Anson Seabra - Unforgettable Lyrics

You say that we should move on now
But it's hard
Cus I've still got half your closet in the back of my car

All my friends say I'm hopeless
But I'm not
It's just that I really hope this
Doesn't tear us apart

Cus when you leave me
I don't wanna be alone
Want you to need me
Baby baby please don't go

The way we loved was so damn incredible
That it made me numb when I had to let it go
Now you say we're done and I hope it was memorable
But I can't move on cus you're so unforgettable

I still remember the old you
But it's gone
And I just hope that he holds you
The way that you want

I gotta feelin that I should
Just walk away
But it gets harder and harder
Every day

Cus when you leave me
I don't wanna be alone
Want you to need me
Baby baby please don't go

The way we loved was so damn incredible
That it made me numb when I had to let it go
Now you say we're done and I hope it was memorable
But I can't move on cus you're so unforgettable

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Anson Seabra Unforgettable Comments

    I high-key feel Billy covering this song would be 🔥

  2. Wenelyn12 Magallanes

    Can you post it on young radio?

  3. who am i

    what kind of this music called, especially with the effect, its very catchy im looking for more music like this

  4. Chao Gaming


  5. James Hix

    I'm going through a 3 year breakup. This song kind of made me cry. I appreciate your music man.

  6. Darth Popcorn

    So simple yet still amazing. Is it possible for this guy to make a bad song?

  7. Elexia Stuck

    put this on itunesss

  8. Midget Apple

    your songs just make me wanna remember all those unforgettable things that happened to me in the past but it doesn't make me wanna cry anymore, instead, it makes me smile and feel like my heart is at peace.. gawd your songs I love it very much. thank you <3

  9. Finley 3

    I love this. It is awesome.

  10. Qiell Furqan

    What a great masterpiece from you!

  11. Kaitlyn Harley

    these lyrics are so haunting yet so beautiful.

  12. Crhistian García

    I need the lyrics!!! Im spanish

  13. sophiesphancakes

    I'm seriously in love with your songs ❤❤

  14. Brand X

    More of these beautiful piece pleaseee🙏🏻🙏🏻 notice me senpai 🧡😂

  15. Andre Nguyen

    Many great tracks so far. This one hit the hardest. Just got through something like this and it was so emotional without background and the silent pauses. Hope another one like this comes out! Keep up the amazing job.

  16. Erin Kent

    I found you through "I can't carry this anymore" and you speak to my heart more then any music ever has

  17. Azalea Shir

    ugh, im repeating this so much these days,
    i have not been in a relationship before but i really like this song, 😂

  18. Saskia Aghedo


  19. Azalea Shir

    it's just your voice and some effect and I really like it 😳❤️

  20. derek jester


  21. Sephyros

    feel like kms. good song anyway, thank you for it..

  22. まPark Jiminま

    0.75x Is Beautiful if you like slow songs go to 2:27 if you want an example of it

  23. Min Lee Creo

    No words. I.JUST.LOVE.YOU.😍❤

  24. Saskia Aghedo

    my favourite song out of them all <3

  25. J C K

    Bro I so wana be you 😍😍please please please I'm hoping you remember my word.. you fucking amazing .

  26. J C K


  27. Ako Si Jana

    Anson Seabra, you're always worth the praise❤ I'm loving all your songs. Please never stop singing. The moment I heard Wonderful, I was already your Fan ☺ Love from the Philippines!

  28. Val Corlett

    Hands down my favorite song out there

  29. Natlaesp xd

    some videos in your list cant be played :(if u could do something... it would be perfect

  30. Yiyum Tato Basar

    I guess when you sing, your voice, music and words becomes one and that's why your songs are too beautiful. Keep going and do upload lyrics vid.

  31. ayala shoshani

    pure gold!

  32. ayala shoshani


  33. Arduge

    This song is unforgettable...

  34. GrowTube Productions

    im going to guess, you used voicemod

  35. Slow but perfect 遅いが完璧

    No beat, still fire.

  36. Drew Karp

    I can't tell you how much this song hurts yet is so beautiful. It really captures the feeling of losing a so and the harsh reality of how you will never forget what you had. Your music has got me through the hardest of times. I can't wait for more!

    Jordan Coon

    Bruh okay the lyrics are good but he should try singing with his actually voice

  37. Natlaesp xd

    too much effect

  38. Laura Robbins

    You really need to do another like this

  39. Lissie

    Omg your song are amazing. I love how the are connecting to people’s so much. Your songs are deep. I can’t choose a favorite! Can’t wait for more songs!!

