Answer, The - Nowhere Freeway Lyrics

I met a woman walking on the highway
She said she don't why but she knows she couldn't stay
After digging deeper, I struck pure gold
She told me time is mine and the world is my own

I ask her where are we going
she said we've arrived without knowing

I got nowhere where I can turn
I take my chances I don't care if I burn
on that freeway I would spend my days
I take my chances I may never return
come back again

And what's the worst it could happen us on both sides
They're gonna free us all we were born to collide
but the birds, the clouds and a blue blue sky
we'll follow down the path in our minds, yeah

I ask her where are we going
she said we got round without knowing

I got nowhere where I can turn
I take my chances I don't care if I burn
on that freeway I would spend my days
I take my chances I may never return

I got nowhere......

I got nowhere where I can turn
I take my chances I don't care if I burn
on that freeway I would spend my days
I take my chances I may never return

I got nowhere where I can turn
I take my chances I don't care if I burn
on that freeway I would spend my days
I take my chances we may never return
no, we may never return
come back again

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Answer, The Nowhere Freeway Comments
  1. Mike Poss

    Beautiful !

  2. Jonemarcos Seibel Kempin

    I love the sound of you.

  3. David Bowater

    i will tell you the answer you aint that good

    Bruno Freittas

    go on and do it better, pal

  4. David Bowater

    the song isnt very good just average im going back to jovi still better than this still writing a good tune thats why they are where they are

  5. David Bowater

    why is he copying chris robinsons look and every move from the black crowes

  6. The Esprits

    "Nowhere Freeway" is awesome! This is The Answer!

  7. Gustavo Higueruela

    One of the best bands I've ever had the opportunity to see live in my life ... tremendous voice, spectacular guitar, and first class rhythm base. Every time they come to Spain I go to see them, and every day I like them more. Go ahead, The Answer.

  8. Louise Murray

    They're Brilliant! Crap Management obviously! Raw Rock! But not handled right!

  9. Simone Bonasio


  10. Сашка Музыкалкин

    Норма так Джигурда отжёг ))

  11. ABU Heddon

    saint janeは大好きなバンドだった、彼女が元気そうで何よりだ!

  12. BlameGEromi

    love you guys , come to Poland once more , i cant be on september :(

  13. likeaRockNroll

    Damn great song...

  14. BlameGEromi

    Cormac got some sick moves in this clip :D love it

  15. ian tulloch

    Best band to come out of Ireland since Thin Lizzy,seen these guys about 7 times, roll on next trip to scotland,

  16. Ronnie Geddis

    Just saw Cormac playing outside a little bar in Belfast for St. Paddy's Day, which prompted me to watch this back in the office, fantastic, super band and should have a much bigger following.

    Mike Clark

    +Ronnie Geddis saw them in Grimsby what a fantastic night it was

  17. Sean Murphy

    ...And Justin Bieber has a billion views... what is wrong with the fucking world?

    חגית אבינועם


  18. BJØRN - Björn Magnus

    This was the best fucking thing I've heard this summer.

  19. Jan-erik Flat

    This is the answer to all the bad music out there

  20. Nick Brylka-Mee


  21. Arno Willems

    The Answer is back in town. Sunday 17th of  november 2013  They are performing in W2 ('s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands) if you buy a ticket online before  15th nov. 12 o'clock there is a change you'll be one of 30 people who are invited to an extra acoustic session in W2 .  Buy your ticket now on !

  22. baterista 88

    1:19 hermosa parte!

  23. Tjitte Bouwhuis


  24. Karl Davies

    Back to how rock should be... thank you!!

  25. Rama Aryo

    oh my GOD!!! this is what I called great music!

  26. moreheff

    The vocals on this are just too good for words but the hook in the chorus is out of this world. Great stuff :-)

  27. Andrew Griffiths

    jaw dropping genius.

  28. Marlon Lopes Bonanome


  29. Fay Marie Williams



    this band :) coming back to them from ages ago.

  31. gimmieabullet

    Shades of Meatloaf with that female vocalist.

  32. Marcus Biggins

    lynne jackaman's vocals are insane. i'm hooked to this song!

