Answer, The - Under The Sky Lyrics

A leader to come and put a cross right upon his land
He said the travesty is the future has been laid
In your hands too long
Will the journey come to an end, will it end?
Sympathy can't disguise all the evil that is
Locked in your head
We're tumbling through two stories that
Should never be read
Can't you see I believe in a place called Hell
Yes, I do

Under the sky I cry for you
Under the sky I crawl
Under the sky I'd die for you
You are the reason why I fall away

People have died and I have cried waiting for
Salvation to come
It takes a lot of my faith believin' everyday we are
One in the same
Is it plain that the damage is done, is it done?
Knock me out cold clear my hair take me back
To the start
Tell me everything is over and I don't have the heartache too late
All my dreams are passing me by
There they go

Under the sky I cry for you
Under the sky I crawl
Under the sky I'd die for you
You are the reason why I fall away, I fall away, I fall-all-all away, yes

Taking a stand one hand closing over all of
Your doors
I play a different tune 'cause I don't wanna
Fight in your war,
Torn apart gotta stitch myself together again
Carry me on your back, Jack, you're never gonna
Reach to the top
Above the millions of people scrapin' by
You see what they've got
Shot down everytime they try to get back up
Up, they get

Under the sky I cry for you
Under the sky I crawl
Under the sky I'd die for you
You are the reason why I fall away
I fall away

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Answer, The Under The Sky Comments
  1. misantrope

    This tune is so good. Thanks for this. Ah, I love it!

  2. LordNothing

    Main Riff = Personal Jesus (by Depeche Mode)

  3. The Esprits

    "Under the sky" is sooo great!
    The Answer ftw!

  4. Joy Davenport

    We got to hear them play in the USA at Huber Heights. They friggin ROCK!!!! Totally amazing and they put on an AWESOME show!!!!

  5. mrwhitford1966

    They got the goods folks!

  6. Acoustic Happiness and stuff

    So good! You guys add so much to my life... add to my happiness :-)
    Thank You

  7. Scott Hogshead

    This band is Fucking amazing..can't wait for their next album

  8. Scott Hogshead

    well, there is a band called the last vegas that has a very GN'R sound (maybe aerosmithy...i'm not sure) check them out

  9. Felix Wolf

    The Answer are hard rock prophacies.

  10. Small FOV

    This song was AWESOME live! too bad i didnt have time to get their album :(

  11. Jeff Streak

    They were pretty sweet there eh?

  12. heedsdoon

    Work is all i do, the answer and swampfreaks are my release from this crazy fucked up land we call EARTH.

  13. Mita Dimic

    Yea great solo,and I think very cool and funny singer. I watched them in Belgrade before Ac/Dc.They fuckin rock!

  14. heedsdoon

    They sound canny, bit different but i know were yer coming from.

  15. ibanezgast

    can't wait to see them 23 June in Amsterdam with AC/DC.
    The Answer rocks!

  16. Fabian Azad

    Oh fuck...Oh my god...this is...

    not awesome^^

    I'm going to puke in the toilet, sorry.

  17. Cj Scanlon

    any one who plays guitar, you should check out my cover of this and tell me what to fix watch?v=76xMSbaOhZg

  18. Corey Strand

    Mind blowing wah solo!

  19. tut08

    haha same with me. everyone was impatiently waiting for AC/DC and i was standing up like "hell yeah these guys kick ass!"

  20. No0bieNo0b

    I saw them to! They were awsome, i wanted to stand up but no one was^^ So it would be weird that i was the only one standing up^^

  21. Ore Martin

    haha the vocals of cormac are so catchy, i should admit that is one of my favourite bands, and i actually prefer the debut album than the new one =)

  22. Anders KA

    I thought david coverdale+ian gillan+robert plant when I heard the vocalist last during their warm up for ACDC last week :D

  23. John Smith

    I'm pretty sure Led Zeppelin was just reincarnated.

  24. mcdermottlaw

    I saw The Answer open for AC DC at Madison Square Garden on 11-13-04. All I can say is "WOW". Tight rhythm section, great guitarist, and vocalist who has a Robert Plant quality, with his own twist. Reminded me of Led Zeppelin, with a little Free thrown in. Excellent band, exciting performers. Real rock n' roll is still being played and The Answer is proof that rock still lives. Excellent job, boys.

  25. bitchhhh

    les paul

  26. Sanchito609

    anyone knows where i can find this video in good quality?

  27. Eric Lambert

    Very nice..Old School...Rock needs more bands like this!!!

  28. Hellbound68

    Fuckin great music who knew newcastle had this kinda shit goin on and i live in warrenpoint!!!!

  29. Jackthestripper

    This is my first time hearing the band, I am VERY impressed.

  30. masterexploder14

    nobody lives in newcastle

  31. Mário Barroso

    You guys are freaking huge!
    Keep Rocking!!!