  40. Gameon Milk

    Oh. My. God. This is so good! :O = :D

  41. Justin Healon

    I wish you would do a vid were you tell us your story, and not gonna lie I feel like I would cry

  42. sad BITCH

    This isn't my favorite song by you, but it's a amazing and the words are just. . . Wow❤

    Jordan Coon

    Bruh literally like all autotune

  43. Shisha Stammtisch

    Article 13 just filtered the song

  44. Micheal Star

    Simple chords: Capo 2nd
    Verse + Bridge: C#m, A, E
    Chorus: A, E, G#m, C#m


    If we were on reddit I would fucking pay to reward this comment


    @Pizza you get an upvote and he gets an upvote

  45. fvllengell

    This give me chills

  46. Mr. Mysteryman

    These lyrics express exactly how I feel about someone I don't talk to anymore. Like a hundred percent accurate. This is hauntingly comforting.

  47. Jean Austin

    I'm still here love you x

  48. Martin esInWhite

    New genre vocales-efect ballad

  49. Cat Lady In the making

    The goosebumps are real

  50. Gajendra Singh Rajput

    Please record this song on your normal voice like your other song.
    Pleasee i know i so stupid but your lyric's are so real and i wish i can listen this lyric's in your normal voice like other songs of yours
    Sorry I'm the most stupid guy but i love you and your music so much😔
    Keep going and keep raising I'm always be there for you❤

  51. cantillon

    just the fact that this song is so powerful without backup is incredible. i really love your music, and you’re amazing. thank you so much for producing amazing music (‘:

  52. gamergeek 1213

    if you want your voice to have this cool effect try vio the ios app

  53. PeaCe Puia_20

    Please make a piano version of this 😭😭😭

  54. Nishtha Asthana

    U have the capability of connecting with people's feelings....and I know for sure that you will reach Heights of success.....I have faith in you...please continue making songs......with lots of love😊😊

  55. Potato Kidz

    now this song is unforgettable

  56. 1234MRPUPPY

    I have listened to this song too much that trying to add my own beat in the background sounds wired. Your voice alone is all the music it needs.

  57. Zeenat Ullah

    Yes Anson it's amazingg

  58. Karina Del Rey

    I fall in love with words and poetry and everytime he sings, my world lights up inside

  59. Julie McLeod

    This is the best one. I need this one, Stay With Me and That's Us on iTunes. Good grief I need these on repeat.
    EDIT: I don't understand how this only has 1.9k likes when That's Us has 17k. Not that That's Us isn't spectacular, because it it, but because this song really makes you feel something. I have it on loop. ALSO, rhyming incredible with let it go??? That's what's incredible.

  60. ghostess •

    Wow 🌹

  61. Klara Hace Les

    wow like really wow, this made me think more, and it made me remind myself that maybe i am good enough and that i might mean something to someone ,and that i am not alone. like i know this sounds so stupid but its true.

  62. my surrounding fears

    I’ve been going through some tough things... and i discovered your music through “Robin Hood.” and i just need you to know that your music is so amazing and touching. it’s relatable and holds so much meaning behind some simple words. It has helped me through these hard times and i appreciate it. i know you’ll never see this comment, but I can’t wait until your music blows up and helps many more people. i usually don’t comment, but i felt as though this needed it. Thank you for writing amazing music. :)

    Jack Salihov

    He has seen it :D

  63. Duncan Calsiver

    Add more beats to your songs, they're so bland, yet so good 👍

  64. May Lee

    Litteraly all the sad songs led back to my depression.


    So damn nostalgic.

  66. Anson Seabra

    hope everyone has a good day :) If anyone wants to follow me on instagram, I'd love you to the moon :D

    Faceless Robot

    Hey Anson! This is amazing, and I really loved the silent portions throughout the song, they really added to the emotion. However, was it intended for the last 45 seconds of the video to be silent? It's kind of lame when I put it on loop mode.

    Anson Seabra

    oops! fixing this for you... should be better in a few hours once the processing is done :)

  67. Audz Tolentino

    Seriously... You even made a song without a music background... You just used your voice and added effects on it!!
    And the best part is that it still sounds incredible!!
    This is Enchantingly Haunting. 😆✨

    Audz Tolentino

    @Luna Anson is amazing! 😆

    Audz Tolentino

    @UnholyLegend Anson is amazinngggg!

