Anth - I Love It Lyrics

They got cars, they got cash, they got anything you ask, but baby they got nothing on you
Trips to Rome, to Bel-Air, they could take me anywhere, but I wanna get closer to you

I love it (I love, love it)
I love it (I love, love it)
But baby they got nothing on you
I love it (I love, love it)
I love it (I love, love it)
But I wanna get closer to you

I'm such a savage, that's why them rappers be scared
And you the baddest, rockin' fox furs with curves
And I'm an addict, so addicted to you girl
So go and tell your girlfriends that they can all get a turn
Baby, I'm joking, if you're drinking girl then I'm pouring
I got a thing for you, I got things to do, but for you my schedule open
So if you love it girl then come show it
Because if I want it girl then I'll own it
And we can do this thing 'til the morning, ha, get it? get it? moaning


Let's take it back to the basics, tonight you my favorite
Chanel for the fragrance, so close I can taste it
Wanna be your latest, do it big like A-list
Be your Mercedes, and you can drive me crazy
But I can't wait to get you alone, back to a place that I call my own
The night still young and our bodies grown, so c'mon baby girl let's do what we want
'Cus baby girl you, are someone I need
And I know, the best things are free
So let's go, mami ven aqui
'Cus I know that "no" means "si"
I love it girl


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  1. infinitemayniac xx

    OMG! Anth sounds so different now, BTW, Congratz for the first original song!!
    Sorry for late congratz ;)

  2. sam azham

    you n ur youtube channel are the best anth, if all of ur video have lyrics.

  3. sebastian

    I love “Crazy Kids” by Kesha😍😍

  4. Princess Nautica

    It’s 2017 and I still fucks w/ this song 😂🔥

  5. Michelle Dallas

    any one else still listening in 2017??

  6. Linda Thao

    Love your voice girl keep it up ya and boy

  7. blue

    They edited Anths hair line lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Melissa Ford

    this is my song lately i really dont like songs like this but i love this song 😍 most of anths songs and covers i love 😂

  9. akt


  10. CatLoverYT

    im goanna look your name up and put your picture on my picture

    Callum Freeman

    Bit weird...

  11. CatLoverYT

    Can you marry me cause your sexy and hot


    A bit weird, don't you think mate?


    A bit weird there mate.



  13. Jami Johnson

    Yooooo haven't heard a song with maribelle in anything in awhile 😂

  14. cesar gonzalez

    Idk why put i laughed my ass off haha

  15. Mary Perez

    I love this video

  16. ad 231

    The mv is so simple yet so great!!!!

  17. One Vision

    coolest musicvideo i've ever seen

  18. Sophia Gonzalez

    hey anth I would love to talk on the phone with you I'm a big fan I love to sing I stop making vids though wish I had some advice call me 2106685087

    Sophia Gonzalez

    +Princess Apples who cares

    Sophia Gonzalez

    +Sophia Gonzalez I don't even really know how to sing anyways

    Dino Vinković

    +Sophia Gonzalez he is saying that there are people who can track your location w your number,and they are never nice people,never put your information on the internet,speccialy not ur addres


    We can still catch your location with IP Addresses (your wifi / router numbers) But you should probably never do that. I am a leader of #Hydra and Member of @LizardSquad you probably heard of that but you should never put your personal stuff on the internet.

  19. Katy’s Life

    This is great

  20. Inglid Costa

    como faz pra baixar essa música ? Pelo amor de Deus 💖

  21. Elle Indi

    oohh myyy
    hugs from brazil! <3

  22. Vanu_ Tucker

    loven it so far!!!!!!

  23. Faeyla

    What happened to Maribelle Anes Youtube channel?

    Lauren Rudd

    I was just thinking that😭😭

  24. Sayantoni Das

    Grt job! :D

  25. My Gap

    the best music

  26. angel gonzalez

    Night was made by him I was so surprised omg just wish I would actually see him and ima make new YouTube videos starting tommorow

  27. Roby De Marzi

    i <3 it!

  28. stlrs 6

    Love the video !!!

  29. Gianna Devlin

    why isnt this on the radio?!!

  30. Hailey Lova

    this is perfect! <3

  31. argjent captin

    That's awesome

  32. AG Robinson

    Want a remix ??!??

  33. AG Robinson

    We should do a song listen to my music

  34. AG Robinson

    Damn !! Nice dude

  35. Cindy Regime


  36. Kristin Long

    buying this now!

  37. Toby Jarn

    awesome dude

  38. //fena

    I have it on repeat :)

  39. Maxi Weise

    soooooo fcking nice

  40. Lucy Mayniac

    I love this song! It's amazing!!

  41. missxlicia

    Nice! Good shit. I Love It ;)

  42. Kara Williams

    bought and on repeat😍

  43. BrokenLUVmelody

    ❤️Love it

  44. ally

    i love it :)

  45. Harti Latifah

    how nice you are for sharing free download your song for this great song!

  46. Shahad Hafidh


  47. Wassabi Eeh

    nice work bruh.. \m/

  48. IcePixiee

    Aha. I love it... ;) ♥

  49. vikyxlouise

    I love it :)))))

  50. Andre Carasic

    congratulations on your first original song !
    hey people check out please my music channel !

  51. Melissa

    that video is just soo cool

  52. Charlotte X


  53. simran Kaur

    this is an awesome song and loved the video 

  54. Umaira Chowdhury

    Absolutely smashed it Anth

  55. CamillaC

    I love it! haha 

  56. Jacqueline Music

    I Love it! ;) ♥

  57. Mārtiņš Vērnieks

    Maribelle Añes has amazing voice, that makes the song for me :)




    this needs to be on the radio! #ILoveIt

  60. jessica deavers

    Just bought this on iTunes. I'm obsessed already.

  61. Lilly

    i love it hehe great song!

  62. Angie Davila

    wicked song

  63. AndreaGonzalez1234

    I can already tell this is going to be my song for the summer.

  64. Meeeee191

    aw. this is the cutest

  65. Suzanne Eyinga

    Make a song with Conor!

  66. GIMI Productions

    sick! keep it up man! also great vocals by Maribelle!

  67. Perkaholic Gobblegum


  68. ANTH

    The official audio of my 1st original song "I Love It" featuring Maribelle Añes is now on YouTube! Download link in the description :)

    lazarus Wake me up

    Ay sup man I gotta a lot respect for what you do, I got one question for ya. Do you ever look back to see how far you got to where are at now an did it change ur life around? Did you also had another career set for yourself if the music u rap too didn't take off? What does your family an friends say about you?

    Marky Mark

    +map apm Damn yo...he didnt give a fuck to answer your question at all not even a little bit. What a douche.

    Marky Mark

    +Robert Mendez Pretty crazy considering that this song is pretty much ass cheeks.


    +Anth Can u tell me the name of ur haircut?

  69. Aliyah K

    Now here are emojis on another level

  70. Özlem Karaca

    Whoooww...Love this video ♥ #anth great job... ♥

  71. Terrance Wade

    The video and song is dope!

  72. wolfrain1989

    great song