Anthem Lights - Boomerang Lyrics

I know heart has had enough
You've hit the wall but you still try to be tough
You swear nobody understands this hell that you're going through,
The nightmare that's coming true.
You tell your friends that you're okay, but,
that light inside of you is starting to fade.
You barely recognize yourself
You're lost and your so afraid
You don't have to be so brave.

Sometimes we just need to break down and feel.
Let go, take time so you can start to heal
Go on and throw it out, your luck will turn around.
Lose control,no,don't try to hold it in.
You will come back stronger this ain't the end.
You're gonna find your way,
You're like a boomerang.

Walk out the door and take a chance
Sometimes you gotta fall to see where you land.
Don't gotta have it figured out.
If you feel like giving up, just lean on the ones you love.
Even the sun goes sinking down, but,
You know tomorrow it'll rise from the ground.
Here in the rain it's hard to see
The place that you wanna be,
It's closer than you think.

Sometimes we just need to break down and feel.
Let go, take time so you can start to heal
Go on and throw it out, your luck will turn around.
Lose control,no,don't try to hold it in.
You will come back stronger this ain't the end.

You're gonna find your way,
You're like a boomerang. [x4]

I know your heart has had enough
You've hit your wall but you don't have to be tough.

Sometimes we just need to break down and feel.
Let go, take time so you can start to heal
Go on and throw it out, your luck will turn around.
Lose control,no,don't try to hold it in.
You will come back stronger this ain't the end.

You're gonna find your way,
You're like a boomerang. [x4]

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Anthem Lights Boomerang Comments
  1. Katie Cooper

    I really appreciate those who wrote this song. A lot of me wants to give up right now, but this song encourages me to stay hopeful! So many people have lost hope and I think it's important to write songs that uplift us and keep us going. <3

  2. Makenzee Gooley

    One of my all time favorites! Keep up the empowering music gents!!!!!!!!

  3. hari patel

    Superb song

  4. Kyra Jackson

    Gosh, I needed guys are awesome! <3

  5. Lauren Chalker

    Definitely a song I needed to hear right now! :)

  6. Attxched Love

    This describes me tbh

  7. Annie C

    I'm legit bawling.

  8. Alicia Fehr

    This song describes the way I deal with pain and problems, I bury it inside me and then it comes out of me all at once eventually. Thank you so much for writing this song, and for just being you guys.

  9. Attxched Love

    thx for this AMAZING song im a suicidal my best friend joel helps me to see light and with this song he shares I've known many things i never knew i still am suicidal but i try to find the light

  10. Sky Lance

    The beginning of this song is literally my life right now. I broke down in tears the first time I heard it. Thank you so much.

  11. William Seide

    Love IT!

  12. Angeline Evans

    I love this song

  13. chelsea Harper

    I sent this to my mom before she died from cancer I had some faith she was gonna live but I knew it was the end and I wanted her to know that she will find a way.

  14. Hữu Thiện Đoàn

    has been 4 years now , still like this song as hell

  15. Gerrit Grove

    Some of the few singers that actually use their talents to praise God and that is why you guys are the best. I have a lot of respect.Its my dream to be like you guys

  16. Elena Bloebaum

    Listening to this again in 2016 and I love it even more. Love your music!!!

  17. Amber Sullivan

    this is a awesome song

    Anthem Lights

    Thanks Amber!!

    dakotah mick

    Anthem Lights I have an autoimmune disease called lupus, and along with comes sever anxiety and depression. I was physically and sexually abused for 11 years, and this song has saved me. I know a lot of people say that, but I was in a dark place for a long time, and this helped me realize that I am good enough and that I have a reason to be here. thank you guys so much for everything you do. you guys saved my life. I love you guys so much.

  18. Abby Kuenzi

    I needed this song, so thank you. Well done. ☺😙💕

  19. Madison Zapf

    This is literally my favorite song right now! This original give me life. OMG you guys are so amazing! Can this be on the radio yet? You need to tour in Spain! I love you guys so much. You guys make me smile so big. I love your Christian ones a lot too. So please don't stop doing those covers. Keep doing what you are doing because you guys are loved!

    Anthem Lights

    Awww thank you so much Madison!!! Maybe one day we'll tour in Spain!! We love you too!!! ❤️😀

  20. Ellie Bunz

    I cry ever time I hear this because it's so acurate but then you hear the chorus and I smile....

  21. Purestar Nine

    Professional vocals, totally awesome tune and catchy rhythm, meaningful words. :-) All I need now is a bunch of friends to dance with! lol Loving the music guys. Keep it coming! <3

  22. Rachel Pemberton

    I'm really sad that they've gone away from doing Christian songs...This is an awesome song, but we need so much more than the hope even our loved ones can offer. We really need to lean on God.

  23. AMV/MAD Maker Kiba

    29 thg 9, 2014
    now 2016 , and just 181.149 == ,

  24. Hallizha Bagacina

    You make my heart ache in a good wave. I kept reminiscing things in my life while listening to this song :'(

  25. Sundown


  26. Tumult

    Why can't music like this be hype instead of all the crap we hear on the radio nowadays?

