Anson Seabra - Kerosene Lyrics

Empty bottles on a dusty wooden floor
A remedy I've tried too many times
Echos in my mind of shouts and slamming doors
I've done better with goodbyes

Now the sun is heading back into it's grave
It's a cold october night
Taste the autumn air and try to find a way
To keep the dark out of my mind

She lit me up
She left me numb
I call her kerosene

Light a candle as I lay me down to sleep
Watch the room around me glow
Listen quietly to wind and rustling the leaves
In the silence I'm at home

In my dreams I see her sitting by the fire
Granite eyes reflect the flames
Humming softly til the embers start to tire
A faded memory I saved

She lit me up
She left me numb
I call her kerosene

She lit me up
She left me numb
I call her kerosene

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Anson Seabra Kerosene Comments
  1. Priyangi Naithani

    I'm sorry

  2. Lucas

    Can this be uploaded on spotify ?

  3. Finley 3

    I really really like this song.

  4. #CoversOfSaheli

    I'm obsessed . 🖤🖤

  5. Wood On fire

    I have loved a boy for three years
    Then I said him what I feel
    He said that he didn't feel the same way. But soon he said that it was an aberration and he likes me. Yesterday his words were :" I don't like you, I just wanted to try ".He was lying . Every word and touch. I knew that but I was in love. It hurts so deep. (Sorry for my English, I'm Russian )

  6. I Harryman

    This song is reminiscent of the book Fahrenheit 451

  7. NoName

    This song doing the thing to me, that I want to reach with my music as well.
    His voice is so chill while still beeing powerfull.
    Underrated artist.

  8. Godlike Cynaddol

    Hey you should really release this song fully like some of your others I love this one so much and keep up the good work and I hope you have a great day

  9. Finley 3

    I love this song.

  10. Jade Jewel

    The emotion in your voice always matches perfectly with the lyrics.

    I love your songs and they get me through my days. Thank you for writing to the world❤️

  11. dAt bOi

    Why do i feel like i have heard this before even though I haven’t

  12. little mean bunny

    "I've done better with goodbye"

  13. LoneWolfGaming

    Lovely eh?

  14. Noob Playz

    what does kerosene mean? I looked it up and it says like burning oils.


    Kerosone is fuel for airplanes, helicopters etc.

  15. O'mara Marvin

    The way you say "Kerosene" sounds so beautiful and sad at the same time.

  16. Finley 3

    First time I heard that. I like it. Lot of meaning in it, I feel.

  17. Kay Duck

    When you realize this was released on your birthday :)

  18. JT May

    ✨✨✨🎼my hand is stopping to writing my heart to you, now November 🍁🍁🍁
    Autumn want to embrace everything after all 🍁🍁🍁Beautiful Autumn Leaves is waiting beautiful heart ♥️I love silent warm music.

  19. Haley Cornelius

    who hurt this mans heart??😤😪

  20. Sam Fielder

    She started the fire and it started really fast but when she wasn’t there anymore he couldn’t survive

  21. Monica Plemmons

    Your voice is so beautiful and your music is so touching keep up the great work! ^^

  22. Ariana Bostrom

    this will totally ruin the mood of the comments but when i hear this all i hear is “i call her karen”

  23. Fertzu

    What a beautiful song

  24. jsmyth024

    My friend just told me to look this song up....
    "Kerosene by Ants and Zebras"

  25. Ting Chen

    I'd like to ask a question~
    Why are your detail bar's lyrics are different to the original song's?

  26. Ting Chen

    empty bottles on a dusty wooden floor

    a remedy I’ve tried too many times
    echos in my mind of shouts and slamming doors
    I’ve done better with goodbyes

    now the sun is heading back into it’s grave
    it’s a cold october night
    taste the autumn air and hope to find a way
    to keep the dark out of my mind

    she lit me up
    she left me numb
    I call her kerosene

    she lit me up
    she left me numb
    I call her kerosene

    light a candle as I lay me down to sleep
    watch the room around me glow
    listen quietly to wind and rustling the leaves
    in the silence I’m at home

    in my dreams I see her sitting by the fire
    granite eyes reflect the flames
    humming softly til the embers start to tire
    a faded memory that I saved

    she lit me up
    she left me numb
    I call her kerosene

    she lit me up
    she left me numb
    I call her kerosene

    (Humming) ( 低吟 )

    she lit me up
    she left me numb
    I call her kerosene

    she lit me up
    she left me numb
    I call her kerosene

  27. Miranda Dove

    Was there a lot of "gaslighting" in this relationship?

