedding songs... after how many years... mmmwwaahahaha

  90. Jackeline Rapliza

    Thank God for this talent, amazing as always. God bless!

  91. Ryan L.

    I am addicted to your guys' voices, which are from heaven I think!

  92. Guilherme Pinotti

    Jason Walker - Down !!!!!!!!!!! please 

  93. Amanda Whitlock

    Like this comment if you think Anthem Lights should do a cover of the song "Hey Juliet" by LMNT.

  94. Maggie Grace Webb

    I'm probably going to play this at my wedding. If I get married. Really, I'm only 12, so who knows?

    Maggie Grace Webb

    lol, i'm 14 now, I still have the same plan xD


    i feel you there This makes Valentines much more bearable

    Maggie Grace Webb

    Now I'm 15 and I've been in an amazing relationship for over a year! He's such a wonderful guy...and this song is still on my wedding playlist for someday😊

  95. rinirino

    I love it!!!! Beautiful!!!

  96. Katie Siewert

    Can you do a cover of "How Can It Be" or "O' Lord" by Lauren Daigle? 

  97. Jessica Archer

    We love you guys too Anthem Lights!
     Thanks for doing what you guys do!

  98. Christina Pan

    Stop being so beautiful <3

  99. Mirna Shabo

    Happy Valentine's day guys <3