  27. Ashley Chau

    This song is amazing!! You guys are my absolute favorite band!

  28. Amelia Persinger

    You guys are my go to music while I'm at work, and this song is exactly what I needed to hear at this point and time in my life.

  29. Kaisha Barnes

    must say... I clicked this song because I thought it wa boomerang by The Summe set but wow. glag I clicked it

  30. Alexandra


  31. Sworup Poudel

    U Guys Are Awesome

  32. Alice Zhang

    All of your songs are so incredible!!!!! the lyrics are so gorgeous and the music is just . . . wow. So much better than a lot of the stuff radios play nowadays!

  33. Essi-Maria Sipola

    yeah.. after 4 years of battling with depression i can say that this song is so accurate ♡ I'm finally happy and no doubt stronger than i was before ♡

  34. Nur Amira Che Rameli

    Amazinggg ! ❤❤❤


    "Even the sun goes sinking down, but you know tomorrow it'll rise from the ground"

    Awesome lyric.Great song.

  36. carat is me me is carat

    Iove your songs! You guys! Eversince!!

  37. Maggie Grace Webb

    you know you're in love with a song when you break out in dance in your living room like i just did! XD

  38. Khanh Nguyen

    I was going through something difficult recently and a stranger sent me this song. Made my day. :-)

  39. Yousuf Darya

    Beautiful song. The same situation here. Anthem lights thanks for helping me out

  40. seriousgeorge001

    Thank you for your music and especially songs like this one. I can't tell you how much this song and "The Unknown" has helped me at this time in my life.

  41. Jasmine S

    I love this so much !


    I absolutely love this! I was listening to Just Fall to try to find a song that can make me feel better after my breakdown i had today and i accidentally clicked this song on my tablet and it just helps so much!!! I love love love it!!!!! <3

  43. Oliiva Croft

    i love this song here

  44. Brearley

    what if you feel like giving up, because of the ones you love?

  45. Annie C

    That light inside of you is starting to fade

  46. Annie C

    This song 😍😍😍😍

  47. Carolina Grisham

    This is one of the most inspirational songs I have ever heard. You guys are amazing! 
    "You're going to find your way, You're like a boomerang" 

  48. Hannah Walker

    I listen to your guys' music a lot while I'm doing my schoolwork!  Another advantage of being homeschooled!  You guys are so awesome and so is your music!  Me and my brother did Can't Get Over You for our local talent show.

  49. Ryan Mast

    11 people threw a boomerang but then they got hit in the face.

  50. David Cathers

    This had all the right words to say!!! Thank you guys for encouraging others through the midst of this crazy life. You guys rock! God bless.

  51. Dan Sulit

    Thanks for being an inspiration in my class devotion AND help me remember my life Motto... Love the Song ^_^

  52. Fede Sanchez

    Greaaat Song!!!!!!! :) :) I Love Anthem Lights!!!

  53. Aur7li7

    Listening to this song 1000 times. Life is unfair :(

  54. Alayna Skurdal

    This song is so inspiring. Thank you guys so much for this song. One of the most encouraging songs I have ever heard.

  55. sky izzy

    I love this song I suffer from PTSD and I listen to this song almost on a daily basis. Love you Athem Lights

  56. Spookums

    Ah this is seriously just what I needed. :) Thank you for making it all ok again.

  57. Michaela Cole

    I know your heart has had enough.. (:

  58. Maggie

    This song literally has helped me through so much and I can not thank you guys enough.. The only thing I didn't like about this video was @0:23 (your*) but great job guys! Please continue being amazing (:

  59. Nielle Dueck

    This song is so for me iv needed this for a long time

  60. Glayd Loren

    I've been a fan of Anthem Lights when I hear about them a Christian Rock band and it really blesses me so much! and i've sharing your music to my friends here in Philippines telling them that God is using you to proclaim HIS word, but this album wasn't been the same from thier previous albums and it's just confusing now, honestly you guys really help me to build my relationship with Jesus with your songs and now it feels like being your part of the WORLD and not being as a LIGHT to it? i hope we will stand in our faith...

    im praying for you guys and hoping you'll continue to proclaim JESUS through your music! :)
    GOD BLESS!!!

  61. Mary Pawlicki

    this is an amazing song and I think everyone can relate to it because we are go through rough times our life. We have moments that we try to pretend that everything is ok when its not and this song reminds thats its ok to break down to give yourself time to heal.

  62. Eddie Cahill Fan

    This song speaks to me more than any other song ever has in my life. I've been going through some stuff for the past year and I've been cutting. This song makes me feel like God is speaking directly to me, telling me it's okay to break down sometimes, but He's also saying it won't always be this way, that my luck will turn around. 

  63. Migo uno o

    this is an amazing emotional song thanks for all your covers and all ur songs you inspire me so much

  64. Rocky Warner

    wow....this is very encouraging. thanks

  65. Renee DeBickero

    really like this song. just what i needed to hear.... please put your new stuff on spotify!