    I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself

  28. Cree Ashing

    My best friend told me about this song little did he know I would cry

  29. Andrew Fapp

    I've loved your voice and your message because it speaks for the people who are heartbroken without being broken up with.

    Is there also any place I can find your piano score?

  30. Susan Poudel

    So awesome. Probably one of the best song I've heard this year.

  31. Brand X

    Bruhh your music makes me cry😭 I feel like all I wanted to say is contained in your every music💔 i🧡you

  32. Aarushi Giri

    i wish i had held on when you left me numb,
    cuz its atleast better than being alone.
    without you,
    its like the sun wont rise
    and im stuck in a forever loop
    of darkness and cold.
    i miss you,
    so so much,
    it hurts.

  33. Kat Mouse

    I can feel your hurt and your voice is raw I love it

  34. Lalzara Ralte

    Love how the lyrics don't match for some parts 😂

  35. Storytime

    Sadness washes over my face, yet no one sees it. My heart churns and wrenches, and my soul decays slowly, yet i still live. One thought, one image, one person plays in my head non-stop, a bitter sweet memory of a good time that obsesses my mind. Oh how something that was so wonderful could hurt so much and leave me empty and void of meaning.

  36. Lil Pobre

    Omg...u voice are pretty sweet

  37. Jihwan Kim

    oh man so good so good

  38. Myriam Meijer

    You are sooo good! But I fell over the lyrics you placed in description, some words are wrong. But your song is perfect 👌

  39. Oni Oni

    Even the humming took my breath away 🖤

  40. Yvanie Caab

    You makes me calm everytime I wanna breakdown.

  41. Erwin Delos Reyes

    Listening from the philippines 💪

  42. Angelina Thompson

    I'm sorry for who hurt you. This world is filled with cruel people.

  43. Abigail Jeangilles

    These songs should be on Spotify😩❤️❤️❤️

  44. Demosthenes

    Please put kerosene on iTunes, I need this for road trip vibes!!

  45. Pika_Power_146

    I recently just found your music and i am so thankful I did find your music
    Your music is helping me through an extremely rough time right now.And it's really relaxing and so soothing to just close the world of and listen to your music.Thank you so much for creating music and please go on tour some day i would definitely buy tickets

  46. Irish Navarro

    I love you uggghhhh

  47. Armin Barootian

    Into deep

  48. Demosthenes

    Please put more of your music on iTunes or put it somewhere I can purchase for my iPod please I’m begging, your musics soooo good!!!

  49. annabelle berger

    You just earned yourself a new subscriber, you’re so inspirational💗

  50. Gavin Esquinance

    Please post karaokes

  51. nove diamond

    The way you sing is like u are storytelling to us . That make us want to hear more and more

  52. Alaina Roux

    Your voice is so pretty

  53. Anneke S

    So sad most of your songs aren't on Spotify.. :(

  54. Slytherin Girl With Fire

    are your inspirations from personal experience? I want to write a song but I'm not sure if it should be personal or not

  55. Oreo Wolf

    Never heard a word sang so beautifully *melts*

  56. Hannah Martin

    I love your music so much Anson. your style is so original and unique and it's very inspiring. your voice is so soothing and the meaning that can be found in the lyrics of all of your songs and so deep and meaningful.

  57. Chimken Nugget

    what do you call the flying dots in the background?
    I'm trying to find a tutorial for it!
    can someone help me?

  58. Positieve Power

    I wish you would collab with Billie Elish

  59. chloecjc

    Whoever disliked...your moms a hoe. this is the definition of beauty.

  60. Sheaden DeCarlo

    Why haven't I heard this?

