Answer, The - Tonight Lyrics

Today's the day we're gonna leave all our problems
Just get up and go
So forget them, you don't need them
Leave it alone

When the good mornings are long
I can never go wrong
There's a storm coming our way
But not today

Tonight's the night you can make it
Tonight's the night you can make it
Tonight's the night you can make it
So alright with me.

You asked for silver and I gave you gold
I'm asking nothing from you
If these people had a clue what we knew
They'd be feeling it too

The time's passing us by
But I've never risen so high
The day is moving so fast
So we got to make it last
Make it last

Tonight's the night you can make it
(ooh la la la la na na na na na)
Tonight's the night you can make it
(ooh la la la la na na na na na)
Tonight's the night you can make it
Tonight's the night you can make it
Tonight's the night you can make it
Tonight's the night you can make it
You can make it all right
You are alright with me

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Answer, The Tonight Comments
  1. Fartrell Cluggins

    I still love this song.

  2. Tom 5150

    Cormac ist the new Robert plant

  3. kattywebb1

    This is a fantastic song,  love this group

  4. Antonio Dias


  5. Antonio Dias

    great rock and roll

  6. dan fraser

    get on your motorcycle and ride baby !

  7. Candy Samuels

    I seen these guys last night in Greeley Colorado, awesome band, I'm hooked for life!

  8. Arkady Yablokov

    В случае с The Answer, спектр оказавших на их музыку влияний, еще шире чем у Rival Sons (от LZ до Black Crowes). Достойный ответ из Северной Ирландии, на вопрос жив ли еще в 21 веке классический хард-рок...

    Kirill Tischenko

    но The Darkness не хуже, как по мне.

  9. David Kelly

    Best Answer song by far for me! Just love the opening riff! Love this band! 

  10. Pablo Maroto

    Just Rock&Roll, no need more words...

  11. Joshua Iulen Borrás Riera

    This song remind me Thin Lizzy. The Chorus in the verse are exactly (I'm not saying that's a copy)

  12. Michael Nickles



    Great band

  14. Mats Isaksson

    Led Zeppelin was great from Led Zeppelin II to Led Zeppelin IV. Whole Lotta Love is magic. As When the Levee Breaks - but that is a cover/


    there not led zeppelin, there will never be another band as good as them...... i like the answer :) but the black crows are better

  16. Michael Kerr

    this song always reminds me of overdose by ACDC, and jailbreak by thin lizzy :P

  17. progrockertom

    The singer sounds a bit like plant, but they've got much more of an american sound musically, nothing new but it's the sought of music that they don't make anymore so good on them

  18. GuitaristAidan

    Hugely underrated band

  19. Z miłości do Gór

    Hello ! Greetings from Poland !
    Invite polish great rocknroll band!

  20. Steve Sharpe

    Saw them on Saturday night in Sheffield, awsome live band. all three albums are also great.

  21. Thelegendhaha

    Seen them twice live in Bristol.... great live band, and they always make time for the fans - great band!

  22. shaun michaels

    can someone please helped me? ive looked everywhere and can not find 2 singles the 'TONIGHT' acoustic and 'PRIDE' acoustic thanks guys for any help

  23. npd23

    tonight there`s gonna be a jailbreak!

  24. LedLass

    @paulbarraza Page did say that. However, I don't think Page was referring to their sound but rather their song structure and style. For me though the emotional content isn't there and they tend to digress into a generic rock sound I find boring. Maybe I'm being too hard on them, but for this Zeppelin fan, they are definitely NOT "the Answer."

  25. koolbreeeeeze


  26. erikwetbeard

    @bilos1993 Curse you

  27. Stefan Murray

    i know cormac and he is the most down to earth guy in the week they play in front of 170 people in our wee club in northern ireland.we cant

  28. Paul Barraza

    @seraulalh Jimmy Page said himself.. if you want to see what Led Zepplin was in the 70's, its The Answer

  29. Iván Bonacic K.

    Is true! this band sound like Led Zepp! And he is the son of Robert.... jeje

  30. gdmcoped

    a mix of Led Zeppelin and the Clash = the Answer?