  66. Fheer

    MEXICO IS listening your songs TOO    ;) 
    and this is very BEAUTIFUL 

  67. Home Dail

    Love this song

  68. Laura Catalan

    Love these songs so far but I really wish the album was more like "You Have My Heart" I think these songs are deviating from the purpose of the band. =(

  69. nohana hadjijamel

    I am a fan already

  70. nohana hadjijamel

    Truly amazing song...Love from Philippines

  71. Faith Road

    Great song guys! We do covers of songs we would love it if you guys check them out at "Faithroad covers" God bless you all! :)

  72. Stuart

    I thought that you were singing for God but you notice a change in their lives.

  73. ranielle macy

    @Jasmin Gonzales this song is for you..and for myself as well..

  74. Lauren D.

    Wow! Excellent song, guys! Too bad all music today can't be like this…..
    Music that is both relatable and has a deeper and more profound message behind it than just surface subjects!

  75. Desiray Smith

    omg its like yall wrote this song just for me....thanks for writting this song cuz i needed some good words

  76. LopeForestLope


    Maggie Grace Webb

    the world will never know

  77. Adriana Sutton

    This song explains just what I'm going through and feeling like right now

  78. Averie Coen


  79. Sarah Voss

    Best. Song. Ever.

  80. Angie Thomas

    AWWW! this is great! cant wait for the album!
    really catchy.

  81. Kendall-Egan Fire

    Thank you, Anthem Lights. I'm going through a very frustrating time. You are massaging the knot out of my heart.

  82. Autumn culver

    You guys are awesome! You should do a cover of Carrie underwoods new song, something in the water.

  83. Palmer Kidz

    Hard to not cry. I've been being bullied a lot and some other family things. This song feels like it was written just for me. Thank you guys for your inspirational music. I don't know what I'd do without you 💕💕

  84. Nadine Rose

    I really needed this. thank you anthem lights. one of my fav bands all time

  85. lauren2000ist

    LOVE IT!!

  86. Rose JayZ

    this song is SOO GREAT ! it's so inspirational. i love the lyrics. i felt it. love you guys for making this song. :) :1

  87. theashmonster

    Absolutely beautiful! This has to be my favorite! Love love love!

  88. Elizabeth Tietjen

    You guys are such amazing artists! You are my favorite band and i love your music💜💜!!!

  89. Grace Wong

    I find it really amazing reading all these comments about how this song came out at just the right time for them. It's so cool seeing how God works in these mysterious ways. This song is probably one of the most motivational songs ive heard in a long time

  90. Hannah Wright

    So far all the songs from Escape have had at least 3 lyrics that really speak to and encourage me. Thank you guys so much for making music that can impact lives. ily guys!

  91. Grace Rife

    OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS R AMAZING! I LOVE YOU ALL YOU INSPIRE ME AND JUST MAKE ME FEEL HAPPY!!! this song is sooo amazing and one of the best songs in my opinion! (even though every song is amazing)

  92. Jamie Gandy

    On July 9th of this year my dad went to Heaven. The past nearly three months have been so so hard on my mom, brother and I (even our dog). It's sometimes impossible to breathe and there isn't really many people we know that understands the width of our heartache. Our joy is knowing that he is with our Father in Heaven, where my dad has always longed to be. Our joy is knowing that he lived his life giving Glory to God and touching lives for His Glory. Our peace is knowing that when he entered Heaven Our Savior greeted him with a 'Well done my good and faithful servant.'
    But our sorrow is living the rest of our lives without him here. But our hope is knowing that when God calls us home he will be there to welcome us.

    This song speaks so deeply to me, like the words are written/spoken for me. And I thank you guys for sharing your talents with us.


    I hope you're doing better. Losing a family member is one of the hardest things someone can go through. Im truly sorry for your loss.

  93. My Drifting Imagination

    This is so inspirational!

  94. m hoek

    I love this song, and I just love your music, but what I dont like is that (until now) on this album theres not one song about God. When I listen to your first album, almost every song goes about God. It gives me the feeling that you guys have been changed. I really hope im wrong, but I hope that you read this, and that you want to think about it.
    Musically you're awesome! I'll keep on following you! May God show you the way He wants you to go. Greetzz

    Emma H.

    I think that even though they don't specifically mention God in the song, I think that the songs purpose is to lead people to god and maybe the song still honors God even if the lyrics don't directly talk about him ya know?

    Emma H.

    But I do see your point and I think it is a very good one.

    SugaisSweet •

    they said their message for this album is to bring good messages to people that some people don't show. or something like that.

    Ryan Warren

    There are a lot of Christian artist that don't talk about God directly. It's not like they don't, look at their last album, it was completely talking about giving your heart to God. 

  95. Laura Luykx

    Words can't describe how amazing, special and lovely this song is.

  96. Alizée André

    AMAZING !!!!

  97. Michelle Kaiser

    I love it!!!!!! Can't wait to get the entire album!!

  98. Patricia Dean

    You guys are simply amazing!! <3


    I love this song soo much and it has a helped my daughter with her problems

  100. trido022291

    i just failed an exam so yeah this song is gonna be on repeat for a while