  61. Laurie Fox

    Why is this not on Apple Music?😭

  62. Julie McLeod

    Your original songs have 9,551,251 combined views, yet you still take the time to reply to your fans and like their comments. That's cool af. Also, I love this song.

  63. Mr. Mysteryman

    Every single line of lyrics hits me so hard. It's like Anson is my mind and thoughts, which are telling me how I feel. The story is so accurate it feels like I'm at home and at the same time like being alone with your friend's friends while he/she is gone for a moment.

    I love it because his voice is so pure.

  64. Felipe Ibarbo Rincón


  65. Prinzessa Karina

    Why can't I stop crying? This is perfect even more than perfect! Words can't describe my feelings right now

  66. Chaz Laureta

    Am I the only one who saw a face in the leaves of the tree at the left?

  67. Musical___ Potato

    Now that I searched what kerosene is this song has a hole other meaning

  68. Lemon Nguyen


  69. WifiChin

    where can I buy your entire discography?! literally

  70. FireJewelAJ

    I have been listening to your songs for some time, yet I have never really known the artist. Now that I have found you, I am glad to say that your songs are truly beautiful, and you deserve so much more than 38k subs. Your music is full and warming, a lullaby of vanilla and hues of cinnamon. Lovely job!

  71. Chicken Nugget

    My friend suggested your music and I’m so glad he did because you help me feel so much better

  72. Chloe Fletcher

    Only just found your music - but every time I think I've found the most beautiful one yet, I find another. I think I've listened to this 20 times on loop.

  73. Anson Seabra

    if anyone wants to follow me on instagram, I would love you forever :)

    Miniture Gamer

    Love your songs bro

  74. Trisha Mae Palmero

    Added to my favorites, I already told your songs to my classmates... because damn, why not? It's lit.

  75. Audz Tolentino

    Your voice is like a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallow in a cold winter night....

  76. september young

    My freaking heart dude, i feel the pain in every line you God.

  77. Transens

    THIS is real treasure ♥

  78. Squiggly Foot

    Why is your voice so beautiful like you made me cry more than once

  79. Yuled 01

    Anyone reading Fahrenheit 451 know

  80. Mecsta Tai

    WHY this got 3 dislike!!!

    John Kennette

    make it 25

  81. ari

    Your voice sounds like you’re crying for help but you don’t say “help me”. 💛

  82. Ivana Jo


  83. JazzFly 28 435

    Ma dude, who hurt you? Coz whoever did, they made a damn mistake

  84. Sarah Makbool

    My heart skips a beat, when you start humming. No kidding 😊

  85. 6ig 6ird

    Who hurt you my dude?

    1LifeLeft -


  86. fafe kinaan

    Ur songs r sooooo amazing 😍 keep going

  87. Ally Pelayo

    You make the word "Kerosene" sound so sad and beautiful at the same time. I love you 💖☹

    rubber duckyurethe1

    What is kerosene ?


    @rubber duckyurethe1 "Kerosene, also known as paraffin, lamp oil, and coal oil (an obsolete term), is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid which is derived from petroleum. It is widely used as a fuel in industry as well as households." (Wikipedia)

  88. Maria Beatriz

    You're always so good💖

  89. Wii Cloud

    Subscribed for making me cry constantly. I never felt so sad yet not alone at the same time. It's like every word coming out of this song is hugging my being.

    Sing Talk Laugh Li

    Yes, gosh this is just perfectly put, it's precisely how I feel about his music too ❤️😩

    Alaina Roux

    I did too


    SAME. this is how i feltt. first time here i ve seen and heard beautiful music of his

  90. leciany silva

    i love❤❤❤❤

  91. Rojika Limbu

    I love you 💜

  92. magyarmaniac

    Are you at UM-AA?

  93. Krizza Reyes

    Thank you soooo much for this music I like your songs so much keep up the good work!

  94. Mystic LGD


  95. Оля Романів

    Very beautiful song💚

  96. Trans By Trang

    Such a beautiful song!

  97. Kirstine


  98. pengwaffe

    absolutely love it