    Audz Tolentino

    @Sheaden DeCarlo IKR! 😆✨


    I've listened to this song so many times and I never even realized it didn't have background music until I saw your comment

    L Guthrie

    i didn’t even realize there was no music😮

  68. Kathy Dalisay

    Omgg!! Even without a music background, it's sooooo good!!

  69. Joi Barnes

    Probably one of my faves

  70. wElCoMeTo cHiLiEs

    Bruh do x1.25 speed. It’s beautiful 💕👌

    Brianna Skall

    wElCoMeTo cHiLiEs fully agree

  71. UFO

    what genre or effect is this? cause it sounds so interesting and i want to find other songs like it!


    Anson Seabra

    it's called a vocoder


    Woah! didnt expect you to reply to me yourself
    Thank you for the answer!

  72. Luca Freitas

    Please put this song on Spotify!!! It's amazing!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  73. C.lalthantluanga Tluanga

    it's it😍

  74. Coleen

    mmmm watcha say

  75. joobii floobii

    Oh my god this is amazing

  76. Josh Ringstrom

    is it weird I made an entire video to this????

  77. Allyson Seelbach

    Please put the rest of youre songs on spotify. I love the two that are on there but I would be so happy if you put the rest of them on there 😊😊

  78. Hannah D'Ornellas

    The quietness of this song sends chills down my spine. The words really haunt you in the best kind of way.

  79. Ponyo Senpai

    This song makes me cry every time. It's so beautiful and makes me think of my past relationships and how I was so blind and that I saw them in a good way and now all they are to me are empty, mindless soul sucking beings.

  80. msat nine

    Am i the only one making the melody up in my mind?

  81. Host Less

    wooaahh i like the vibe on this one, great piece <3

  82. olivia rose

    Best one yet in my opinion

  83. kaity p.

    I need the rest of these songs on Spotifyyyy🥺
    The two are not enough😩

    Annisa Rizkiah

    Please please please Anson, pleaseeeeeeee

  84. Blanche Brody

    oh my gosh

  85. Isabel Muniz


  86. Kyle Micayabas

    Keep doing music man

  87. ella xiety

    So simple and....shows emotion. Sooo great

    Imagine Billie Eilish do a cover of this, I just think it would be also lovely.


    Hah, "lovely",the song Billie Eilish made, probably an uncoincidentel pun :D

    Anna Abrille

    I swear I'd have a heart attack

    May Lee

    All I wanna do is be alone :...(

    Taylor Steakin

    i think this is lovely enough!!

  88. RoshiSushi

    Damn, anson. Been listening for your music for over 3 weeks. You should be famous with you lyrics, oh so meaningful more power!

  89. nef nuk

    Why this song isn't famous !? ıt's perfect with everything ,melody , voice ,literally everything. ı fell in love with this song ❤️❤️💓

  90. Strawberry Cupcake


  91. Nightcore & Sad


  92. Mohammed Safwan

    love your songs bruh <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  93. conwaysuccess

    Oh wow this one is sooooo good!!!!

  94. Quantum Studios

    Really cool song

  95. Miss Leigh420

    Wow. Your music, words .... make me think.
    Your an inspiration! 👌

  96. Pietro Rocco

    Anson the sound is not good. Record.

    Allyson Seelbach

    Well if you don't like it don't listen but we don't wanna hear what negativity you have to spread so 👋

  97. pengwaffe

    my friend, your song Somewhere in Ann Arbor inspired me to go myself and experience an amazing road trip. I traveled many hours and miles to find myself through your music and this song has done the same thing in my mind and emotions. please never stop what you do, it reaches more people than you could possibly imagine

    Anson Seabra

    pengwaffe ... I'm speechless! Thank you :')

    Kade Jaroon

    @Anson Seabra Hey man, I just gotta say real quick but I absolutely love your work. Your voice just manages to captivate me and make me emotional every time I listen to your music and I love it. I was wondering if there was a specific tempo to this song or if it was just just sung without any worrying about it because I would love to make a cover or remix of this song and I can't seem to find a tempo that fits. I would love it if you could get back to me but no problem if not <3

    May Lee

    And literary I'm still depress I can't even think or do anything right know.

  98. Andrew Ting

    New favourite! This is amazing, love the style on this one. The small parts of silence with the incredible vocals just make it so chilling.

  99. Igor Gudalovic

    Ok , ok :)