  33. DeviousAlpha

    And gained some actual talent :O

  34. jamiethom90

    Thumbs up if you think the girl is hot

  35. marvinthemartian2001

    Amazing song, amazing vocals, shite video.

  36. 95Prettyfly

    I still love this, keep on making music

  37. James Hoey

    Getting a Sammy Hagar/ David Coverdale vibe off his voice and that isn't a bad thing.

  38. Ross Mc

    it takes time and no doubt the answer are working on it, just keep supporting and it'll happen

  39. colemann76

    Why is this band not a household name?
    They are as good as any other rock band in the world

  40. nick james

    What a combination!

  41. Bariemai Trela

    This is HARD ROCK today and it is fucking awesome!!!

  42. The Berzerker

    Oh wow look at Paul's V!

  43. Angel Troche

    Que buena banda la puta madre!!!

  44. SixxGun4152

    the new led zeppelin, and im not slammin em by sayin that i love these guys

  45. kathorga88

    muppet moves :D

  46. Steven Monday

    I love this song. What a great matchup!

  47. mustangdoty70

    its better then any force fed socalled rock on the radio

  48. Sven Jansen

    this should have 376536529652956 views at least DAMMIT

  49. Kieran Thompson

    He's an energetic little fucker isn't he?

  50. Fuelled By Tea

    This is from album 3! WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THESE GUYS BEFORE?!!!

  51. Conor Thompson

    proud to be irish!!

  52. Jamie Calvert

    Much prefer this to the ballad version they changed it into now

  53. richwatts1981

    im a devout metal head & hardcore fan but this band just has something i absolutly love! propper rock with intense riffs & amazing vocals! agree with everybody when they say these guys should be way bigger than they are!

  54. Tuxzer

    Well said man!

  55. zahraa ali


  56. GrantStoke

    Totally agree with you,The Answer,Saint Jude and Rival Sons are scratching around trying to make a living when they are fucking brilliant at what they do.Saw the Answer in Wolverhampton about a month ago and they worked their arses off,them and the Union and a new band from Leics for £15!.Rival Sons in the Slade Rooms for £7.50!!!!,awesome gig.Saint Jude £12.50!!!!! Lynne has got the best voice and is totally mesmorising,These poor bastards should be millionaires no doubt with their talent. Amen

  57. alecr666x

    Pisses me off that rhianna and the likes are mega stars when this girl is ten times the singer of any of the current crop of pop stars and twice as hot. As for the answer, one word, Awesome! Great song, followed them since the start of their career. Hope this is the break they deserve, but knowing the industry in the uk, probably not.

  58. Roose Bolton

    at least the related videos are decent on this one (Rise Against, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Five Finger Death Punch, Van Halen)

  59. edinfang

    gotta say personally I prefer their live version of this song without the woman singing its amazing :)

  60. Michael Joseph Green


  61. Nathan W

    God this song is fucking incredible.

  62. smashmash

    Yep - that rocks like a muddy funster!

  63. heavymetalmullet

    Instant anthem!! What a song and holy shit Lynne Jackaman absolutely kicks arse!!

  64. Ryan Lloyd Abellar

    rock n roll hard!!! the answer are the best!!!!!

  65. Brian Weldon

    Love this song.

  66. Bruno Fumes

    Amazing, MAN!!!!! THAT IS AWESOME

  67. Maspi

    @SuperAbortedfetus if a "loser" like me does nothing but go around trolling videos, what does that make you? The one wasting his time replying to me. How will you be remembered aside from a useless child who comments on YouTube. And you are a fetus.

  68. SuperAbortedfetus

    @Maspi sorry bro but if you need 1000 dollars to get laid your a piece of shit loser basically, maybe not financially but as person you fail and will continue to fail. They're happy and from they way you talk about women and go around trolling videos suggest that your dead inside. You may not like them, but i'm sure no one likes you either, will you be remembered in history?

  69. Maspi

    @SuperAbortedfetus They believe they are somewhere but they wont be remembered in history, and with 1000 dollars i can get laid and call the girl however i want. and you are a fetus.

  70. Gravgravar

    I just HAD to push the "replay" button :)
    What a great song :D :D

  71. Scott Stillman

    Is this on sale in the US yet???

