Anth - Better Now Lyrics

Should've known
Why does something good never last long?
Why does something right always go wrong?
I said I'm sorry but I waited too long
Wonder if you've found some company
Or if you're alone, the same as me
Never knew how special we would be
'Til the future changed to memories
So who you gon' call when you get too drunk?
All the times that I picked you up
Held back your hair when you've had too much
I'd do it all again just to bring back us
But I can't fix us
Cus you've had enough
And it hurts so much

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Anth Better Now Comments
  1. J X

    Mds finalmente achei essa msc com a voz desse cara

  2. Isabelly Maria Silva Ferreira


  3. Tanaya Xara Oh

    I love post malone. But this cover is better than his. And I'm not exaggerating

  4. Muhammad Farooq Usman Khan

    I love this voice ❤️

  5. Serdar Nursahatow

    Good song.I love it

  6. Batyngshaiñ Nongspung

    I don't believe that you will be better than post Malone

  7. Ridhi Chalana

    No doubt this is far better than original....... keep it up man🙋✌️👌👌👍👍

  8. Adriana Adnan


  9. Adriana Adnan

    Its easier to tell yourself lies than to deal will excruciating truth.n just eat up your feelings. This is gna come biting me in the future. But its probably best to deny. To not disrupt the balance of life for others around u. Plus i am here where i am needed. ... its way better than not being needed.

  10. Douglasplay Silva Souza

    Melhor musica❤😍😍😍

  11. Fuck you Carlin

    Nice like this song

  12. Stephanie Jones

    2019 almost 2020

  13. Christina Iangjuh

    wow I love this song so much

  14. Jason Fisher

    I will forever and always be thankful for us, I would graciously, thankfully and happily sit down the puppy for the rest of my life if you will see me for me. Yes, I am in physical pain, my body hurts, but never once can I truthfully say through it all have I ever given up on us, said anything remotely close to us not being worth it or that I was upset with you because I havent and simply dont feel as such. Rather I've been focused on ridding sin, looking retrospectively trying to become aware and therefore possess the ability to improve aspects of my life, learning the many perks of saying no, healthy boundaries, self love second to none, depression, self worth, investing countless hours into what I will ine day prove as my comeback/career and much more - and to help explain the past few years - none of which means all that much to me if losing you is price of which I must pay. Earning from hard/smart work, personal relationships, continuing education, spending more time with my parents while I am so lucky to still have them both, stopping to smell the roses and doing what all I can to be a beacon of hope, light and/or love to many others along the way just by being me, true to thyself, open and objective to learning new things, and saying goodbye to whatever doesnt serve the vision I have for my future, vividly clear although aware of much that is not right, as if revengeful and not knowing how to convey the truth as to my heart and making the same mistakes as any would given they were me. I am human, but my intentions despite even the one's I've chosen in survival have never intended to be any less than to provide for and all out of respect and from a place of love, forgiveness and the building or rebuilding of a bridge or bridges, not what seems to have become the most easy option when one encounters some level of difficulty, that is to get new, burn bridge, medicate when we use to educate. I pray I convey my heart in the same fashion as I feel it in my bones.

  15. Rnda Gad


  16. Abigiya worku

    My heart conor...he was my first crush.....i never loved someone like him........pure talented he can make any song better than originally you............more than i say...i hope one day am gonna met you somewhere ....

  17. Tasya Pratiwi

    I really like his voice

  18. EDM Music

  19. w song lyrics

  20. Ludivine CARTIGNY

    3:07 best part

  21. Jhenmes KeullyADOREI AMIGA


  22. Jhenmes KeullyADOREI AMIGA



    Na verdade meu nome é ashlley eu que gosto,e sou Army também.este é o nome da minha mãe. Kkk

  23. Jhenmes KeullyADOREI AMIGA


  24. Regy

    Love music.Amo está música,linda

  25. Micky susan

    damn!!! I can't get enough of conor's voice😍😍😍😍

  26. justin Thasusow

    Best part 3.1

  27. Fabiana silva


  28. Wankupar Kharkylliang

    Conor is the best

  29. Hailey Contiii

    When me and my bf were just friends he used to listen to this Bc his ex played him and now we are dating after about a month I think he was single 🤪 so everything I listen to this I think about him even tho we are still together

  30. Дмитрий Бочкарев

    Обажаю эту песню😚😚💖💖💖

  31. Jade Griffiths

    Sexy understatement if u new him ud see the sexiness inside and out 😘

  32. Jade Griffiths

    I love you xxxx

  33. Jade Griffiths

    U never let me down at all.. I will only be better with u beside me and u no it 💖💖 my toy soldier xxx

  34. bts taelover

    This is better than the original song

  35. Jay D

    Is there an instrumental for this version?