  31. bilos1993

    OK, you're gonna hate me for this :

    I love The Answer, I love rock music, but I lost the game.

  32. Florian L'Hermitte

    See them in Paris before AC/DC ! :)

  33. Burgerphile


  34. suizo92

    i love this singer, he reminds me soo much to robert plant.. we need more rock n roll like this nowdays

  35. smackenurjunk

    @headwhop26 Angus Young is not even close to the best guitarist. Jimmy Page was a very handsome man and he is only matched in fame to Hendrix who also got some ladies

  36. headwhop26

    That's what's beautiful about it! Im not so pretty myself, so things are looking up! :D

  37. headwhop26

    All the best guitarists are ugly as hell-- Keith Richards, Angus Young, etc. Look at Paul Mahon, and things are looking promising. Not very attractive, so he's gonna be good

  38. manolojohny man

    the singer reminds me of robert plant (not in voice)
    they rock!

  39. Harrison Every

    @BlackIceWorldTour i did aha , went over it a few times to check :L

  40. Calamity Kay

    these dudes know what theyre doing

  41. paco perez

    Thin Lizzy lives!!!

  42. John Zurcher

    Fortunately I've had the privilege of seeing these blokes 4 different times. If you haven't bought any of their albums I would recommend that you do. They're writing they're 3rd as we speak and I expect a long tour after that.

  43. Louie Lively

    @FS6863 That's it! that show was fucking amazing dude!!!

  44. plastikmaiden

    *goingtoitunestobuy* SOLD!!!

  45. Louie Lively

    I saw these guys in a little club in Chicago last year, it was a private show in a place called the Big Kitchen, I think, not sure, but I was right up to the stage, and it was fucking amazing! These guys rule, and need way more credit.

  46. slashpit1983

    amazing fucken sound!!! great solo

  47. polytie

    Saw them in concert with AC/DC, I was extremely impressed. Its guys like them that make it so we can still headbang to real music.

  48. Daniel Gruchy

    ha my buddy went to AC/DC and this band was with them he told me how it wanted to make him blow his head off it was that awsome

  49. Trish Plant

    *sigh* Micky Waters is gorgeous, even nicer in person too.

  50. stefano schivari

    @greekfreak1980 I have the same idea!

  51. de ha

    From what stage is this? looks like during the tour with AC/DC ... aint i right? anyhow... The Answer is awsome and i love them!! All hail Rock!! :D!

  52. mannvillehawk2

    damn rights! thats rock n roll! crank it up!!!

  53. Nick Vantol

    these guys and airbourne are keeping rock alive!

  54. pbf98

    love these guys, love this song can't wait to see em live again!

  55. dengie75

    i really want to like these boys but ...... a bit middle of the road

  56. Kevin Mcd

    cool thin lizzy style solo

  57. Guido Torres

    the singer is kind of a mix between robert plant and lennon (nose & eyes) it's kinda weird :/

    still, music rocks

  58. Helen Concannon

    This reminds me of Hearts Burts Into Fire video :D

  59. radioheadguy

    Saw these guys in Oxford, UK, what an amazing gig!

  60. John Farrell

    i saw them when they were touring wiv AC/DC, best gig ever been 2

  61. BackThatMuleUp

    I literally just stumbled upon this group after seeing their CD on a free download site. Sounds great guys. Best of luck in the biz. I will buy your CD when I see it. BONUS was the drummer wearing a Gov't Mule shirt. Mule is my favorite band! Cheers.

  62. JESSMT

    Sounds like jailbreak thin lizzy

  63. mickyh93

    you must have seen different support acts to me (:

  64. mickyh93

    ah they're really weird choices ones like a rip of iron maiden (toxic federation) and the others this strange indie band (general fiasco) the answer makes up for it though :D

  65. MattiGardners

    im going to see them next week :D whats wrong with the support acts?