  72. Draco Storm

    Totally love this song! ^^
    You go, guys! :D

  73. Mad Max dos

    where the hell did the sheila come from? yaz don't need her! and yaz have got all cleaned up....what the $%#@! happened? I just found yaz and nearly lost yaz in the same night...took me ages ta find ya new shit and i am not liking it

  74. Adrian Attard

    I don't know why but he has the looks of Paul Rodgers ... Awesome Song ... It Pumps Your Adrenaline Rush to the max.

  75. Michael Kerr

    hes gotta be hittin that ;P

  76. Deep Purple Theatre

    Maybe, they have to do something different (or not by some other opinions)
    If they make next really good album than i'll understand the meaning of this one, but if they carry on with this people as you said will not get bored they will start to hate them and slam them on everything they do.You mentioned they got good critics for this as they did for previous ones.
    That's not good, when Zepp did their third, they were slammed by the critics, today that one is a classic....

  77. Ryan Broad

    @Gillanfan89 this has some great riffs on it, Caught on the riverbed, this song too actually!^^
    i loved this album and its got as good reviews as the others, they have to do something a little different or ppl will get bored, i love it,

  78. Deep Purple Theatre

    Believe me, i was so upset because of this album, and i'm still. I like them as much as you do, and i'm afraid if they carry on with this direction, cause i don't want see them making another album filled with commercial (non-riff) stuff. That would berry me alive. That's why i am so critical (believe me, i would rather post good comments, rather than to bored everybody with critics) Yes if they make next good album, i will this was a spoof and carry, bu if they don't....

  79. RockerJester

    Awesome song and awesome album.

  80. Ryan Broad

    @Gillanfan89 fuck off u nonce
    this is a great album, its only slightly different to Rise and Everyday Demons, The Answer will forever be played by me!

  81. crapthatass88

    Great song.

  82. Angus young

    listen to Rival Sons

  83. Sebastian Paik

    0:30 hahaha xd pedo look :P

  84. Deep Purple Theatre


    My opinion:

    1. Horrible heavy rock hating bustard (producer)
    2. The album was recorded in TEXAS !!!!!!!!!!! why there i don't know ????

    If they carry on with this shit, we can say goodbye to The Answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope they'll come of this horrible shell

  85. Ralph Wiber

    Lynne Jackaman from Saint Jude sings the highest rock vocal harmony part I have EVER heard. She's got lungs! Nice bit of work..

  86. Deborah Mowforth

    @menyous234 Yes

  87. Deborah Mowforth

    @krackerjack86 Go see them live before you have a final judgement...they are the most pure rock 'n' roll LIVE band out really don't know what your missing...& they have stated many times that The Black Crowes (who i love) are a huge influence on them its gonna rub off somewhere...anyway if you do love true heart & soul really should go and see these guys...
    ..come back and tell me what you think.

  88. B0l0joe

    finally the album version is up!!

  89. pensgard2900

    wow, I really like this song. I feel like im listening to country and classic rock at the same time. :)

  90. Conor Cunningham Heart Of Blues

    @krackerjack86 ...... *sigh*

  91. Krispy

    First time hearing/seeing this band... the lead singer is completely trying to dance and act like Chris Robinson on stage..and its not working lol. Besides that I just don't think the singer is any good, I checked out several songs of theirs from all different years and it seems like the sound is manufactured instead of coming from the heart and soul like true rock.. listen to 10 Years.. greatest band around right now

  92. Stella Ferreira

    @ArsimoPL Youtube is saying that I am 38300 viewer too. o_O"

  93. chabomorphosis


  94. Alex White

    guitar music dying?? pahhh dont think so

  95. Deep Purple Theatre


    Indeed, there are at least 5 good songs on the second disc. Much more than on the first one "Revival"

  96. Deep Purple Theatre


    Finally someone who understands how i feel. I'm so glad that i'm not alone when i say that Revival is a horrible album !

  97. Deep Purple Theatre


    They're so close of doing that

  98. CheerOs

    i'm 38300 viewer and what?

  99. willy

    @engelixe not know how to appreciate good music ... That's what happens

  100. Clayton Turner

    Its like a modern day REO speedwagon. Now all they need to do is cover "We built this city" and my comparison will be fulfilled.