  36. nevin Samynaden

    It's better than the original song..

  37. Nyokum lamnio Nyokum lamnio

    Bro. Ur voice much better than others singer..


    I ❤️❤️ this remix.
    Its better now!

  39. aemi yazid

    Playing pubg and my new teamates always sang this song, saying this song was his cure for broken heart 🌸 be strong dear

  40. Baby Boy

    Words are off right at the Start

  41. benjamin kellogg

    Can honestly say this is better than the original wow

  42. Rupdhan Rongpi

    Cool conor 👍👍👍

  43. kylie Theonee

    I love my song😊😊😍


    Who liked 2:47 to 3:50 part...

  45. Ehbok Kharbuli

    Hy Conor i wanna sing wid u man once....

  46. Dinda Andriyani

    Better now i love this song


    love you conor like you dream voice

  48. Soulistic

    Anth and Conor❤

  49. AsuraKai386

    I can literally feel every bit of this song remade by Conor

  50. MAY

    could you check out my cover of BETTER NOW on my channel? I'm sure you won't regret it :)

  51. Deadidolizedpoet

    Holy shit! This is DOPE!

  52. Rumina Sanchez

    You song it so much better than Post Malone...
    Oh and I came here from Hua Jai Sila. I have been looking for the person who sang it but couldn't find it.

  53. dsfdsfsdfdsf hgcfcf

    2:49 i've heard ,,nigga, nigga, nigga" 😂

  54. Cristina Alvino

    Love 👍👍👍👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  55. Cristina Alvino


  56. MP Mahadav

    OMG l love this song 👍👍👍👍👍👍🎵🎵🎵🎵

  57. Ania Jagodzińska

    Love 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙

  58. Von Cantuba

    you lossin' me control men...
    this song is crazy, so damn beautiful insane <3

  59. weewqf

    My brother you are really amazing

  60. human tupan

    Lol everyone saying its better then the original. .. it cant be better then the original cause without the original theres no cover.. not taking any light from the cover cause its great x

  61. Guccibakuhoe

    I’m obsessed.-. No crazy shit

  62. Rama Kattih

    Omg...... This is so much better than the original

  63. Paulo Henrique

    Eu sou a única brasileira que gosta de escutar essas músicas


    Não eu também amo

    Douglasplay Silva Souza

    Eu também❤🙂


    ILOVE THIS👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏BRAVO


    Отличное песня настроение сразу поднимает ❤

  66. Yeshi Tshomo

    I like this song😍😍😍

  67. Юля live TV


  68. zaynah zaynah zaynah zaynah

    Lovely my Love song

  69. zaynah zaynah zaynah zaynah

    Beautifulsssss nice song wow


    Better now is my favorite song

  71. Neethu vk

    This is better & best than the orgnl.....😍😍

  72. Sadia Begum

    his voice is nice

  73. Zhraa Aloosh


  74. krue1558

    When he said make up I thought he dropped the n bomb

  75. فهد العنزي


  76. Nj123 Oranges

    Conor one of my fav singer...❤❤
    One of the best cover so far.. i love this song & on repeat mode bcz of him😍😍😘😘
    Damnn his voice 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  77. Prity Raja

    😉😉😉 I LOVE THIS SONG 😍😍😍😍

  78. Yousif Rak


  79. taleta nasi

    Emang gw pikirin

  80. Alyssa Smith

    Oh it will end I was in love with ur brilliance but your vanity destroyed it 💙

  81. bekraled amina

    I'm better noWw

  82. FIRE_MAN_2017

    I wish there were chords for guitar for his version

  83. Tim Morey

    Leave it to Connor and anth to take a already great song and make it f**kn awesome. Can t wait to listen in the ride

  84. matrix

  85. Bimo Bagus

    waw lagu nya

  86. issahannah

    0.75, youre welcome 😘

  87. Sourabh Patel

  88. matrix

  89. sierra marotto

    don't abuse the replay button(: 0:00

  90. sierra marotto

    2:02 best part

    Hailey Salmons

    Very true

    Koder Trotter

    Full agreement

  91. Robert Z Hnamte

    I like it;);)

  92. Mamboihi Bawihi

    Conor how to be u❤️❤️❤️

  93. Leah Cutts

    This was recorded after jack kicked it out so my only theory is that’s it’s about jack not an ex.

  94. Pratim Dutta

    *mistake!!! you probably "think"....not "say"

  95. Alyssa Smith

    Omg this song is my life....i miss him soo much I feel dead inside😢 if there was a magic button where it could just be me and him and our babes thats what I want for xmas. I wanna go bk

  96. Rick Walker

    This song makes me miss her so much it was the biggest mistake of my life letting her go

    Koder Trotter

    We've all been there bro shits hard to walk away

    Koder Trotter

    Check out it's never to late