  66. mickyh93

    just saw them last night!!!! :D it was totally amazing but i don't get why they picked those support acts

  67. MattiGardners

    solo is amazing

  68. alkleot

    ...just GREAT!!!!!!

  69. Jackson Niebrugge

    Saw them in Anaheim before AC/DC. They would've sounded better except their mixing was done terribly

  70. Aaron Gollubier

    saw them in philly last night b4 acdc

  71. SamuraiX187

    the who, thin lizzy, aerosmith, cheap trick, it goes on and on, they are everything!

  72. mcdermottlaw

    The Answer rocks.... saw them with AC/DC at Madison Sq. Garden in NYC. They were fantastic. A little Zeppelin, a little Humble Pie, a little Free .... but unique when you put it all together. Great new band !

  73. Stevie

    u were amazing at birmingham on the 23rd of april on the AC/DC black ice tour :D

    nice to see there are some great bands coming up cuz tbh rock is dying with all the emo rubbish people call rock wen it isnt lol

    well done guys keep it rockin !!

  74. SamuraiX187

    lol im an oakland raiders fan, fuck the patriots :P

  75. SamuraiX187

    same at san jose HP pavillion sep 02, 2009

  76. SamuraiX187

    agree 100% never heard of them until i saw them live opening for ac/dc, i was blown away

  77. Šime Cvitan

    OMG i havent heared something like this since 80'
    this is very very nice

  78. Fabrizio D'Amelio

    This band opened for AC/DC in Milan. They're amazing! I love this gives me the hope of being someone with my band someday!

  79. Mark van Bavel

    Damn, this is good shit

  80. Rip Steakface

    They opened for AC/DC at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA. They kicked ass yet again. Badass band.

  81. GRILLBUOY101

    wow im just in shock how good they are unbeleivable singer and guitarist!!! so far i like every song i just heard the solos are crazy good

  82. Robin

    Oh my god.. This band is fuckin' awesome!

  83. Writer432

    i think paul mahon is a great guitarist but he uses too much distorsion the chords are lost in the mix but the solos are perfect

  84. FINGERNAILS AngusBidoli

    I like this band, not original sound but i think it's better than nothing in this moment and i like them awesome lead singer. I'm 50 years old and i know R'n'R !!!!!!

  85. Mike Maxwell

    Anvil sucks

  86. MortifiedPenguin275

    I heard them last night for AC/DC. Kick Ass. The singer has a whole Robert Plant resemblance.

  87. ootgoody

    I saw them in San Jose for AC/DC...kick ass...

  88. Duane Evans

    Get a life and and ear for music.

  89. Duane Evans

    I agree pegman I hear the crowes whenever i hear these guys.

  90. Kerry Burgess

    I saw The Answer live with AC/DC in Moncton, never heard them before that now I listen to them alot. Great band. AWESOME concert!

  91. Louie Lively

    yeah man i was there ! where were ur seats? we saw them in detroit too after chicago :D

  92. perfectinsanity18

    great concert!

  93. towcar68

    Saw them about 6 hours ago? Live with ACDC in Regina!!! Holy that concert made me wanna blow my mind it rocked

  94. PegMan63

    They remind me of a young Black Crowes.

  95. Flailin Dave

    it never went away man, it just became harder to find

  96. Oscar Gonzalez

    Muy buena Banda !!!

  97. Greg Gibbs

    it's a good thing there's still a band out there that can actually rock(that isnt going to retire soon)

  98. GregTom2

    yeah thats an awsome show!

  99. John Zurcher

    I agree with you for the most part. They're a band that is in the wrong era for rock, but I can't thank ACDC enough for putting on a great show and also giving these guys a big push and sort of saying heres the tourch run with it.